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Lost Cindy2.JPG
Actor Kimberley Joseph
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot (1)
Last Appearance 6x13 - The Last Recruit
Series Billing Series: Guest
Episode Count 15
Notable Episodes 2x07 - The Other 48 Days
3x09 - Stranger in a Strange Land

Cindy was a flight attendant on Oceanic Flight 815, and survived the crash with the tail survivors. She is played primarily by Kimberley Joseph, and appeared in fifteen episodes.


Basic Information


Just before the crash, Cindy slipped Jack Shephard two bottles of alcohol. Cindy also asked Charlie Pace if he was okay before he ran into the bathroom. When the plane started to experience turbulence, Cindy retreated to the back of the plane.


The first 44 Days (Season 1)

Cindy told the tail section survivors that the plane had been flying for two hours in the wrong direction and the radio wasn't working. She helped take care of two children until they were kidnapped by the Others. When Ana-Lucia Cortez asked everyone about Nathan, Cindy mentioned that she didn't see Nathan on the plane. This lead to his eventual incarceration in Ana-Lucia's pit and subsequent death at the hands of Goodwin.

Season 2

Cindy got the water for the tail survivors' planned hike to the other side of the island. She never really had much to do, and during the tail survivors difficult ascent of a steep hill with the unconscious James "Sawyer" Ford, Cindy handed her bag to Libby, and that was the last the tail survivors saw of her. This happened roughly half a mile from the fuselage survivors' camp.

Season 3

Cindy reappeared outside Jack's cage at The Hydra. In response to Jack's questioning of what happened after they were kidnapped, Cindy only replied that it was complicated. At the request of one of the children, she inquired about how Ana-Lucia was doing, not knowing of her death, and was subsequently yelled at by Jack. She was part of a group brought to The Hydra to watch Juliet Burke's trial for the death of Danny Pickett.

After the Kate Austen and Sawyer escaped from The Hydra, the Others packed up and left to prevent the survivors from finding them. They moved to the barracks, but were found once more when a small number of the Oceanic survivors mounted a rescue mission for Jack. Ben Linus had the Others pick up and move out again, but this time Oceanic survivor John Locke joined them. The Others made camp in a clear for several days, and Cindy received help from Locke in setting up her tent. When Locke noticed members of the Others watching him closely, Cindy told him to pay no attention as they were all just excited he was there and they had been waiting for him. It would appear Cindy is one of the Others.

Episode Appearances

  1. 1x01 - Pilot (1)
  2. 1x02 - Pilot (2)
  3. 2x02 - Adrift (played by an unknown extra)
  4. 2x03 - Orientation (played by an unknown extra)
  5. 2x04 - Everybody Hates Hugo
  6. 2x05 - ... and Found
  7. 2x06 - Abandoned
  8. 2x07 - The Other 48 Days
  9. 3x09 - Stranger in a Strange Land
  10. 3x19 - The Brig
  11. 6x01 - LA X (1)
  12. 6x02 - LA X (2)
  13. 6x06 - Sundown
  14. 6x08 - Recon
  15. 6x13 - The Last Recruit

Character History

  • 1x01 - Pilot (1): Cindy's first appearance, although we are not privy of her name. She is a flight attendant on the doomed aircraft and gives Jack two bottles of alcohol.
  • 2x05 - ... and Found: We find out Cindy's name, although it is through extrapolation that we find out she was the flight attendant from the Pilot; it is never explicitly mentioned in the show itself.
  • 2x06 - Abandoned: Cindy vanishes without sight or sound during a climb up a steep hill.
  • 3x09 - Stranger in a Strange Land: Cindy reappears in apparently good health.
  • 3x19 - The Brig: Cindy sets up her tent at the Others' camp with Locke's help. Cindy tells Locke that everyone is excited to see him.

Memorable Moments


'Bad Twin:' The Lost-related novel Bad Twin gives Cindy a last name, "Chandler." However, the novel may not be entirely canonical, so this remains unofficial.