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Actors Adetokumboh McCormack
Olekan Obileye (flashback)
First Appearance 2x10 - The 23rd Psalm
Last Appearance 3x05 - The Cost of Living
Series Billing Guest
Episode Count 3
Notable Episodes 2x10 - The 23rd Psalm

Yemi was a priest in Nigeria and the younger brother of Mr Eko. He is portrayed primarily by Adetokumboh McCormack and has appeared in three episodes to date.


Basic Information

Season Two

Yemi as a child
When Eko and Yemi were children in Nigeria, guerilla soldiers entered their village one day and grabbed Yemi. They put a gun in his hand and ordered him to shoot and old man. Eko came to the rescue of his little brother by grabbing the gun from Yemi and shooting the man himself. The soldiers were impressed by Eko, and took him away with them. Yemi stayed behind in the village.

Yemi became a priest and worked at a small church in a Nigerian village. One day, Eko showed up again and Yemi offered to hear his confession, knowing that Eko had become a full-blown criminal. Eko did not want to give a confession, but wanted Yemi's help to smuggle drugs out of the country. He wanted to use the church's airplane, which was a yellow Beechcraft, to export the drugs without the authorities knowing about it. When Yemi refused to help Eko with his scheme, Eko requested that Yemi make him and his men priests, so that they could have access to the plane. Afraid that Eko's men would burn down his church, Yemi agreed and signed the papers to make Eko and his two partners priests. Eko then bought all of the Virgin Mary statues, which the church was selling to raise money for vaccine.

When Eko and his men were boarding the Beechcraft to leave Nigeria with the drugs, Yemi arrived and tried to convince Eko not to go through with his plan. When the authorities arrived, Eko's men open- fired and Yemi was caught in the crossfire and shot dead. Eko put Yemi in the Beechcraft but before he could get in himself, one of his men, Goldie, got greedy and kicked Eko out of the plane. Goldie left Nigeria in the Beechcraft, along with Yemi's body.

The Beechcraft crashed on the island, and ended up in the trees right above the entrance to the Pearl station.

Episode Appearances

  1. 2x10 - The 23rd Psalm (also as a child, played by Olekan Obileye)
  2. 2x21 - ?
  3. 3x05 - The Cost of Living (also as a child, played by Olekan Obileye)

Character History

Memorable Moments