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Naomi Dorrit
Lost NaomiDoritt.JPG
Actor Marsha Thomason
First Appearance 3x17 - Catch-22
Last Appearance 5x13 - Some Like It Hoth
Show Status Series: Guest
Episode Count 12
Notable Episodes 3x19 - The Brig
3x22 - Through the Looking Glass
4x02 - Confirmed Dead
Flashback Count 1

Naomi Dorrit is a mysterious woman who parachuted onto the island. She is played by Marsha Thomason and has appeared in twelve episodes to date.


Basic Information

Before Oceanic 815

Little to nothing is known about Naomi Dorrit's past. She appears to be a pilot and is able to speak multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian.

After Oceanic 815

Naomi's services were bought by Matthew Abaddon. She was to safely get a team onto the island and off again without getting anyone killed. The four members of the expedition were Daniel Faraday, Miles Straume, Charlotte Lewis and Frank Lapidus. Naomi pointed out that none of them had any field experience or military training, making them the wrong people for such a high-risk covert operation in unstable territory. Abaddon insisted they would be fine as they would have her there, but Naomi replied there was only so much she could do on her own. She asked Abaddon what she should do if they find survivors from Oceanic 815, but Abaddon insisted there were no survivors and she should not ask questions but do what she's paid to do.

Season Three

Clad in a flight suit, Naomi Dorrit was presumably the pilot of a helicopter that experienced mechanical problems while traveling over the island during the night. Ditching the helicopter, Naomi parachuted away as it crashed into the ocean just off shore of the island. She landed deep in the jungle, her parachute tangling in the tree branches and one such branch piercing her lung. Luckily, Desmond Hume experienced a flash of future events, and so he, Charlie, Jin and Hurley were near the site of the crash and saw her emergency beacon in the night and had a general idea as to her location. Desmond believed she was Penny, as a pack from the helicopter that landed in the jungle contained a photocopy of a picture of Desmond and Penny, but he soon discovered Naomi was not his girlfriend when she was cut down.

As she was critically injured, the group argued over whether to bring Jack Shephard to her or bring her to him. Unfortunately, Hurley fired a flare gun from Naomi's pack which drew one of the Others, Mikhail Bakunin, to their location. A former medic, Mikhail agreed to treat Naomi's wounds on the condition they let him go free afterwards. He successfully removed the branch and ventilated her lung, alluding to the fact that injuries are different on the island and that she should be okay in just a day or two. He attempted to steal Naomi's inoperative satellite phone as he left, but the phone was retrieved and he was let go once again. As the group put together a makeshift stretcher, Naomi regained consciousness and told Hurley that Oceanic flight 815 had been found and there were no survivors.

She later elaborated on that story to Sayid Jarrah, telling him that the entire plane - not just partial wreckage - was found four miles deep in a trench near Bali, and deep-sea camera probes confirmed that all the bodies were on the plane. She gave Sayid her satellite phone in the hope he could repair it. She also confirmed that she was hired by Penelope Widmore to search a set of coordinates in the ocean, looking for Desmond, but she was unaware of the existence of the island.

Sayid was able to repair Naomi's satellite phone, but Danielle Rousseau's distress signal was overriding the frequency and preventing the phone from transmitting. Compounding the problem, Juliet revealed the existence of a seventh DHARMA Initiative station, The Looking Glass, that had equipment that was jamming all communications. Desmond and Charlie left to deactivate The Looking Glass' jamming equipment while Naomi accompanied the other survivors who left for the radio transmitter to deactivate Rousseau's signal. Charlie eventually succeeded in deactivating the jamming equipment and even got in touch with Penelope, but learned that she had no idea who Naomi was or of her freighter. At the radio transmitter, Rousseau shut off her distress signal and Naomi successfully made a connection with her satellite phone. However, John Locke appeared and, wishing to protect the island, threw a hunting knife which lodged deep in Naomi's back, seemingly killing her. Despite Locke threatening to shoot, Jack retrieved Naomi's satellite phone and contacted her freighter.

Season Four

While the Oceanic survivors were distracted, Naomi crawled away into the jungle as she believed they had turned on her. The captured Benjamin Linus was the only person to see her leave, but feigned ignorance when Jack noticed her body had disappeared. Rousseau found a blood trail, but Kate found a second blood trail. Jack decided to go with Rousseau's trail and told Kate to take the survivors back to the beach. However, Kate lifted Naomi's satellite phone from Jack when they departed and followed the trail she found. Naomi ambushed Kate and threatened to slash Kate's neck with the knife Locke lodged in her back. Kate tried to tell Naomi that they meant her no harm, and Naomi eventually believed her when the people on the freighter called. She passed off her injuries from Locke as those sustained when she parachuted onto the island to prevent her people from retaliating. Naomi succumbed to her injury and died. Fellow expedition member Miles Straume was brought to her body and, after kneeling over it for a period, announced that Kate's story was true and they didn't kill Naomi. Her body was later brought to the expedition's helicopter.

Episode Appearances

  1. 3x17 - Catch-22
  2. 3x18 - D.O.C.
  3. 3x19 - The Brig
  4. 3x20 - The Man Behind the Curtain
  5. 3x21 - Greatest Hits
  6. 3x22 - Through the Looking Glass (1)
  7. 3x23 - Through the Looking Glass (2)
  8. 4x01 - The Beginning of the End
  9. 4x02 - Confirmed Dead
  10. 4x03 - The Economist
  11. 4x08 - Meet Kevin Johnson
  12. 5x13 - Some Like It Hoth

Character History

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Memorable Moments


  • Dorrit: Naomi's last name is a reference to Little Dorrit, a serial novel written by Charles Dickens and publishes between 1855 and 1857. It is a work of satire on the shortcomings of the government and society of the period. Little Dorrit can be read at Project Gutenberg.