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Ana-Lucia Cortez
Lost-Ana-Lucia 02.JPG
Actor Michelle Rodriguez
First Appearance 1x23 - Exodus (1)
Last Appearance 6x16 - What They Died For
Show Status 2x01 to 2x21: Billed
1x23: Guest
5x02 & 6x16: Special Guest Star
Episode Count 22
Notable Episodes 2x07 - The Other 48 Days
2x08 - Collision
2x20 - Two for the Road
Flashback Count 2

Ana-Lucia Cortez is a young single woman who was sitting in the tail section of Oceanic 815. She is played by Michelle Rodriguez and appeared in 22 episodes.


Basic Information


Before the crash, Ana-Lucia used to be a police officer in L.A. One day she was responding to a burglary call. She watched the front of the house while her partner watched the back. A young man came out. He claimed to be a student who lived there. She believed him and let him reach for his wallet. He shot her four times. After seeing a police psychologist for four months, she rejoined the force. She wasn't emotionally ready for that.

Her mother, Teresa Cortez, was the captain of her squad. She was going to put Ana-Lucia into the Evidence division temporarily, but Ana-Lucia wanted a patrol car. When Ana-Lucia asked for a transfer, her mother gave her the car. She took a call for a domestic dispute, and when she saw that the mother was holding a baby she drew her gun. Her partner, Mike, had to remind her to holster her weapon twice.

When they returned to the station, she learned that the suspect in her shooting had been picked up, thanks to fingerprint evidence at the original burglary scene. The man, Jason McCormack, when confronted with the fingerprint evidence, confessed. Ana-Lucia refused to identify him, claiming that he wasn't the one.

But a week later, she followed McCormack to a bar, then out to his car. She told him that she was pregnant when he shot her, and she lost the baby. She then shot him 6 times with an untraceable gun.

The next day her mother confronted her about McCormack's death. She knows Ana-Lucia did it, but there isn't enough proof, and the investigation will dead-end. She pleaded with Ana-Lucia to get psychological help, and told her that she can't be a cop and a vigilante. Ana-Lucia resigned. She was working as an airport security "wander" at LAX. Off duty, she was at the bar when Christian Shephard approached her. This was shortly after he was forced to resign by Jack. He invited her to come with him to Australia to act as his bodyguard. They didn't know each others name, so she called him "Tom" and he called her "Sarah". Four days after arriving in Sydney, in the middle of the night, a drunk Christian knocked on her hotel room door and told her it was time for protection duty. They drove to a suburban Sydney house. Christian got out of the car and knocked on the door. A woman named Lindsey answered. Christian demanded to see his daughter. When he got upset, Ana-Lucia had to drag him away.

Ana-Lucia asked Christian why he was here. He said that it was because he couldn't apologize to his son. He ran away, just like she ran away. He wanted her to come into a bar for company while he drinks himself to death. Ana-Lucia refused, and asked him to come back with her to L.A., but he refused.

At the airport on the day of the crash, after hearing Jack Shephard beg the ticket counter woman to let him bring his father's body on the plane, Ana-Lucia called her mother. She told her that she made a mistake and wanted to come home. She ran away because Teresa knew that she killed McCormack. Teresa asks her to come home.

She met Jack in a bar in the Sydney Airport at 11:15 on the day of the crash. They shared a drink, without Ana-Lucia ever realizing that he was Christian's son. Jack told her that his father died. She told him that the worst part was over, and that he should meet her for their next drink on the plane. She was sitting in seat 42F.


The First 44 Days (Season One)

Ana-Lucia woke up underwater and swam to shore with the other tail section survivors. She performed CPR on a young girl Emma who survived the crash and successfully revived her. She barely had a chance to relax before Goodwin asked for help with a man - Bernard - whose seat landed in a tree.

After three people were kidnapped on the first night, and Eko killed two Others, Ana-Lucia examined the bodies and realized that those people were on the island before the crash. She wanted to move to a safer place, but Nathan wanted to keep the signal fire going.

On the twelfth day, however, the tail-section Others came again and kidnapped 9 more people, including both children. Ana-Lucia killed one with a rock and found a U.S. Army knife that was 20 years old, and a list describing the nine who were taken. She decided to abandon the beach camp.

After walking for three days straight, they made camp, and Ana-Lucia, suspecting a mole among the group started work digging out a prison pit. On Day 19, she hit Nathan and put him in the pit. She thought he was the mole and wouldn't let anyone feed him until he talked.

After Nathan vanished, she didn't stop being suspicious of the remaining survivors, but decided to move the camp further anyway. They found the Arrow bunker three days later. It had a radio inside. When Goodwin wanted to go off by himself to try it, Ana-Lucia, who was already suspicious of him went too.

