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Matthew Abaddon
Actor Lance Reddick
First Appearance 4x01 - The Beginning of the End
Last Appearance
Series Billing Series: Guest Star
Episode Count 4
Notable Episodes 4x11 - Cabin Fever

Matthew Abaddon is a mysterious individual off the island. He is played by Lance Reddick and has appeared in four episodes to date.


Basic Information

After the Crash

Matthew Abaddon organized an expedition to the island. He recruited Daniel Faraday, Miles Straume, Charlotte Lewis and Frank Lapidus. Meeting with Naomi Dorrit before the expedition set off, Abaddon was met by Naomi's reservations regarding the selection of the team members. None of the members had field experience or military training. She believed they were the wrong people for such a high-risk covert operation in unstable territory. Abaddon insisted they would be fine as they had her to watch over them. Asked what they should do if they find survivors from Oceanic 815, Abaddon replied they were no survivors from Oceanic 815 and she shouldn't ask questions but only do what she's paid to do.

After the Island

After the return of the Oceanic Six, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes found himself back in the Santa Monica Mental Health Institute after freaking out in a convenience store and leading Los Angeles Police on a high-speed chase. One day, Matthew Abaddon visited Hurley as an attorney with Oceanic Airlines. He told Hurley that Oceanic felt horrible about what happened to Hurley and wanted to upgrade him to a better institution. Hurley declined the offer and asked for some identification, which Abaddon said he must have misplaced. Abaddon asked Hurley if they're still alive, causing Hurley to yell for him to leave. He slipped out the door as the orderlies calmed Hurley down.

Episode Appearances

  1. 4x01 - The Beginning of the End
  2. 4x02 - Confirmed Dead
  3. 4x11 - Cabin Fever
  4. 5x07 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Character History

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Memorable Moments


  • Abaddon: "Abaddon" is Hebrew for "destruction". It is one of the compartments of Gehenna, the Jewish hell or purgatory. In the Book of Revelation, Abaddon is the "Angel of the Abyss" and he is described as king of the locusts which rose at the sounding of the fifth trumpet. Many Biblical scholars believe Abaddon to be Satan, the Antichrist, one of the lesser demons of hell or a dark angel.