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(From left to right) Benjamin Linus ("Henry Gale"), Bea ("Ms. Klugh"), Tom ("Mr. Friendly"), Alex Rousseau, Danny Pickett

The Others are a mysterious group present on the island. This page contains spoilers for season three of Lost.


The Others

For a list of known Others, see The Lost Character Dossiers: The Others.

"The Others" is a nickname given by Danielle Rousseau to a group of men and women who have been present on the island before she arrived in 1988. Even though she claimed to have never seen an Other in person until after the crash of Oceanic flight 815, she attributed whispering in the jungle and the kidnapping of her daughter, Alexandra, to them.

The Others' purpose on the island is presently unknown. Their leader, Benjamin Linus, has stated that they are meant to protect the island by any means necessary from forces that are assaulting it. The Others are "the good guys." Previously, the Others have been abducting people who they also referred to as "good ones." What the Others consider "good" and why they have been abducting people is so far unclear. The forces assaulting the island are also a mystery, but Ben attempted to prevent the leader of the Oceanic survivors, Jack Shephard, from using Naomi Dorrit's satellite phone to contact her freighter that was near the island. Ben believes she was a representative of people who have been trying to find the island and is one of the "bad guys".

The Others controlled The Hydra, a zoological research station built by The DHARMA Initiative, located on a small island two miles off shore of the main island. The group also used a medical station called The Staff for a short period before abandoning it and Rousseau claimed they controlled a radio transmitter near the Black Rock, but this radio transmitter was found empty. These numerous DHARMA stations have fallen into various states of disrepair, even the ones utilized by the Others. Mikhail Bakunin, an Other, claimed that the DHARMA Initiative waged war against the Others in a so-called "purge," but over forty DHARMA Initiative members were killed in an indiscriminate gas attack launched on the barracks. Despite Mikhail's claim, there is no evidence of which group struck first to start the conflict, only that the Others ended it in a purge.

Members of the Others have been present on the island for varying periods of time. Ben claimed to have been born on the island, but it was later revealed that he was speaking metaphorically and was literally born in Oregon. On the opposite end, Juliet Burke has only been on the island for little over three years. Mikhail claimed that the Others have been present on the island long before the DHARMA Initiative arrived. Richard Alpert was one of these people, who were once referred to as "hostiles" by the DHARMA Initiative, and was present on the island when Ben was only a child. Since the destruction of the DHARMA Initiative, the Others used their submarine to ferry new recruits to and from the island, thanks to a sonar beacon operating from The Looking Glass.

In their interactions with the survivors of Oceanic flight 815, the Others dressed up in ragged clothing and appeared to be nothing more than fairly savage people stuck on the island, surviving on a diet of fish and living in tents. But this was all a ruse. The group had comfortable living quarters at barracks nestled in the jungles of the northern side of the island. These homes have modern amenities like running water and electricity. The barracks were later discovered by the Oceanic survivors and so the Others were forced to abandon the community. Their means of transportation consist of at least two motorboats, one of which has since been given to Michael Dawson; Desmond Hume's sailboat, the Elizabeth, which was captured to prevent Sayid Jarrah from stumbling upon The Hydra; and a submarine. Communication with the outside world was available to the Others through The Flame station, allowing them to compile information about the Oceanic survivors. However, communications were supposedly severed due to the results of the fail-safe device activation in "Live Together, Die Alone." In reality, Ben was using The Looking Glass' jamming equipment to prevent his people from communicating with the outside world in order to "protect" them.

Unfortunately the island was found by the people Ben was trying to stop, a freighter sent by Charles Widmore. Ben sent the Others to the Temple, a place of sanctuary, while he interacted with the Oceanic survivors. He eventually ended up at the barracks when it was attacked by Widmore's mercenaries, who had orders to capture Ben and kill everyone else on the island. His daughter was executed by Martin Keamy, the leader of the mercenaries, and Ben realized the rules had been changed by Widmore.

