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Charlie Pace
Lost-Charlie 03.JPG
Actors Dominic Monaghan
Jeremy Shada (flashback)
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot (1)
Last Appearance 6x18 - The End
Show Status 1x01 to 4x01 & 6x17-18: Billed
6x01: Guest Star
Episode Count 65
Notable Episodes 1x07 - The Moth
1x15 - Homecoming
2x12 - Fire + Water
3x17 - Catch-22
3x21 - Greatest Hits
3x22 - Through the Looking Glass
Flashback Count 6 (Including Pilot (2) and Exodus (2))

Charlie Pace is the heroin-addicted bass player for Drive Shaft, a one-hit wonder band, and is one of the Oceanic 815 crash survivors on the mysterious island in Lost. He is played by Dominic Monaghan, where he played a billed role and appeared in most episodes of the show, up through the end of season three and appeared in a total of 65 episodes.


Basic Information


Charlie as a child
Charlie was the son of Simon and Megan Pace. Simon was a butcher and Charlie was born into a devout Catholic family of modest means. Megan always believed Charlie was special and musically talented, and got him a piano one Christmas when Charlie was still just a boy. Megan hoped Charlie's musical talent would lead to a better life for the entire family, but Simon believed music would get his son no where and he needed to learn a trade instead. Charlie learned to swim at a young age with his father's help, despite Charlie's initial belief his father wasn't going to catch him when he jumped into the water. This event became one of Charlie's cherished memories, even though he was never very comfortable with swimming.

As a young adult, Charlie still harbored dreams of becoming a rock star. To make money he became a street performer, playing his guitar and singing for people in London, England. On one such occasion he was passed by Desmond Hume and on another he helped a woman involved in an attempted mugging. This woman was Nadia and she thanked Charlie for helping her when three other pedestrians saw her but didn't help; he was her hero.

Charlie formed the band Drive Shaft with his older brother Liam and two other members. Liam was the group's lead singer and Charlie played bass guitar. The group played the clubs in Manchester and began to gain a modest following, but the temptations of the lifestyle conflicted with Charlie's Catholic upbringing. He decided to quit the band for his own good, but had a change of heart upon learning from Liam they had been signed to a record deal. However, Charlie made Liam promise that, if things got too out of hand, they'd walk away; Liam agreed. Drive Shaft toured around England, playing at any venue they could, but they had trouble selling their album. Disagreements between Charlie and Liam heated up to the point Charlie decided to quit, but he heard their first single being played over the radio for the first time and Charlie changed his mind.

The single "You All Everybody" propelled Drive Shaft into stardom. The seedy underbelly of fame took its toll on Liam as he started to use heroin, but Charlie remained drug-free. While on their second tour of Finland, Liam gave Charlie his ring, a family heirloom belonging to heir great grandfather Dexter Stratton, that had been passed down to every first-born. The ring was very meaningful to the family, which is why they named the band after Dexter Stratton, and so Charlie refused to accept the gift. But Liam insisted as he knew his life was a mess while Charlie was the one who would one day get married and have children. Charlie accepted the ring.

Liam's drug use grew and became a significant problem along with his ego. Charlie wished to cancel the rest of their tour, but Liam, who previously told Charlie he was the most important person in the band, exclaimed that that he was the band and no one knows the bassist. Alone and shocked at his brother's outburst, Charlie turned to some of Liam's remaining heroin and became addicted to it. Drive Shaft remained together. Liam's girlfriend, Karen, eventually gave birth to their daughter, Megan. Liam missed his child's birth as he was busy getting high, but Charlie made up an excuse for him and tried to get him clean to go to the hospital. Despite the birth of Megan, Liam continued to use drugs and eventually blew a diaper commercial the band was in as a favor from their lawyer. The director was willing to compromise by firing Liam, but Charlie stuck by his brother and the director was forced to fire Drive Shaft. Karen later kicked Liam out after he dropped Megan, so Charlie tried to cheer him up by telling him he was writing again. But Karen threatened to leave Liam and take Megan with her, so Liam sold Charlie's childhood piano without telling him. He needed the money to go to Australia so Karen's uncle could get him a job and so he could get into a rehab clinic. Liam walked out of Charlie's life.

With his brother and Drive Shaft gone, Charlie turned to theft to feed his heroin addiction. His dealer helped set him up with Lucy, the daughter of a wealthy antiques collector, in order to steal valuables to pawn. However, Charlie began to develop feelings for Lucy and, wanting to be respectable and capable of taking care of her, accepts a job from her father. His dealer wasn't happy at the news and cut him off in an effort to persuade him to follow through with the plan. Withdrawal set in by the time he went to work and Charlie stole an item, but the withdrawal resulted in him passing out on the job. He was caught with the stolen item and lost both his job and Lucy.

