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Boone Carlyle
Lost-Boone 01.JPG
Actor Ian Somerhalder
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot (1)
Last Appearance 6x18 - The End
Show Status 1x01 to 1x24 & 6x17-18: Billed

2x06, 3x03, 3x14: Special Guest Star
6x01: Guest Star
Episode Count 27
Notable Episodes 1x13 - Hearts and Minds

1x19 - Deus Ex Machina
1x20 - Do No Harm
2x06 - Abandoned
3x03 - Further Instructions
Flashback Count 1

Boone Carlyle is a 24-year old survivor of the Oceanic 815 crash, along with his step-sister Shannon. He is played by Ian Somerhalder and appeared regularly through out the first season. Boone continues to make occasional reappearances in flashbacks or tied to the supernatural nature of the island.


Basic Information


Boone Carlyle was a terrible lifeguard, an all-American guy, and the step-brother of Shannon Rutherford. He tried his best, but wasn't very skilled at most things he tried. He had a rocky relationship with his step-sister. When he was six, Boone had a nanny Teresa, who he would bug by having her constantly go up and down the stairs to his room for things. He even had a little rhyme: “Teresa falls up the stairs, Teresa falls down the stairs.” One day Teresa took a bad step and broke her neck.

Boone comforted Shannon at her father's funeral. He was living in New York at the time, and after his mother, Sabrina, cut Shannon off from her father's money, he offered to put her up at his apartment on a temporary basis until his mother offered him a position at her company. He still offered her what little money he had access to, but she rejected it.

Boone secretly loved his step-sister in a romantic way. He would do anything for her. He was in Sydney to rescue Shannon from an abusive boyfriend. He paid her boyfriend off with $50,000, only to find out that it was a scam Shannon pulled off to get money she thought she was owed by her step-mother. The night before the plane crash, Shannon seduced him and they had sex. They were flying back to the United States.


Season One

Boone Carlyle was one of the survivors of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. He crash landed on the mysterious island with his step-sister, Shannon. The two of them had a love/hate relationship with each other on the island, as Boone continuously argued with his sister on helping to contribute her share around the camp.

Boone spent most of his time on the island helping out Locke. He and Locke were the first two people to discover the hatch, while they were searching for the kidnapped Claire. During one expedition, Boone and Locke encountered a Beechcraft airplane balanced precariously between the top of a cliff and a tree. Boone climbed into the airplane and sees a radio that he used to call for help. He was able to get a response, but the plane tilted and crashed heavily to the ground with Boone inside.

Locke rushed Boone to Jack, but lied about how he was injured. Boone had a collapsed lung, a crushed and broken leg, and internal bleeding. Despite Jack's best efforts, he was unable to save Boone's life.

Boone was buried on the hillside overlooking the beach.

Season Three

After Locke ingests some hallucinogenic paste, Boone appeared to Locke as a sort of spiritual guide.

Character History

Before the Island

Information is shown in chronological order. Episodes in bold are flashback episodes.
  • 2x06 - Abandoned: Boone appears at Shannon's father's funeral and afterwards offers to give her money but Shannon refuses it.
  • 1x13 - Hearts and Minds: Boone 'saves' Shannon from her abusive boyfriend Bryan, after which Shannon seduces him, and the two of them have sex.

On the Island

Memorable Moments

  • 1x13 - Hearts and Minds: Boone 'saves' Shannon from her abusive boyfriend, Bryan, after which Shannon seduces him, and the two of them have sex.



  • 1x11 - All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues: "Red Shirt. You ever watch Star Trek? [...] The crew guys that would go down to the planet with the main guys, the captain and the guy with the pointy ears? They always wore red shirts, and they always got killed."