Interactions with the Mid-section Survivors

Ethan Rom was sent to the mid-section by Ben to infiltrate the survivors and compile a list. Before his identity was discovered, he kidnapped Claire Littleton and she was taken to The Staff, which the Others were using in Juliet Burke's research attempts on the Others' pregnant women. They kept Claire on drugs that made her compliant and suggestible, and were planning to do a cesarean section to take her baby. With the help of Alex, she escaped and encountered Danielle Rousseau who carried her to near the survivors' camp. Claire returned to The Staff to find answers, but the Others apparently abandoned the station. However, they left behind some of the disguises that they use to make them look less sophisticated then they really are.

In "Exodus, Part 2," the Others finally revealed themselves to the survivors of Oceanic flight 815. Attempting to sail away from the island on a make-shift raft, Michael Dawson, James "Sawyer" Ford, Jin-Soo Kwon and Walt Lloyd were found by a small boat. Instead of the rescue they believed they found, the survivors encountered four Others. A bearded man — "Mr. Friendly" — demanded they give them Walt. When the survivors refused, Walt was forcibly taken, Sawyer was wounded in a gunfight, and the raft was destroyed by a make-shift bomb. Walt was eventually taken to The Hydra, where he exhibited special abilities. Juliet, Beatrice and Tom all refused to enter in Room 23 where Walt was being kept as they were scared of him.

With his son kidnapped, Michael went out into the jungle after the Others. When Jack Shephard, John Locke and Sawyer took off after him in "The Hunting Party," they blundered straight into a trap. The captain of the Others' boat, Mr. Friendly, stepped out of the jungle at night and said that it was time to talk. When they raised their weapons, an unseen sniper nicked Sawyer's ear with a bullet. Mr. Friendly said that the only reason that the survivors were still living on the island was because "they" have let them and that the island was theirs. He gave a monologue about curiosity, using a quote from Alvar Hanso. He said that they had Walt, but Michael would never find them. Jack believed that he was bluffing and that there were only two Others around. He told Mr. Friendly that he thought they were weak, which is why they sent Ethan as a spy. Mr. Friendly gave a signal and many torches around the group were lit up. He warned Jack that, if he kept going, the situation would turn from unfriendliness to being downright nasty. When Jack still refused to surrender his weapons, he had Alex bring out Kate Austen, who had been captured earlier when she was following the group. Jack and everyone reluctantly surrendered their weapons. Mr. Friendly took them and handed over Kate. The torches were extinguished and the Others vanished back into the jungle.

The Others had a fake yurt village on the north side of the island near a large stone formation with a square hole in it. While trying to find Walt, Michael was captured by the Others and taken to this village. They put on a performance for Michael, so he thought they were simply hillbillies who ate dried fish, lived in yurts and were basically worse off than the Oceanic survivors. However, Danny Pickett took a blood sample from Michael for some purpose. The Others also had a fake DHARMA station entrance — "The Door." When Sayid Jarrah investigated the village, he found it completely abandoned with no signs it was recently used as an actual shelter.

Ben orchestrated the kidnapping of Jack, Kate and Sawyer and brought them to The Hydra. He needed Jack to perform spinal surgery on him to remove a tumor and was going to use Kate and Sawyer in a grand scheme to win Jack over to his side, but the plan failed when Jack figured out why Ben needed him. Jack eventually agreed to perform the surgery on the condition that he was allowed off the island, but threatened to kill Ben during the surgery if Kate and Sawyer weren't freed. His friends escaped and Jack completed the surgery, eventually heading back to the barracks with them until Ben recovered from the surgery. Jack's chance at leaving was dashed when Locke blew up the Others' submarine, and Jack headed home with his rescue party and one of the Others, Juliet Burke, who was apparently exiled for the killing of Danny Pickett.

Juliet, however, was sent to the Oceanic survivors' camp by Ben to compile information on which of their women may be pregnant. These women would be marked by Juliet and later kidnapped by the Others. However, Juliet confessed to Jack what Ben wanted her to do after she saw Sun-Hwa Kwon's baby in an ultrasound and had a change of heart. With Rousseau's help and dynamite from the Black Rock, the survivors laid a trap for the Others who came for the women, eventually killing all ten. Jack lead the survivors to the radio transmitter in a bid to contact a nearby freighter, but Ben attempted to dissuade Jack from going through with it. Ben failed and was taken captive as the freighter was contacted with Naomi Dorrit's satellite phone.

