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Lost/Season Five

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Season Five
Season Premiere January 21, 2009
Season Finale May 13, 2009
Episode Count 17

Season Four


Season Six

Season Five of Lost premiered on January 21, 2009. In May 2007 ABC and the producers of Lost announced that the show would be ending after 48 more original episodes. They also announced these episodes would be split across three more seasons of 16 episodes each and that each of those three seasons would air uninterrupted between February and May. [1]

The WGA strike caused a change to the original plan in that only 14 of the planned 16 hours were produced for season four and it was announced that the two unproduced hours would be distributed between seasons five and six. Season five will have 17 episodes, with the two last being aired on one night as the season finale.


  • Gallery: A gallery of the main cast and other recurring guests.
  • Mysteries: An overview of the mysteries introduced and explained in the season.
  • Season Five Timeline: A chronology of the events that occurred during season five of Lost.


# # Title Flashback/Story Focus1 Airdate
87 1 Because You Left Various January 21, 2009
88 2 The Lie Hurley January 21, 2009
89 3 Jughead Desmond January 28, 2009
90 4 The Little Prince Kate February 4, 2009
91 5 This Place Is Death Sun / Jin February 11, 2009
92 6 316 Jack February 18, 2009
93 7 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Locke February 25, 2009
94 8 LaFleur Sawyer March 4, 2009
95 9 Namaste Various March 18, 2009
96 10 He's Our You Sayid March 25, 2009
97 11 Whatever Happened, Happened Kate April 1, 2009
98 12 Dead Is Dead Ben April 8, 2009
99 13 Some Like It Hoth Miles April 15, 2009
100 14 The Variable Daniel April 29, 2009
101 15 Follow the Leader Richard May 6, 2009
102 16 The Incident (1) Jacob May 13, 2009
103 17 The Incident (2) Jacob / Juliet2 May 13, 2009

1 Many episodes in Season Five do not have traditional flashforwards or flashbacks. In the first half of the season the off island stories are all still technically flashforwards but follow a continuous timeline across the episodes and in most episodes focus on a single character who is listed in this column (most of the episodes opened with an off island scene set shortly after the rescue of the Oceanic Six as well). In episode nine the original on island timeline jumps three years into the future syncing it up with the off-island timeline from the first half of the season but groups are now in two different time periods (they however experience the same linear progression of time). For the rest of the season scenes from the two time periods on the island are interspersed but most episodes open with a traditional flashback which is listed in this column.
2 In addition to flashback scenes showing Jacob interacting with the survivors, Juliet is given a flashback of her own.

Special Episodes

# # Title ' Airdate
9 SP9 Lost: Destiny Calls January 21, 2009
10 SP10 Lost: The Story of the Oceanic 6 April 22, 2009
11 SP11 Lost: A Journey in Time May 13, 2009

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