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Eloise Hawking
Actors Fionnula Flanagan
Alice Evans (young)
Alexandra Krosney (teenager)
First Appearance 3x08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes
Last Appearance 6x17 - The End (1)
Series Billing Series: Guest
6x17-18: Billed
Episode Count 10
Notable Episodes 3x08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes
5x06 - 316

Eloise Hawking was first introduced as the woman who Desmond Hume met in a jewelry store in London after he traveled back in time from the Island. She is later revealed to have had a long history as a prominent "Other", as well as the mother of Daniel Faraday. She is played primarily by Fionnula Flanagan and appeared in ten episodes.


Basic Information

Ellie in 1954
Ellie in 1977

The earliest account of Eloise is in 1954, when she lived as a part of the group later to be known as the Others.

In 1977, Eloise was still on the island and had a complicated romantic relationship with Charles Widmore. She was also somewhat of a leader with the Others.

At some point she left the Island, and in 2008 she is managing the Lamp Post DHARMA station, in Los Angeles, California. Her knowledge of the Island seems excessive, and she was the only who helped Benjamin Linus to return the Oceanic Six to the island.

Episode Appearances

  1. 3x08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes
  2. 5x02 - The Lie
  3. 5x03 - Jughead (only as a teenager, played by Alexandra Krosney)
  4. 5x05 - This Place Is Death
  5. 5x06 - 316
  6. 5x14 - The Variable (also as a younger woman, played by Alice Evans)
  7. 5x15 - Follow the Leader (only as a younger woman, played by Alice Evans)
  8. 5x16 - The Incident (1) (only as a younger woman, played by Alice Evans)
  9. 6x11 - Happily Ever After
  10. 6x17 - The End (1)

Character History

Memorable Moments