Interactions with the Tail-section Survivors

The tail-section crashed along a beach about an hour's run from the Others' barracks. Goodwin was sent by Benjamin Linus to infiltrate these survivors and make a list. Goodwin found Bernard in the jungle shortly after the crash and passed himself off as a survivor of the tail section.

Due to the close proximity to the Others, the crash site was attacked on the very first night. Three of the survivors were kidnapped and Mr. Eko killed two of the Others with a rock when they tried to take him as well. Goodwin theorized they were taken as they were the strongest and the most athletic — the ones deemed to be a threat. On the night of Day 12, nine more survivors were taken, including two children. Ana Lucia Cortez killed one of the Others with a rock. On her body she found a U.S. Army knife that was, by her estimation, about twenty years old and a list containing the names and physical descriptions of the nine who were taken. Ana Lucia eventually concluded that Goodwin was not who he claimed to be and inadvertently killed him in a scuffle.

When the tail-section and raft survivors were heading for the mid-section survivors' camp, there was a steep hill they had to climb up while carrying the stretcher-bound Sawyer. Cindy was with them when the started the ascent, but had vanished by the time everyone was at the top of the hill. No one heard or saw anything. Within a minute, there came a loud whispering that everyone heard. The tail-section apparently hadn't heard that before, but they took that as a sign of the presence of the Others. The resulting fear and confusion led to the death of Shannon Rutherford.

Interactions with other Islanders

The Others have taken over some of the abandoned DHARMA Initiative stations, including The Hydra and The Staff. Danielle Rousseau claimed they were in control of the radio transmitter by the Black Rock, yet allowed her distress call to run for over sixteen years, but no one was found at the transmitter when the survivors went to it. They are also responsible for the kidnapping of Rousseau's newborn girl, Alexandra, but she had never seen an Other until sixteen years later when she captured Benjamin Linus, who adopted the girl. Although the Others are in control of some of the DHARMA Initiative stations, they are not in control of others such as The Swan. Kelvin Inman manned this station and seemed to be aware of the Others, referring to them as "the hostiles" when talking to the newly-arrived Desmond Hume.

Internal Schism Among the Others

There appears to be an internal rift among the Others. While talking with Jack Shephard, Juliet Burke attempted to persuade him to kill Benjamin Linus and make it look like an accident. She claimed that some of the Others wanted a change. She herself had been prevented from leaving the island for years by Ben when she came for only a brief stint to work on their pregnancy problem.

Alex and her boyfriend, Karl, don't seem to agree entirely with the Others, but their reasons are unclear at this time. Alex was present at The Staff during Claire Littleton's stay and helped her escape from the Others. At The Hydra, Karl was locked up by the Others as Ben was afraid he would get his daughter pregnant. He indicated to James "Sawyer" Ford that he wanted to escape to the Oceanic survivors' group. Alex had attempted to free Kate Austen and Sawyer from the Others, but was stopped. She appeared to have been spared any harsh punishment by virtue of being Ben's adoptive daughter. Alex later helped Kate and Sawyer escape from The Hydra in her outrigger canoe on the condition they find and free Karl. She was stopped from accompanying them by Juliet, telling her that her father would only allow Karl to live if she was there when Ben woke up from his surgery. It would seem that, despite his daughter's rebellious actions, he has a soft spot for her.