Charlie eventually made his way to Sydney to see Liam. He wanted to reform Drive Shaft, but Liam had successfully turned his life around and turned him down as his family came first. Liam wanted Charlie to stay and get help for his addiction, but Charlie was angry and upset with him because Liam never looked out for him. Charlie left the next day on Oceanic Flight 815. Needing a fix on the plane, Charlie's withdrawal symptoms garnered the notice of Cindy, one of the Oceanic flight attendants. Before he could be questioned by the flight attendants, Charlie rushed to one of the unoccupied bathrooms in the nose of the plane. He tried to flush his baggy of heroin down the toilet before facing the flight attendants outside, but massive turbulence hit. Charlie abandoned his heroin in the toilet and rushed to an empty seat in the mid section.


Season One

Charlie accompanied Jack Shephard and Katherine Austen on an expedition to the nose section in order to retrieve its transceiver, but Charlie's real goal was to recover his heroin and get his much needed fix. However, he soon discovered he wanted his guitar more than his drugs. John Locke traded Charlie's heroin for Charlie's guitar he spotted in the jungle. But the addiction reared its head again and Charlie tried to get his drugs back from Locke. Locke helped him get into a frame of mind where he was willing to destroy the heroin in a fire. The same day there is a cave-in, trapping Jack. Charlie volunteered to go into a narrow and unstable tunnel to find Jack and succeeded in bringing him out.

Claire Littleton became a close friend of Charlie and he developed feelings for her. She was kidnapped by Ethan Rom, one of the Others, who tried to kill Charlie by hanging him. Claire's kidnapping traumatized him, but Claire returned with amnesia and the two slowly reconnected. Ethan returned and threatened Charlie, demanding the return of Claire or he would kill the Oceanic survivors one by one until only Charlie was left. Jack formulated a plan to capture Ethan, but Charlie shot Ethan in the chest, killing him, as he didn't want Ethan anywhere near Claire again.

After the birth of Claire's baby, Aaron, Charlie helped her with the newborn. Aaron was eventually kidnapped by Danielle Rousseau who wanted to trade him with the Others for her stolen child. Charlie and Sayid Jarrah went after Rousseau. Charlie was injured in a trap Rousseau left behind and the two came across the Nigerian drug smuggling plan, resulting in Charlie taking one of the Virgin Mary statues filled with heroin. The two catch up to Rousseau and Aaron is returned without incident.

Season Two

Charlie returned to the caves where the other survivors were sheltered, waiting for the impending arrival of the mysterious Others. Jack returned from the hatch empty-handed, but Shannon Rutherford claimed she saw Walt Lloyd in the jungle. Charlie dismissed her claims and believed the Others didn't exist, a figment of Rousseau's imagination.

After The Swan was discovered, Charlie was kept out of the loop about the existence of the DHARMA station. He attempted to follow Locke in order to find out what was going on, but Locke easily knew he was being followed. However, he simply told Charlie about Desmond Hume, the station and its computer, and that Hugo "Hurley" Reyes was in charge of inventorying the food. Charlie tried to guilt Hurley into giving him a jar of peanut butter for Claire and Aaron, but Hurley reluctantly refused as he was under orders to not give anything out. Eventually Hurley decided to give all the food out and gave a jar to Charlie.

After Eko revealed to Claire that Charlie's Virgin Mary statue was filled with heroin, he insisted that Charlie take him to the crashed Nigerian plane. On the way, Eko insisted that Charlie climb a tree to look for the plane. As he was up in the tree, Charlie witnessed the monster show itself to Eko and was amazed it didn't kill him. They eventually reach the plane and Eko cried over the body of his brother, Yemi, inside. The plane and body were burned, and Eko gave one of the Virgin Mary statues to Charlie to replace the one he broke earlier. But Charlie secretly had an entire stash of them in the jungle. Returning to the beach camp, Claire kicked Charlie out of her shelter as she believed he was using drugs again.

Charlie began having vivid dreams about Claire's baby being in danger. During one dream, Charlie took Aaron while he was sleepwalking, further straining his relationship with Claire. He turned to Locke for help about the dreams, but Locke believed he was possibly using heroin again. Charlie became indignant, pointing out how other people had seen strange things and nothing happened, but he's accused of being on drugs; he claimed all the heroin was gone. Turning to Eko, Charlie was told he might indeed have to save Aaron. Charlie took it as a sign that Aaron needed to be baptized, but Claire refused to listen to him. Charlie visited his stash of statues, but Locke followed him. He claimed he was going to destroy them, but Locke didn't believe him and confiscated the statues. Charlie took desperate measures and started a fire near the beach camp to act as a distraction while he sneaked into Claire's tent and took Aaron. He planned to baptize the baby himself, but Claire spotted him and her shouts drew the attention of the camp. Charlie pleaded his case to the survivors and handed the baby to Locke. After Locke handed the baby back to Claire, he beat Charlie. Jack treated his wounds and made him promise not to do anything like that again.

