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Daniel Faraday
Lost-Daniel 05.jpg
Actors Jeremy Davies
Spencer Allyn (flashback)
First Appearance 4x01 - The Beginning of the End
Last Appearance 6x17 - The End
Show Status Season 4 to 5 & 6x17-18: Billed
6x11: Guest Star
Episode Count 23
Notable Episodes 4x02 - Confirmed Dead
4x05 - The Constant
4x06 - The Other Woman
5x03 - Jughead
5x05 - This Place is Death
5x14 - The Variable
Flashback Count 2

Daniel Faraday is part of the group of people on the freighter looking for the island. He is played by Jeremy Davies and appeared in twenty-three episodes.


Basic Information

Before Oceanic 815

Daniel as a child
Daniel Faraday is the some of Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore, but Daniel never knew his father. As a boy, Daniel enjoyed playing the piano, but also had an incredible mind. From an early age, his mother encouraged him to pay more attention to physics and academics and less time with the piano.

After Oceanic 815

Daniel became a physicist and lived in Essex, Massachusetts. He saw a news report regarding the discovery of the wreckage of Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the Sunda Trench which inexplicably affected him emotionally. Daniel was eventually recruited as a member of an expedition organized by Matthew Abaddon.

Season Four

Daniel Faraday parachuted onto the island from a helicopter experiencing problems with its navigational systems. He was immediately met by Jack Shephard and Kate Austen. The storm which forced him to parachute from the helicopter led to his team of four being split up. He asked for Jack and Kate's help in tracking them through Naomi Dorrit's satellite phone which can display the GPS transponders they were wearing. The trio came across a case from the helicopter containing gas masks and biohazard-marked bags. Daniel couldn't explain why they were on the helicopter as he claimed he wasn't responsible for packing. Asked why he was carrying a gun, Daniel explained that rescuing them wasn't their primary objective. They eventually hooked up with two other team members, Miles Straume and Frank Lapidus, and discovered the helicopter landed intact.

While his other team members concerned themselves with getting Charlotte Lewis, Daniel busied himself with a science experiment. Setting up a beacon near the helicopter, Daniel contacted Regina on the freighter and had her send a payload to the beacon. Regina counted off the distance to target, but the payload didn't arrive on the island as expected. Sometime later the payload, a rocket, arrived and slammed into the ground. Daniel retrieved a clock from inside it and compared it to his own; it was ahead by 31 minutes and 18 seconds. This revelation worried Daniel. As Frank prepared to depart for the freighter, Daniel warned him to stay on the exact heading as when they came in, no matter what.

Episode Appearances

  1. 4x01 - The Beginning of the End
  2. 4x02 - Confirmed Dead
  3. 4x03 - The Economist
  4. 4x04 - Eggtown
  5. 4x05 - The Constant
  6. 4x06 - The Other Woman
  7. 4x07 - Ji Yeon
  8. 4x09 - The Shape of Things to Come
  9. 4x10 - Something Nice Back Home
  10. 4x12 - There's No Place Like Home (1)
  11. 4x13 - There's No Place Like Home (2)
  12. 4x14 - There's No Place Like Home (3)
  13. 5x01 - Because You Left
  14. 5x02 - The Lie
  15. 5x03 - Jughead
  16. 5x04 - The Little Prince
  17. 5x05 - This Place Is Death
  18. 5x08 - LaFleur
  19. 5x13 - Some Like It Hoth
  20. 5x14 - The Variable
  21. 5x15 - Follow the Leader
  22. 6x11 - Happily Ever After
  23. 6x17 - The End (1)

Character History

Information is shown in chronological order.

Memorable Moments


  • Faraday: Daniel Faraday is a possible reference to Michael Faraday, an English chemist and physicist (or natural philosopher, in the terminology of that time) who contributed to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. Through his research on electromagnetism, Faraday established that magnetism could affect rays of light and that there was an underlying relationship between the two phenomena. In "Confirmed Dead", Daniel Faraday commented on how light appeared to scatter differently on the island.