After John Locke joined with the Others as part of his own journey, Ben urged him to kill his father. He knew Locke would be unable to go through with it and thus embarrassed him in front of the Others. When word got back to the Others that Locke had a broken spine and could immediately walk after arriving on the island, they knew that could only happen to someone extremely special. Ben, however, doesn't want the Others to believe Locke is special. Afterwards, Richard Alpert met with Locke and informed him of why Ben wanted to embarrass him. Alpert believed Ben was wasting their time on "novelties" like their fertility problem, whereas Locke was someone who would remind them that they were on the island for more important reasons. In spite of Ben, Alpert gave Locke a suggestion as to how to kill his father that wouldn't involve him doing the deed. With Alpert's suggestion, Locke was able to bring back his father's dead body and force Ben to reveal the island's secrets to him. Ben reluctantly introduced Locke to the mysterious Jacob, who asked for Locke's help. Locke believed "Jacob" was a trick of Ben's and left. After Ben realized Jacob had spoken to Locke, Ben shot Locke and left him for dead at the bottom of a mass grave.

Known Others

The Others are listed below by order of first appearance.


Main Article: Ethan

Ethan Rom was off the island about three years prior to the crash of Oceanic flight 815. He was helping in the recruitment of Juliet Burke. While on the island, Ethan was the Others' surgeon.

After the crash of Oceanic flight 815, Ethan was sent by Benjamin Linus to infiltrate the group. Lost/Hugo "Hurley" Reyes’s census proved that he wasn’t on the plane, but, before he could be confronted, Ethan kidnapped Charlie Pace and Claire Littleton. When Jack Shephard came after him, he beat Jack up and then hung Charlie, leaving him to die. He took Claire because she was pregnant and needed in the research on the Others' fertility problem. He was tasked by Ben to make a list of the survivors, but was unable to complete it before his true identity was discovered. The kidnapping of Claire was an "improvisation" he made.

After Claire escaped, Ethan came back after her. He demanded that Charlie bring Claire to him or else he would kill everyone in the group, one every night. That night at the beach camp, Scott Jackson had his neck broken by someone who John Locke believed came from the water. The next day, Claire volunteered to be used as bait and Ethan was captured. Charlie killed him before he could say anything, though. That was the last direct contact that the mid-section survivors had with possible Others until the raft met the Others at sea.


Main Article: Tom

The captain of the boat that took Walt Lloyd is referred to as "Mr. Friendly" in cast information for the show, and James "Sawyer" Ford sarcastically called him "Zeke". His real first name is Tom. He seemed to be a spokesman for the Others in dealings with the Oceanic survivors. Although he seems to be Benjamin Linus' right-hand man and appeared to be in charge of the Others during their interactions with the survivors, Ben told his captors that Tom is "nothing! No one!"

He wore a false beard, a wool cap, and dirty clothing when meeting the Oceanic survivors. In Claire's flashback of her stay at The Staff, Mr. Friendly was clean-shaven and dressed in clean clothing. When on the dock with Michael Dawson and the captured survivors, he removed his false beard and chastised Bea Klugh for letting the survivors in on their true nature.

Tom was later involved in a strike on the survivors' camp to kidnap their pregnant women. The survivors were warned and trapped the tents marked for the Others. Seven of the ten Others lost their lives in the raid, but Tom was able to capture Bernard and the other two Oceanic survivors who sprung the trap. Tom argued for the executions of the three men, but was overruled by Ben and Ryan Pryce. Several Oceanic survivors returned to free their captive friends, and Tom was shot in cold blood by Sawyer after surrendering.

Goodwin Stanhope

Main Article: Goodwin

Goodwin was a member of the Others who emerged from the jungle about after the crash of the tail-section, clean-shaven and dressed in clean, dry clothes and wearing shoes. He announced that he found someone who needed help and he and Ana-Lucia went into the jungle to find Bernard's seat perched in a tree. Goodwin claimed to have been in the Peace Corps.

He compiled a list of the survivors and it was used in subsequent abductions. With their numbers diminished, the survivors left the beach for the jungle. Ana-Lucia, emerging as the leader of the group, believed there was a spy working for the Others. She threw Nathan, one of the survivors, into a pit to interrogate him. Getting nowhere with Nathan, Ana-Lucia told Goodwin that she was going to cut off Nathan's finger. In the middle of the night, Goodwin released Nathan from the pit and broke his neck. With Nathan missing, the survivors suspicions about him appeared to be confirmed and Goodwin's true identity remained, in his mind, safe.