Charlie was angry with Locke for turning on him so quickly, so when James "Sawyer" Ford proposed a plan that would embarrass Locke, Charlie readily agreed. He faked an attempted kidnapping of Sun-Hwa Kwon while Sawyer was providing himself an alibi on the beach. Jin-Soo Kwon demanded to have one of the guns from The Swan and Locke was worried that Jack was going to give them out without his consultation. Locke attempted to hide the guns in the jungle, but Charlie followed him in secret and move them to a different spot for Sawyer. Sawyer offered Charlie a heroin-filled Virgin Mary statue for his help, but he declined, saying that he did it just to make Locke look and feel like a fool. But he asked Sawyer to never reveal what he did to Sun.

Sayid later revealed to Charlie the existence of a man inside The Swan, Henry Gale, who was captured by Rousseau. He believed Henry Gale was an Other because he felt no guilt after beating him. He knew Charlie remembered what the Others did to Claire and him, and that Jack and Locke had forgotten about it. Ana Lucia Cortez was brought in to question Henry Gale and got a map to his supposed balloon. Charlie joined her and Sayid on the hike to the location, and he found the grave and balloon in the marked clearing. Sayid was not convinced by this evidence and dug up the grave, discovering the body of the real Henry Gale inside.

Returning to the beach camp, Charlie and several other survivors discovered a DHARMA supply drop. Charlie found and took a kit containing a pneumatic injector and vials of a mystery vaccine. At the beach, he saw Eko building something and helped, eventually learning it was a church. Charlie tried the vaccine on himself and, feeling no ill effects, gave the kit to Claire for her and Aaron to use, just in case. Looking for Eko, Charlie went to The Swan and found him entering the numbers into the computer. He asked Charlie to get his things from the beach as he had a new task now that was more important than the church. Charlie was upset at Eko's abandonment and refused to help, returning to the beach to continue work on the church by himself. Vincent brought him one of the heroin-filled Virgin Mary statues and, following Vincent, discovered his stash of the statues were now residing underneath Sawyer's tent. Charlie took the statues and threw them into the ocean. Locke witnessed Charlie's act, but didn't say anything. At the funeral for Libby and Ana Lucia, Claire took Charlie's hand for comfort.

Desmond returned and, after speaking with Locke, came to believe the button in The Swan was not real. The two locked Eko out of the computer room in order to prevent the button from being pushed. Eko pleaded with Charlie for help in getting the blast doors open, telling him he feared everyone on the island would die otherwise. Charlie agreed and, using left over dynamite from the Black Rock, went to The Swan. After negotiations with Locke failed, Eko attempted to blow open the blast door. Charlie was caught in the blast, suffering a few bruises and temporary loss of hearing. With the computer destroyed and the button not pressed, the system inside the station went critical. Charlie tried to help Eko, but Eko shoved him towards one of the exits. Charlie returned to the beach and, that night, he and Claire kissed.

Season Three

After the implosion of The Swan, Locke returned to the beach camp without his voice. He started building a sweat lodge inside the framework of Eko's church and indicated to Charlie that he couldn't speak and wanted his help by standing guard. Charlie replied that he despised him, but helped anyway. Locke emerged from the sweat lodge and told Charlie that he was going to save Eko's life. The two ventured into the jungle after Eko and discovered the remains of The Swan. They ran into Hurley who told them that Henry Gale seemed to be the leader of the Others. Continuing onward, the two discovered Eko had been dragged into a cave by a polar bear. Locke retrieved Eko from the cave and Charlie helped carry Eko back to the beach camp.

Desmond offered to fix a problem in the roof of Claire's shelter, but Charlie cut in and told Desmond that he could handle any problem with her shelter. Desmond constructed a lightning rod and, shortly after its completion, it began to rain and lightning struck it instead of Claire's shelter. Several days later, Desmond rescued Claire from drowning in the ocean. As Desmond was too far away to hear Claire, Charlie became suspicious of how Desmond knew she was in trouble. Talking with Hurley, Charlie learned that he was under the impression Desmond could see the future. The two conspired to get Desmond drunk and get the truth out of him. Desmond eventually confessed to Charlie that, after turning the fail safe key, he saw his life flash before his eyes but they didn't stop. He saw lightning strike Claire's tent, killing Charlie. He saw Charlie dive into the ocean to save Claire, but drown. He's been trying to save Charlie, but Desmond believes Charlie was going to die.

