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Charles Widmore
Actors Alan Dale
Tom Connolly (age 17)
David S. Lee (middleage)
First Appearance 2x23 - Live Together, Die Alone (1)
Last Appearance 6x16 - What They Died For
Series Billing Series: Guest
Episode Count 19
Notable Episodes 3x08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes
4x05 - The Constant
4x09 - The Shape of Things to Come
5x03 - Jughead

Charles Widmore is the wealthy father of Penelope Widmore, and an expelled Other. He is played primarily by Alan Dale and has appeared in nineteen episodes to date.


Basic Information

Before Oceanic 815

Widmore in 1954
Widmore in 1977
In 1954 Charles Widmore was living on the island as a high ranking member of The Others. He frequently quarreled with Richard over his leadership decisions.

In the 1990s and 2000s Charles Widmore is an industrialist and philanthropist. He owns and operates The Widmore Corporation in London, England. He has a daughter, Penelope, who had a two year relationship with Desmond. Upon meeting Desmond, Widmore offered him an entry-level position in the administrative department, but soon learned that he was there not for a job but for permission to marry Penelope. Widmore told Desmond that he would never become a great man and that he wasn't worthy of drinking his whiskey, let alone to marry his daughter. He believed Desmond to be a coward and was proven correct when Desmond ended his relationship with Penelope, running away to join the Royal Scots.

Widmore won at auction the ship's ledger from the Black Rock, a vessel which disappeared in the late 19th century. The ledger was put up for auction by Tovard Hanso, a distant relative of Alvar Hanso, founder of The Hanso Foundation. After winning the auction, Widmore was approached by Desmond for Penelope's current address. As he knew his daughter hated Desmond for breaking off their relationship, Widmore was more than willing to give Desmond what he wanted. Later, Desmond was court-martialed and incarcerated in a military prison. Widmore intercepted letters Desmond wrote to Penelope during his incarceration. Upon Desmond's release, Widmore gave him a box of his letters to Penelope and told him she had moved on and is going to marry another man. He gave him money to start a new life away from his daughter and told Desmond to run away because he's a coward.

After Oceanic 815

Season Three

Widmore was videotaped by one of Benjamin Linus's operatives on the mainland. Another of Ben's operatives had been caught by Widmore and interrogated.

Widmore dispatched the freighter carrying Naomi Dorrit, Daniel Faraday, Miles Straume, Charlotte Lewis and Frank Lapidus to search for the island in the South Pacific.

Episode Appearances

  1. 2x23 - Live Together, Die Alone (1)
  2. 3x08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes
  3. 4x05 - The Constant
  4. 4x06 - The Other Woman
  5. 4x09 - The Shape of Things to Come
  6. 4x14 - There's No Place Like Home (3)
  7. 5x01 - Because You Left
  8. 5x02 - The Lie (only as a teenager, played by Tom Connolly)
  9. 5x03 - Jughead (also as a teenager, played by Tom Connolly)
  10. 5x07 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
  11. 5x12 - Dead Is Dead (also as a middle aged man, played by David S. Lee)
  12. 5x14 - The Variable
  13. 5x15 - Follow the Leader (only as a middle aged man, played by David S. Lee)
  14. 6x07 - Dr. Linus
  15. 6x08 - Recon
  16. 6x10 - The Package
  17. 6x11 - Happily Ever After
  18. 6x14 - The Candidate
  19. 6x16 - What They Died For

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • Kahana, the name of the freighter he hires, is a Maori name, from the native people of New Zealand, where actors Alan Dale (Charles Widmore), Grant Bowler (Captain Gault), and Zoë Bell (Regina) are from. New Zealand is a small country of just over 4,000,000 people, across the Tasman Sea, to the east of, Sydney, Australia, where Oceanic Flight 815 departed from.


  • 3x08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes: This is a 60-year MacCutcheon. Named after Anderson MacCutcheon, esteemed admiral from the Royal Navy. He retired with more medals than any man before or since. Moved to the Highlands to see out his remaining years. Admiral MacCutcheon was a great man, Hume. This was his crowning achievement. [pours a glass for himself] This swallow is worth more than you can make in a month. [drinks it] To share it with you would be a waste and a disgrace to the great man who made it. Because you, Hume, will never be a great man. What you're not is worthy of drinking my whiskey. How could you ever be worthy of my daughter?