After the tail section survivors found the radio inside The Arrow, Goodwin wanted to go off alone to try it out. Already suspicious of him, Ana-Lucia went with him. She pumped him for information on what he thought about the Others. Goodwin told her that perhaps the Others were not 'attacking' the tail section's camp, and the three people taken the first night were probably taken because they were the strongest and most dangerous threats to future abductions. Ana-Lucia then asked him how he found Bernard. Goodwin said that he heard him from the beach. Ana-Lucia said that wasn't possible because his clothes weren't wet and he had come out of the jungle less than ten minutes after the crash. She asked him what he did with Nathan. Goodwin told her that if she tortured Nathan and he still insisted that he was on the plane, she might start to suspect someone else of being the infiltrator. He added that Nathan was not a good person, which is why he wasn't on the list. He also told her that the children were fine and were better off now. Ana-Lucia attacked him and, in the struggle, ended up impaling him on a spear.

Benjamin Linus

Main Article: Benjamin Linus

Danielle Rousseau managed to capture a man in the jungle and brought Sayid Jarrah to him. The man claimed to be a man called Henry Gale who crashed on the island with his wife while attempting to cross the Pacific in a hot air balloon. Sayid cut him down, but Henry attempted to escape into the jungle and was shot in the shoulder by Rousseau. He was brought to The Swan by Sayid for treatment.

Ben maintained his hot air balloon story while being questioned by Sayid. He said his wife got sick and he buried her. However, Sayid believed he was lying and beat him badly. He drew a map to his balloon for Ana Lucia Cortez, and she investigated his claim with Sayid and Charlie Pace. The group discovered Henry's balloon and the grave of his wife, but Sayid unearthed the grave and discovered the body of a man — the real Henry Gale. Confronted with this revelation, Ben maintained that he didn't kill the real Henry Gale.

Ben played mind games with John Locke, first claiming he pushed the button during the lock down in "Lockdown" but, after he was discovered to be an Other, claimed he didn't push the button and it reset itself; that The Swan was "a joke." The events of "Live Together, Die Alone" prove that Ben had to have pushed the button, however.

He claimed that the Others would never give Walt Lloyd back, but the Others wanted to free Ben so badly that they made a deal with Michael Dawson to free Ben and bring four people to them in exchange for freeing Walt and giving him a boat. After Michael complied with everything they said, Ben stayed true to their word, freed Walt and told Michael how he could get rescued. It is unclear if he was telling the truth about the rescue at this time.

Shortly before the Oceanic crash, Ben learned he had a tumor on his spine. He had Jack Shephard brought to The Hydra in order to break Jack down and make Jack want to perform surgery on him to remove the tumor. However, Jack figured out the plan and Ben was forced to scrap the elaborate plan. Jack eventually agreed to perform the surgery, but made an incision in Ben's kidney sack to hold him hostage: if Jack's friends weren't freed then Ben would die. Ben woke up during the stand-off and had Jack's friends freed. The surgery was successfully finished, but an infection set in to site of the surgery. Ben made a deal with Jack to save Juliet Burkes's life in return for Jack coming home to the barracks with him and nursing him back to good health. However, Jack's friends eventually found the barracks and Locke blew up their submarine, which Jack was about to use to get off the island.

Ben was forced to abandon the barracks, but brought Locke with him after showing him Anthony Cooper - Locke's father. On the Others' way to the temple, Ben ordered Locke to kill Cooper as an act to join the Others, but Locke failed. Locke eventually received help from Richard Alpert and succeeded, and Ben was reluctantly forced to show Locke the mysterious Jacob. Jacob, however, spoke to Locke. This act, coupled with his people's reverence towards Locke, brought Ben to shoot Locke and he left him for dead at the bottom of a mass grave of DHARMA personnel. Returning to his people, Ben learned that Jack was going to use Naomi Dorrit's satellite phone to contact a nearby freighter. Ben intercepted Jack, alone, in a bid to convince him to hand over the phone. He failed and was taken captive.

Danny Pickett

Main Article: Danny Pickett

Pickett was with the group who captured Michael Dawson and Kate Austen in "The Hunting Party" and "Three Minutes." Alexandra Rousseau asked him to bring Kate out instead of her. He took some of Michael's blood when they arrived at The Door.

