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Bernard Nadler
Actor Sam Anderson
First Appearance 1x19 - Deus Ex Machina (voice only)
2x04 - Everybody Hates Hugo (first on screen speaking)
Last Appearance 6x18 - The End
Show Status Series: Guest

6x17-18: Billed

Episode Count 26
Notable Episodes 2x07 - The Other 48 Days
2x08 - Collision
2x19 - S.O.S.
3x22 - Through the Looking Glass
Flashback Count 1

Bernard Nadler is a man from the Bronx, one of the five boroughs of New York City, who was traveling with his wife Rose. He was in the tail-section washrooms when the plane broke apart. He is one of the Oceanic 815 crash survivors on the mysterious island. He is played primarily by Sam Anderson, and appeared in 26 episodes.


Basic Information


Bernard is a dentist, presumably from the Bronx in New York City, and was a bachelor for fifty-six years when he first met Rose when he helped free her car from a snow drift in New York. Rose offered to buy him a cup of coffee and Bernard agreed, and the two hit it off. Five months after their initial meeting, Bernard proposed to Rose at a restaurant overlooking the Niagara Falls. It was at this time that Rose told him she was dying, presumably from cancer. Unperturbed, Bernard still wanted to know if she would marry him and she agreed. For their honeymoon, Bernard took Rose to Uluru in the Northern Territory of Australia. However, the honeymoon was a ruse in order to get Rose to Australia so a healer, Isaac of Uluru, could see her. He gave Isaac a ten thousand dollar donation in order to get Rose in to see him. Isaac was unable to help Rose, but she decided to tell Bernard that Isaac fixed her.

On Oceanic flight 815, Bernard gave his wedding ring to Rose as his fingers swell while flying. He was in the bathroom in the tail section when the flight crashed.

The First 44 Days (Season One)

Bernard got out of the bathroom and found a seat. After the tail section broke off, Bernard's seat was sucked out the back of the plane. It landed 30 feet up, perched in a tree not far from the beach, where he was discovered by Goodwin. Ana-Lucia talked him into unbuckling his seatbelt and grabbing a branch.

He was very worried about his wife after he couldn't find her or her body anywhere on the beach, asking Eko if he pulled any bodies out of the water that matched the description of his wife.

After the Others reduced the numbers of the tail-section survivors, Bernard joined the remaining survivors in abandoning the beach camp and moving inland. Eventually the group discovered a bunker, the Arrow, and used it as shelter. Inside, Bernard found a two-way radio and used it periodically in the hopes of picking up a transmission. He was the one who picked up Boone's radio transmission.

Season Two

With the discovery of Michael, Jin, and Sawyer by the tail-section survivors, Bernard was able to learn that his wife, Rose, was indeed alive and well on the other side of the island. He eventually reunited with her after hiking with the others across the island to get to their camp.

Once there, he discovered that the mid-section survivors had pretty much given up on trying to get themselves rescued. He devised a plan to build a giant S.O.S. sign on the beach with large rocks. However, his overbearing attitude and inability to successfully manage the effort resulted in the volunteers dwindling down from many to just himself. Rose decided to tell Bernard that she lied to him in Australia about Isaac fixing her, but she feels that the cancer has disappeared since crashing on the island. Bernard believes that Rose doesn't want to leave, that it might cause the cancer to come back, and promises her that they'll never leave.

Season Three

When Juliet revealed to the beach camp that Ben was planning an attack to take all the pregnant women, Jack had an idea to rig the tents with explosives and blow them up when the Other's arrive. Bernard and Rose helped strip and tie wire from the plane wreckage for the dynamite. The plan was complicated when Karl suddenly showed up and told the camp that the Others were on their way and were no longer waiting until the following night. When Jack and Danielle realized that they didn't have enough wire to rig the dynamite in time, Sayid suggested they use three shooters with guns to fire at the dynamite when the Others reach the tents. Bernard convinced Sayid that he was a good shooter, and volunteered to stay behind with Sayid and Jin while the rest of the group go to the radio tower. Rose protested but was eventually convinced to let Bernard help. When the Others arrived that night, Sayid, Jin and Bernard fired their rifles at the dynamite, collectively killing five Others. However, their plan went wrong when Jin missed his dynamite. Jin shot and killed two more Others but was captured by Ryan Pryce. Bernard ran through the jungle and tried to escape, but was caught by Tom. Bernard, Jin and Sayid were held hostage by Tom, Ryan and Jason. They refused to tell the Others where Jack and the rest of the group went, but when Ben ordered Tom over the walkie-talkie to kill Jin, Bernard spilled the beans to save Jin's life. The next day, Hurley saved their lives by charging onto the beach in a DHARMA mini-bus and killing Ryan. When Jason was distracted, Sayid managed to grab hold of him and broke his neck. Sawyer and Juliet, who also went back to help them, overpowered Tom and Sawyer killed him. Bernard waited on the beach along with Sayid, Jin, Hurley, Juliet and Sawyer until Jack and the rest of the group returned.

Episode Appearances

  1. 1x19 - Deus Ex Machina (voice only, played by an unknown extra)
  2. 2x02 - Adrift (played by an unknown extra)
  3. 2x03 - Orientation (played by an unknown extra)
  4. 2x04 - Everybody Hates Hugo
  5. 2x05 - ... and Found
  6. 2x06 - Abandoned
  7. 2x07 - The Other 48 Days
  8. 2x08 - Collision
  9. 2x09 - What Kate Did
  10. 2x16 - The Whole Truth
  11. 2x19 - S.O.S.
  12. 2x24 - Live Together, Die Alone (2)
  13. 3x21 - Greatest Hits
  14. 3x22 - Through the Looking Glass (1)
  15. 3x23 - Through the Looking Glass (2)
  16. 4x01 - The Beginning of the End
  17. 4x07 - Ji Yeon
  18. 4x09 - The Shape of Things to Come
  19. 4x10 - Something Nice Back Home
  20. 5x01 - Because You Left
  21. 5x02 - The Lie
  22. 5x16 - The Incident (1)
  23. 6x01 - LA X (1)
  24. 6x14 - The Candidate
  25. 6x17 - The End (1)
  26. 6x18 - The End (2)

Character History

Information is shown in chronological order. Episodes in bold are flashback episodes.

Before the Crash

  • 2x19 - S.O.S.: Bernard meets Rose, proposes to her, even knowing she has cancer, and takes her to Australia to see a faith healer.

On the Island

Memorable Moments

  • 2x08 - Collision: Bernard and Rose reunite after 48 days apart.
  • 2x19 - S.O.S.: Bernard tells Rose that if she can't leave the island, neither can he.


  • 2x04 - Everybody Hates Hugo: "Uh, excuse me. Uh, hi. Back where you guys, uh... Where you came from. Is there a woman named Rose there? [...] Sh-She... She okay? [...] Oh... Oh, thank you. [...] Thank you, Michael. I'm, uh, I'm Bernard."
  • 3x22 - Through the Looking Glass: "I am a dentist, I am not Rambo."