Desmond's news was quite depressing to Charlie and he told Hurley about Desmond's flashes. When Hurley discovered an old DHARMA van in the jungle, he convinced Charlie to join him in a dangerous attempt to push the van down a hill in the hopes of getting it started. Hurley was on his own mission to find hope, and told Charlie that they should take charge of their lives and make their own luck. With Hurley and Charlie in the van, Sawyer and Jin pushed it down the hill and Hurley got it started and swerved just in time, narrowly missing a large rock formation. Charlie was overjoyed that he survived this dangerous outing.

A few days later, Claire spotted some tagged sea gulls on the beach. She devised a plan to catch them and attach messages to their tags. Since sea gulls are migratory, a scientist could collect a bird with a message in Australia or New Zealand and they might get rescued. Desmond warned Charlie not to help Claire, as he had another vision in which Charlie died trying to get a sea gull for her. Claire became frustrated when Charlie didn't seem interested to help her and realized that something was going on with him and Desmond. Claire confronted Desmond and found out the truth, but told Charlie that they would get through it together.

Charlie, Hurley and Jin joined Desmond on a trek through the jungle after Desmond had a vision of a woman parachuting onto the island. Desmond didn't tell Charlie that in his vision Charlie was killed by one of Danielle's traps before they found the woman. However, when Charlie stepped into Danielle's trap, Desmond saved him from an arrow. They eventually discovered the woman in the jungle, hanging from a tree by her parachute. Desmond thought it was his girlfriend, Penelope Widmore, but it turned out to be someone else; a woman named Naomi Dorrit. After Hurley accidentally set off Naomi's flare gun, one of the Others, Mikhail Bakunin arrived. He helped save Naomi's life in exchange for his release. Charlie was unhappy about Desmond's decision to let Mikhail go, claiming that they have allowed the Others to get away with too much for too long.

Several days later, Desmond once again informed Charlie of one of his visions. He saw Charlie flipping a switch next to a blinking yellow light in a room full of equipment and then he drowned. He told Charlie that, as a result of his actions, he saw Claire and Aaron being rescued from the beach by a helicopter. When Sayid made plans to contact Naomi's ship, Juliet Burke informed them that Benjamin Linus was jamming all transmissions off the island from a flooded underwater station called The Looking Glass. Charlie realized that it was his destiny to swim down to the station and turn off the jamming device to get everyone rescued. Coming to terms with his impending death, Charlie wrote down a list of the five greatest moments in his life. Desmond went with Charlie and offered to swim down in Charlie's place, but Charlie knocked Desmond out and dove into the ocean. Making it inside, he discovered the station was not flooded but was under the control of two Others, Bonnie and Greta. The two questioned Charlie, but Charlie learned from them that the jamming equipment couldn't be turned off without a code they knew. Bonnie contacted Ben to inform him of Charlie's arrival, and Ben sent Mikhail to the station. Desmond dove down to the station after Charlie and hid himself. Mikhail soon arrived and, under orders from Ben, killed Greta and fatally shot Bonnie. Before he could finish off Bonnie, Desmond shot Mikhail with a spear gun. Charlie was able to get the code from Bonnie and, while Desmond gathered scuba gear, deactivated the jamming equipment. With the jamming deactivated, a transmission was received from Penelope. Charlie realized who she was and informed her that Desmond was OK, but he then learned the troubling news that she didn't know who Naomi was nor any off-shore freighter. Outside a portal, Mikhail appeared and detonated a grenade which shattered the window and began to flood the room. Charlie locked himself inside to save Desmond, but wrote on his hand that the ship wasn't Penny's. The room filled with water and Charlie drowned.

Character History

Information is shown in chronological order. Episodes in bold are flashback episodes.

Before the Crash

  • 1x07 - The Moth: Charlie agrees to be in the band on the condition that they quit if it gets too much to handle.
  • 2x12 - Fire + Water: Charlie and Liam's fortunes fade as their band loses popularity.
  • 1x15 - Homecoming: Charlie meets a girl he likes, but his dealer coaxes him to try and steal from her to feed his heroin habit.
  • 1x07 - The Moth: Charlie tries to convince Liam to start up the band again.

On the Island

Memorable Moments


  • Props: Charlie's bag of heroin is actually a bag of brown sugar.


  • 1x02 - Pilot (2): "Guys, where are we?"
  • 1x07 - The Moth: "You don't know me! I'm a bloody rock god!"
  • 1x07 - The Moth: "Who's gonna take care of your son if something happens? She's got a husband. He's got a sister. I'm alone, and no one on the island. Let me do this."