Pickett was Colleen Pickett's husband, and he supervised James "Sawyer" Ford and Kate at a construction site. When Colleen died in surgery, Picket was furious and took out his anger on Sawyer. He repeatedly punched him in the face, while asking Kate if she loved him. He finally stopped when Kate said that she did love him.

Pickett wanted to kill Sawyer, but Benjamin Linus refused to let him do it. When Ben was put under for his surgery, Pickett saw his chance to finally kill Sawyer. However, Jack held Ben's life hostage and, in the ensuing confusion, Pickett was disarmed by Sawyer and locked in a cage. He was eventually freed and went after Sawyer and Kate, even after Juliet Burke told him that Ben was letting them go. He finally cornered Sawyer at the beach, but was shot and killed by Juliet.

Bea Klugh

Main Article: Bea Klugh

Ms. Klugh ("klug" is German for "clever") was the Other who took charge of Michael Dawson at the yurt village. She interrogated him about Walt Lloyd, but Michael hadn't seen Walt in years and couldn't give answers. She kept him tied up and interrogated him over the next eight days. She agreed to let him see Walt briefly, but wouldn't let Walt talk about the tests they make him take, or that the Others are pretending. Michael was a broken man after they took Walt away, and Ms. Klugh made Michael an offer — if he freed "Henry Gale" from The Swan, and then lead Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, James Ford, and Hugo Reyes to a clearing in the middle of the island, she would let him and Walt go. Michael agreed on the condition that he got their boat, too. She accidentally revealed Mr. Friendly's real name to the Oceanic survivors, so Tom revealed her first name, Bea, as a jab back at her.

Discovered inside The Flame, Ms. Klugh ordered a fellow Other, Mikhail Bakunin, to kill her in an attempted murder suicide. Ms. Klugh was successfully killed, but Mikhail was prevented from killing himself. This action was taken after she was captured by the Oceanic survivors as she most likely wanted to prevent any information from being extracted under interrogation.

Juliet Burke

Main Article: Juliet Burke

Juliet Burke is a fertility doctor. She was recruited by an organization, Mittelos Bioscience, for her ground-breaking fertility work. Even though no one in the medical community had heard of Mittelos Bioscience, Juliet agreed to their terms and found herself on the island. She has since been prevented from leaving for over three years as she made a second deal with Benjamin Linus: save her sister's life in exchange for figuring out the Others' pregnancy problem.

She was tasked by Ben to get Jack Shephard to cooperate at The Hydra, as he believed she bore a striking resemblance to Jack's ex-wife, Sarah. Jack was initially unresponsive and held her hostage in a failed escape attempt. Afterwards, Juliet gave him details about his personal life and, after she was asked if Sarah was happy, told him she was. Aside from working on Jack, Juliet was present at the construction site Kate Austen and James "Sawyer" Ford were forced to work at. She prevented an earlier escape attempt by Sawyer and prevented a second one at the site by pointing a gun at Kate. Sawyer could tell that she would have killed Kate.

Juliet revealed to Jack that there was a schism amongst the Others and some wanted a change. She tried to persuade Jack to kill Ben during the surgery and make it look like an accident, but Jack used the surgery to hold Ben's life hostage as he was the only surgeon on the island. Juliet refused to agree to Jack's terms, hoping it would force his hand and Ben would in fact die, but Ben woke from his anesthesia and asked to speak to Juliet. She was told he would finally let her leave if she helped Jack's friends escape and let him live. Juliet agreed to Ben's terms and was forced to shoot and killed Danny Pickett.

She was to be executed for the crime of killing a fellow Other, but Jack was able to strike a bargain with Ben and have her life spared. However, she was left with a mark burned into her skin for her crime. After she was prevented from leaving the island due to the actions of John Locke, Juliet was seemingly gassed and left behind by the Others. This was all a ploy by Ben to get Juliet into the survivors' camp so she would have access to the fertile women there. She was to mark who among them was pregnant so they could be taken by the Others.

