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Alexandra Rousseau
Actors Tania Raymonde
Lehualani Silva (flashback)
First Appearance 2x15 - Maternity Leave
Last Appearance 6x16 - What They Died For
Series Billing Series: Guest
Episode Count 19
Notable Episodes 2x15 - Maternity Leave
3x07 - Not in Portland
3x09 - Stranger in a Strange Land
4x09 - The Shape of Things to Come
6x07 - Dr. Linus

Alexandra Rousseau, or Alex, is the daughter of Danielle Rousseau, the only survivor of a science team in the south Pacific that was shipwrecked on the mysterious island. She is played primarily by Tania Raymonde, and appeared in nineteen episodes.


Basic Information

Alex as a child, with Ben

Alex was kidnapped from her birth mother by the Others and then raised by them. She appears to disagree with their methodology or philosophy and has aided the Oceanic survivors when possible. She has a boyfriend, Karl, who appears to be at odds with the Others, too.

Before Oceanic 815

Danielle Rousseau was seven months pregnant with Alex when her science team shipwrecked onto the island over 16 years ago. After her science team died and she was left alone, Rousseau gave birth to Alex. One week later, a pillar of black smoke appeared five kilometers inland and, that night, Alex was abducted by the Others. She was raised by them and Ben Linus became her adoptive father, but raised her to believe he was her biological father.

Season One

After Ethan Rom's false story of being one of the Oceanic survivors was blown, Claire Littleton was taken by him and held in a drugged state inside The Staff. Alex was a member of the Others present at the Staff during Claire's stay. Discovering that the Others were planning on cutting Claire's baby out of her, Alex attempted to warn Claire and get her out of harm's way. Claire was in a delirious state from the drugs, refusing to go and demanding to see Ethan, so Alex was forced to chloroform her and carry her outside to relative safety. Her mother, Danielle, stumbled upon Claire and carried her the rest of the way to near the survivors' cave shelter.

Season Two

Alex was a member of the Others who captured Michael Dawson when he left The Swan in search of his kidnapped son, Walt Lloyd. That night, the group confronted Jack, Locke and Sawyer in the jungle. Tom laid down the Others' ultimatum and called Alex to bring out the captured Kate as a bargaining chip. Alex begged Danny Pickett to bring her out instead, leaving her alone with Michael so she could question him about Claire's condition and her child. After the confrontation was over, Alex and the group escorted Michael to The Door, a fake DHARMA Initiative station.

Season Three

Using a hidden outrigger canoe, Alex traveled from the main island to the smaller island housing The Hydra. She found Kate and Sawyer at a construction site and questioned Kate if she saw a boy her age named Karl. Later, she returned to the construction site and attempted to free Kate and Sawyer with only a slingshot, but was stopped by the Others. As she was taken away, she was adamant that they not listen to the Others and that the Others were planning on killing Kate's boyfriend. After Kate and Sawyer escaped during Ben's surgery, the two were helped by Alex in exchange for their help in freeing Karl. The group freed Karl from a brainwashing room and brought him to Alex's outrigger canoe. Pickett attempted to stop the group from leaving the island, but was shot and killed by Juliet Burke. However, Juliet stopped Alex from leaving with Kate, Sawyer and Karl, telling her that the only way her father - Ben - would let Karl go was if she stayed.

When Locke, Kate and Sayid discovered the Others' living place at the barracks, Locke took Alex hostage to get Ben's cooperation. Alex was sent to get Locke's backpack from Ryan Pryce, who was keeping watch over Sayid Jarrah. Alex then took Locke down to the dock where the submarine was kept. Shortly after, Locke rigged the submarine with C4 and blew it up.

After Locke returned to the Others' camp with his father's dead body, Ben eventually agreed to take him to their leader - a man named Jacob. When Alex heard about this, she gave Locke a gun and told him that he would need it. When Ben returned without Locke, Alex wanted to know where he was. Ben told them that Locke had an "accident". He decided to change their plans and go to the camp of the Oceanic survivors that night and, instead of kidnapping the pregnant women marked by Juliet, take all the women and kill all the men who get in the way. Alex was horrified and rushed through the jungle to her and Karl's secret meeting place. She told him about Ben's plan and ordered him to go and warn the survivors.

