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Claire Littleton
Lost-Claire 06.jpg
Actor Emilie de Ravin
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot (1)
Last Appearance 6x18 - The End
Show Status Season 1-4 & 6: Billed
Episode Count 70
Notable Episodes 1x10 Raised by Another

1x20 - Do No Harm
2x15 - Maternity Leave
3x12 - Par Avion
Flashback Count 3

Claire Littleton is a young woman who was eight months pregnant when she set off from Sydney on Oceanic Flight 815. Since the crash she given birth to a son, Aaron. She is played by Emilie de Ravin, where she plays a billed role and appeared in 70 episodes.


Basic Information


Claire Littleton is the daughter of Christian Shephard, making her the half-sister of Jack Shephard. She is the product of a "fling" between Christian and her mother, Carole Littleton. Her father visited her often in Australia, even though he lived in Los Angeles, bringing her toys and singing songs to her. However, her aunt, Lindsey, hated Christian and Carole grew upset about Christian's family in Los Angeles, and so Christian was barred from seeing Claire when she was two years old. She was told by her mother that her father had died.

As a teenager, Claire was involved in a car accident. She was driving while involved in a heated argument with her mother when she hit a truck. Her mother was ejected through the windshield and sustained severe head trauma, resulting in the need to have machines keep her alive and the likely possibility that she would never wake up. Christian was notified immediately of Carole's accident and paid all of the medical expenses confidentially. Claire ran into Christian while he was visiting her mother and learned he was her father. Before he left for Los Angeles, Christian told her about visiting her when she was young and why her mother prevented him from seeing her. He told Claire that her mother was alive, but not really living. He knew ways to end her suffering without legal consequences, but Claire wouldn't listen to him talk about killing her mother. She was told not to keep her mother alive for the wrong reasons; that there is hope and then there is guilt, and he knows the difference. Claire left her father, telling him she didn't want to know his name.

A few years later Claire learned she was pregnant. Her boyfriend, Thomas, persuaded her to keep the baby and she moved in with him. At the behest of her friend, Claire visited a psychic named Richard Malkin who saw something that frightened him and refused to continue her reading. Well into her pregnancy, Claire's boyfriend had second thoughts and left Claire. She returned to Malkin and insisted he continue the reading and was told that she had to raise the baby herself or there would be grave consequences. Claire made up her mind to give her baby up for adoption, but Malkin hounded her for months to reconsider. While meeting with the prospective parents who wanted to adopt her unborn baby, Claire was unable to sign the needed documents after two pens she was given failed to write anything. She had second thoughts and went to Malkin to hear his plan. He found a couple in Los Angeles who would adopt her baby, and he gave her $6,000 and a plane ticket. Malkin insisted that Claire be on Oceanic 815 and only Oceanic 815.


Season One

Claire was worried at first about her baby because it hadn't moved since the crash, but it kicked after eating some sushi Jin-Soo Kwon made for the other survivors. Due to how far she was into her pregnancy, Claire believed she was ignored and avoided by the other survivors; a veritable "ticking timebomb of responsibility." Only Jack Shephard, a physician, and Charlie Pace visited her with any regularity. She and Charlie became close friends, but the two were kidnapped by Ethan Rom.

Ethan took her to the Staff, a DHARMA Initiative station, where she was kept on drugs that made her very agreeable and docile. Claire was administered a shot to her womb that was apparently a vaccine against "the sickness." The Staff was set up with a nursery, and Claire knitted a booty for her baby while she stayed there. Under the influence of the drugs, she agreed to give up her baby to Ethan, although she still wanted to visit it. The Others were going to cut the baby out of Claire and let her die, but a teenage girl chloroformed her and carried her out of the station. Danielle Rousseau discovered Claire, but Claire was still under the influence of the drugs and fought her, scratching her arm and calling for Ethan. Rousseau knocked Claire unconscious and carried her to near the caves where the survivors would find her.

John Locke and Boone Carlyle found Claire wandering through the jungle while searching for Vincent. She had lost her memory of everything since the crash, most likely a side effect of the drugs the Others administered. Ethan returned and cornered Charlie, threatening to kill the survivors one by one until Claire was returned to him. After Ethan made good on his threat, Claire volunteered to be used as bait in a trap. Ethan was caught, by Charlie shot and killed Ethan to keep him from every harming Claire again.