However, Juliet had a change of heart after seeing Sun-Hwa Kwon's fetus on an ultrasound in The Staff. She revealed Ben's plan, and the existence of The Looking Glass, and a trap was set, killing seven of the Others. The three survivors who stayed to spring the trap were captured, so Juliet accompanied Sawyer in a rescue mission. The three were saved and the remaining three Others who took part in the raid were killed.


Main Article: Karl

Karl was initially seen being detained by his fellow Others. Benjamin Linus did this as he was afraid he would get his daughter, Alexandra Rousseau, pregnant and "overreacted". Karl tried to escape, setting James "Sawyer" Ford free in the process, but he was re-captured. He was eventually rescued by Alex, Kate and Sawyer. After making it back to the main island, he was let go by Sawyer to go after Alex.

Eventually finding Alex and the Others on their way from the barracks to the Temple, Karl stayed a safe distance away but close enough that Alex could visit him. Alex eventually learned of her father's plan to kidnap the women of the Oceanic survivors' camp and kill any men who got in the way. She had Karl warn the survivors of the plan, giving them enough time to lay a trap. He then accompanied the survivors to a radio transmitter to turn off Danielle Rousseau's distress signal and then use Naomi Dorrit's satellite phone. Karl was reunited with Alex after Ben brought her in his mission to stop Jack Shephard.

He accompanied Alex with John Locke's group to the barracks. Ben eventually persuaded Alex to flee to the safety of the Temple with Karl and Rousseau, but the three were intercepted by Charles Widmore's mercenaries. Karl was killed in the attack.

Colleen Pickett

Main article: Colleen Pickett

Colleen Pickett was the wife of Danny Pickett. She was informed by Ryan Pryce, an Other watching The Door, that Sayid Jarrah had found the location but had a sailboat. Benjamin Linus had her assemble a team to take the sailboat to prevent them from finding Te Hydra. During the operation, she was shot by Sun-Hwa Kwon and taken back to The Hydra. She died despite the efforts of Jack Shephard and Juliet Burke.

Richard Alpert

Main Article: Richard Alpert

Richard Alpert appears to be one of the higher-ups among the Others. Off the island, Richard was tasked with recruiting Juliet Burke to help research and find a cure for the Others' pregnancy problems. He came back to the island shortly after the crash of Oceanic flight 815 at Benjamin Linus' request. On the island, Richard has worked closely with Ben. When Ben was confined to a wheelchair, Richard helped him around the barracks. Although he takes orders from Ben, Richard seems to think he's wasting the Others' time on the fertility issue when they're looking for someone to remind them that they're on the island for more important reasons. He believes John Locke is special and helped him find his purpose by suggesting a way to kill his father, Anthony Cooper. Ben was forced to take Locke to see Jacob, but returned without Locke, puzzling Richard. He tried to talk Ben out of going alone to talk Jack Shephard and the Oceanic survivors out of contacting Naomi Dorrit's nearby freighter, but was overruled and ordered to take the Others to the temple.


Main Article: Isabel

Isabel has been described as "the sheriff" by Tom, although he added she wasn't literally a sheriff. She presided over the investigation into Danny Pickett's death at the hands of Juliet Burke, and appeared to preside over her "trial." In the August 2, 2007 Official Lost Podcast, executive producer Damon Lindelof stated that Isabel had died.

Mikhail Bakunin

Main Article: Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin was discovered inside The Flame station. He attempted to pass himself off as the last living member of The DHARMA Initiative, but Sayid Jarrah saw past his ruse. He divulged information about The DHARMA Initiative and the purpose of The Flame which, after his capture, claimed was all true. He shot and killed Bea Klugh, on her orders, after she had been captured. He attempted to shoot himself in the head, but was stopped. After Jack Shephard's rescue party came across a security system surrounding the Others' barracks, John Locke tossed Mikhail between two pylons of the system after Mikhail claimed it no longer functioned. The pylons triggered a sonic weapon which induced cerebral hemorrhaging in Mikhail, killing him.