With prior warning thanks to Karl and Juliet, the Oceanic survivors' trap claimed seven Others. The remaining three Others extracted information from Bernard and learned the survivors were heading to The DHARMA Initiative's radio transmitter in an attempt to contact a nearby freighter using a satellite phone of a woman who parachuted onto the island - Naomi Dorrit. Ben decided to intercept the survivors, alone, to convince Jack Shephard from going through with it. Alex demanded to accompany him and, in a surprise to her, Ben accepted. On the way there, Ben told her that he knew she betrayed him by having Karl warn the survivors. Due to her actions, Alex learned her father agreed to let her come along as he was taking her to her new "family" - the Oceanic survivors. She also learned that her father imprisoned Karl because he was scared he would get her pregnant and "overreacted". The two eventually intercepted Jack and the survivors, but Ben failed and was taken captive. As Rousseau was with the survivors, Ben introduced Alex to her birth mother.

Season Four

The Oceanic survivors gathered together at the nose section wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815. There they learned of Charlie Pace's death and his warning to Desmond Hume regarding Naomi Dorrit's freighter. The survivors split into two groups: those that believed Charlie's warning sided with John Locke while those who still believed in rescue sided with Jack Shephard. Alex chose Locke's side along with her boyfriend Karl, her mother Danielle Rousseau and adoptive father Benjamin Linus.

Locke's group eventually made their way to the barracks, discovering another member from the freighter as they traveled. This member, Charlotte Lewis, was taken prisoner. Ben revealed detailed information about her and told them that the people from the freighter were coming to the island to take him. Sayid and Kate came to the barracks with another member of the freighter, Miles Straume, and Miles was traded for Charlotte. Locke got more information out of Miles and Ben, eventually revealing to the group that the people from the freighter were coming to the island for Ben and will kill everyone else on the island once they have him. Ben believed the men from the freighter would use his daughter against him, so he convinced Alex to leave the barracks for the safety of the Temple, a place of sanctuary the rest of the Others were hiding. Alex left for the Temple with her mother and boyfriend, but the group were ambushed outside the barracks by Martin Keamy and his mercenaries from the freighter. Karl was killed, Rousseau wounded and Alex was taken prisoner. Keamy used her to deactivate the sonar fence protecting the barracks, but she was able to trip a silent alarm to give some warning to the people inside. Despite Alex's efforts, the mercenaries killed three Oceanic survivors. Keamy ordered Ben to surrender himself, but Ben refused as he knew Keamy would kill everyone else. Alex was brought out and forced to her knees by Keamy, who threatened to execute her. Ben again refused to hand himself over and tried to persuade Keamy that Alex wasn't his daughter and meant nothing to her, but Keamy executed Alex. Shocked by what just occurred, Ben realized the rules had been changed and directed the smoke monster into the barracks. While the smoke monster attacked Keamy and his men, the survivors of Keamy's attack fled from the barracks and Ben had time to say goodbye to Alex.

Episode Appearances

  1. 2x15 - Maternity Leave
  2. 2x22 - Three Minutes
  3. 2x24 - Live Together, Die Alone (2)
  4. 3x02 - The Glass Ballerina
  5. 3x06 - I Do
  6. 3x07 - Not in Portland
  7. 3x09 - Stranger in a Strange Land
  8. 3x13 - The Man from Tallahassee
  9. 3x20 - The Man Behind the Curtain
  10. 3x21 - Greatest Hits
  11. 3x22 - Through the Looking Glass (1)
  12. 3x23 - Through the Looking Glass (2)
  13. 4x01 - The Beginning of the End
  14. 4x02 - Confirmed Dead
  15. 4x08 - Meet Kevin Johnson
  16. 4x09 - The Shape of Things to Come
  17. 5x12 - Dead Is Dead (also as a child, played by Lehualani Silva)
  18. 6x07 - Dr. Linus
  19. 6x16 - What They Died For

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