As the survivors continued to be wary of Claire, Locke pulled her aside and got her to help him in a project. The finished product was a cradle for her baby as she was now nine months pregnant. She told Locke that it was her birthday and he told her that it's good luck having her birthday close to that of her baby's. Shortly afterwards, Claire gave birth to a son. Kate Austen had to assist in the delivery as Jack was in the middle of trying to save Boone's life. Claire had trouble trusting others with her son, but Charlie continued to help her out as best he could.

Rousseau arrived at the beach camp to warn the survivors about the imminent arrival of the Others. After she returned from the Black Rock, she approached Claire and asked about her baby. Claire noticed the scratches on her arm and ask her why she scratched her. Rousseau knocked her unconscious and kidnapped her baby. The kidnapping made Claire realize she did want her baby and decided that the baby will be named Aaron, and she pleaded for Charlie to bring him back. With mostly Sayid Jarrah's help, Claire's child was returned to her.

Season Two

While taking a walk along the beach, Claire discovered the bottle of notes from Michael Dawson's raft washed up on the beach. After discussing the discovery with Shannon Rutherford, the two give the bottle to Sun-Hwa Kwon as her husband was on the raft.

Claire eventually recovered her memories up until the point of her abduction at the hands of Ethan, remembering that Charlie told her he used to be a junkie. She mentioned Charlie's Virgin Mary statues to Eko, who broke one to reveal the heroin hidden inside. Because Charlie lied to her and was knowingly keeping the heroin around, Claire kicked him out of her shelter and told him she doesn't want him sleeping anywhere near her and her baby. Charlie began to have vivid dreams and was found sleepwalking with Claire's baby. He tried to tell Claire that Aaron needed to be baptized, but Claire wanted Charlie to go away. He eventually kidnapped Aaron in an attempt to baptize the baby himself, but was discovered and gave Aaron back. Locke beat him repeatedly for what he did. The next day Claire went to Eko and asked him to baptize her and Aaron.

Aaron developed a fever and a rash, which worried Claire despite Jack's insistence it was normal. Rousseau appeared on the beach and told Claire that she thought the child might be infected with the same sickness that claimed her crew. Claire went to see Libby to try and help her unlock the memories she was still missing. With Libby's help, she remembered Ethan giving her a shot of a vaccine for her baby. With Kate and Rousseau's help, Claire found where Ethan took her — the Staff — but found it abandoned. The refrigerator with the vaccine was empty, but Claire found the booty she knit. Outside, Claire got back her memories of what happened, that Rousseau wasn't trying to hurt her by helped her escape. She told Rousseau that a young girl with blue eyes helped her escape, which helped ease Rousseau's mind.

After a periodic resupply drop was made by the Swan, Charlie gave Claire a box of vaccine and a pneumatic injector that he found inside. He tried a dose on himself to see if it was safe. At the funeral for Ana Lucia Cortez and Libby, Claire took Charlie's hand for comfort, signifying that the two are growing closer once more. During the funeral, Desmond Hume arrived at the beach camp aboard the Elizabeth. He later saw Claire preparing a shot of the vaccine, but told her not to bother as he took the stuff every nine days for three years for, what he believes was, no reason. After the activation of the fail-safe device at the Swan, Claire was relieved to see Charlie uninjured. That night the two kissed.

Season Three

After Locke, Eko and Desmond return from the Swan's implosion, Desmond tried to convince Claire to temporarily leave her shelter due to a supposed leak in the roof. Unsuccessful in the attempt, Desmond builds a lightning rod near her shelter and lightning strikes it, missing the shelter. The following day, Claire went out for a swim but was pulled under by the current. She is pulled out and revived by Desmond. Later, Claire noticed a glint on the leg of a seabird, coming up with the idea of tagging one of the birds with a message that might be found by a scientist when the bird migrates. She is unsuccessful in capturing the seabird thanks to the actions of Desmond, whom she believed was trying to prevent her from succeeding. She secretly followed Desmond as he caught the seabird with the tagged leg. Demanding to know how he knew it would be there, Desmond finally told her that Charlie was going to die while trying to capture the bird. She learned of Desmond's visions of Charlie's deaths, but promised Charlie that he would be alright. She composed a note, attached it to the seabird and let it go.

Character History

Information is shown in chronological order. Episodes in bold are flashback episodes.

Before the Crash

On the Island

Memorable Moments


  • Cut Scene: Claire had a flashback in Exodus, but it was cut for time. It appears on Disc 7 of "Lost: The Complete First Season" DVD set.