However, several days after his death, Mikhail resurfaced in the jungle after being drawn to Desmond Hume, Charlie Pace, Jin-Soo Kwon and [[Lost/Hugo Reyes|Hugo "Hurley" Reyes]' location when Hurley fired a signal flare. Mikhail had little to say about his miraculous recovery, and was freed by Desmond in exchange for saving the life of Naomi Dorrit. Mikhail eventually came across the Others on their journey to the temple and informed Benjamin Linus that the sonic fence was set to a non-lethal level and so the island was able to heal him. However, he also had distressing news of Naomi and her satellite phone and nearby freighter. He attempted to persuade Ben to take action, but was badly beaten by Locke who had recently joined with the Others. Ben was forced to comply with Locke's wishes to see Jacob, but returned without him.

The Others inside The Looking Glass contacted Ben about an intrusion by one of the Oceanic survivors and Mikhail was sent to investigate. He found Desmond in a boat above the underwater station and chased him down inside. At The Looking Glass, he discovered Bonnie and Greta, who were supposed to have been on assignment in Canada. Speaking with Ben alone, he discovered Ben had lied to the Others about The Looking Glass, telling them it was flooded, and that he was using its equipment to jam their communications. Mikhail was ordered to kill Bonnie and Greta. He succeeded in killing Greta, but was shot with a spear gun by Desmond before finishing off Bonnie. Playing dead, Mikhail slipped back into the ocean without alerting Charlie or Desmond and detonated a grenade outside the station's communications room window. The blast killed Mikhail and flooded the room, drowning Charlie.

Other Others

  • Amelia: A woman in her 50's or 60's, and a member of Juliet's book club.
  • Adam: A bald man in his 30's or 40's, and a member of Juliet's book club.
  • Ryan Pryce: He was keeping an eye on the fake village and spotted Sayid and the Elizabeth.
  • Jason: He gave Sawyer wood to bite down on before he was to be stabbed with a large needle.
  • Matthew: He was the one with the large needle.
  • Jacob: He made a list of survivors to take, and Jack's name wasn't on it, it was a later addition.
  • Luke: He helped Pickett attack Sawyer when he kissed Kate. Sawyer referred to him as the "shaggy-haired kid".
  • Ivan: Is a black man and present during Ben's surgery. He went after Kate and Sawyer until Juliet called them off.
  • Aldo: Is a young Other seen reading A Brief History of Time and tasked with guarding Karl's cell.

The Pillar of Black Smoke

The day that Danielle Rousseau's daughter Alexandra was kidnapped, she saw a pillar of black smoke five kilometers inland. A few days after Claire Littleton gave birth, a similar pillar of smoke appeared, alarming the survivors. Rousseau told the beach survivors that the smoke meant that the Others were coming. Rousseau kidnapped Claire's baby and headed for the source of the smoke, in an attempt to trade the baby for her daughter. The smoke was coming from a small dish supported by a tripod on a beach. There was no one there, and there were no tracks — just like the tail-survivors' "Them".

The Whispers

The whispering might be directly related to the Others, although how is unclear.

Danielle Rousseau never saw another person on the island before capturing Sayid Jarrah, but she calls the whispering sounds she hears "The Others". Her child was likely taken when whispering was happening. After the Others kidnapped Walt Lloyd, he appeared to Shannon Rutherford three times. All of those times he was accompanied by whispers. When Walt appears to Shannon in her tent, he says "They are coming, and they are close" backwards (the audio itself is backwards) while water runs from off of his head. Sayid, James "Sawyer" Ford, Michael Dawson, Jin-Soo Kwon, Ana Lucia Cortez, Eko, Kate Austen and Juliet Burke have all heard whispering in the jungle at one point or another. Sayid's whispers were indistinct, while Sawyer heard "It'll come back around", the last words spoken by the man he murdered. The returning group of tail-section Survivors (accompanied by Sawyer, Michael and Jin) heard whispering just after they discovered that Cindy had vanished. Whispering could also be heard in the clearing Michael led Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer too, just before the Others ambushed them. "Elizabeth" was one thing that could be heard in the whispers.