She pumped Goodwin for information before asking him how he found Bernard. When he claimed to have heard him from the beach, Ana-Lucia told him that was impossible since he was dry. She asked him where the children were, and he told her they were safe, and that his group only took the "good people". There was a struggle, and Goodwin was impaled on Ana-Lucia's spear.

When Bernard picked up Boone's transmission, Ana-Lucia shut the radio off, thinking that it was the Others trying to find them. She said "This is our life now", and went off by herself. Emotionally exhausted from the trials of the first 41 days, she cried.

Season Two

After the tail-section survivors discovered Michael, Jin and Sawyer on the beach, they captured them and held them in the prison pit. A day later, Ana-Lucia was tossed in the pit with them as a ruse to try and find out who they were. She was surprised to discover that they were on a Sydney-Los Angeles plane. She asked "Flight 815?", and Michael, Sawyer and Jin were surprised to learn that she was on the plane too. When she learned that Sawyer had a gun, she questioned him about it. When he got suspicious, she hit him and took the gun, and asked to be hauled out of the hole.

After discussing it with the other tail survivors, she released the raft people from the pit and took them to their base, an old and non-operational DHARMA Initiative station, "The Arrow". She decided that the they would go and try to find the rest of the crash survivors on the other side of the island. When Michael ran off into the jungle looking for Walt, Ana-Lucia immediately prepared to leave before the Others could find him and come for the rest of the tail survivors. Jin and Eko left to look for Michael, even though Ana-Lucia said she was not going to wait for them. She believed that Eko would catch up with them, which he did.

Ana-Lucia didn't want to go inland for the sake of Sawyer. She considered him a dead man walking, but Eko insisted so she went, warning him that any more deaths or kidnappings were on his head. She also didn't like stopping while a stretcher was fabricated for Sawyer, but they waited.

When Cindy vanished just after the survivors struggled to get the unconscious Sawyer up a steep hill, the whispers started. Ana-Lucia told everyone to run. In the midst of some loud whispering, Ana-Lucia shot a moving figure. It was Shannon.

Realizing that she had made yet another mistake, Ana-Lucia snapped under the stress of the previous 48 days. She had Sayid tied up to give her time to think. But that meant dismantling Sawyer's stretcher, so Eko abandoned her to carry him to the fuselage camp. When Libby and Bernard wanted her to let Sayid go, Ana-Lucia made a plan - she would get supplies from the fuselage camp, and then go off into the jungle to live by herself. She sent Michael to give her demands. Libby and Bernard refused to be a part of that any longer and left her, taking Jin with them.

Ana-Lucia asked Sayid if she should kill him. He told her that he is still haunted by the terrible things he's done in his life. Ana-Lucia told Sayid that once she hesitated to use her weapon and she got shot four times. She said that she feels dead.

She didn't make excuses, or ask Sayid not to kill her. She didn't try and make him feel sympathy to her, she didn't run away into the jungle. She let Sayid go, gave him the weapons and told him he could kill her. Ana-Lucia took responsibility for her actions. Sayid said that there was no point in killing her since they were both already dead inside. They headed back to camp. Ana-Lucia met Jack and Eko in the jungle.

She is staying on the beach and mostly keeping to herself. She didn't attend Shannon's funeral for fairly obvious reasons. After Jack encountered the Others in the jungle, he came to her and asked her how long she thought it would take to train an army. Unfortunately, Sawyer was able to use Kate's distrust of Ana-Lucia in his con to steal the weapons from the Swan's armory, effectively putting an end to Jack and Ana-Lucia's "army."

After Henry Gale was caught and brought to the Swan, Locke asked Ana-Lucia to interrogate Henry as she was a cop and has experience. She was able to talk Henry into drawing a map to his balloon, and she, Sayid and Charlie found the balloon and the truth about Henry Gale. After being overpowered by Henry when she let her guard down, Ana-Lucia was able to steal a gun from Sawyer after having sex with him in the jungle. She planned to kill Henry, giving him the knife she got from one of the Others she killed and ordering him to cut himself free, but Henry told her how Goodwin thought she was misunderstood and how he believed he could change her. Ana-Lucia couldn't bring herself to pull the trigger and locked Henry back inside the armory. As she sat outside the door and contemplated things, the recently returned Michael asked her for the gun and combination to the armory, telling her that he'll shoot Henry. Ana-Lucia gave him the gun and combination, but Michael shot and killed her instead, so that he could free Henry.

Character History

Information is shown in chronological order. Episodes in bold are flashback episodes.

Before the Crash

On the Island

Memorable Moments

  • 2x07 - The Other 48 Days: After turning Bernard's radio off on Day 41, she tells everyone that this is their life now, then goes into the jungle and cries in Eko's arms.
  • 2x08 - Collision: Ana-Lucia unties Sayid and gives him the weapons. She tells him he can go ahead and kill her, since she already feels dead inside.
  • 2x20 - Two for the Road: Ana-Lucia tells Michael that she couldn't bring herself to murder Henry Gale in cold blood.