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The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass, is one of the stations built by the DHARMA Initiative. This station was revealed in "Greatest Hits." The Looking Glass is roughly a day's walk from the Oceanic beach camp, located underwater within swimming distance of the shore.



The purpose of The Looking Glass is not entirely known. The station houses equipment capable of jamming transmissions from being received to the island or sent from the island. In "Enter 77", Mikhail Bakunin claimed a cable ran into the ocean from The Flame to an underwater beacon which emitted sonar pings. This cable was discovered by Sayid Jarrah in "Solitary" and Charlie Pace and Desmond Hume later followed it into the ocean and down to The Looking Glass. Presumably The Looking Glass also functioned as the underwater beacon to guide submarines to the island.

The Looking Glass.

The Station

The Looking Glass is about a day's walk from the Oceanic survivors' beach camp. Its location is only denoted by a cable partially buried in the sand. This cable is marked as being an anchor to land for the station, but presumably it also serves as a communications line to the DHARMATEL Intranet. The station is located underwater and within swimming distance of the shore line. A series of steel support legs keep the station level on the ocean floor, but within swimming distance of the ocean surface. Diagrams of the station taken from The Flame show the station as a rectangular box within, and connected to, a hollow ring. However, this diagram appears to be incorrect as no ring is visible from views of the station itself.

Diagram for The Looking Glass.

The station was under the control of the Others. Benjamin Linus sent two women, Bonnie and Greta, to the station in secret. They were tasked with keeping the station operational and to jam transmissions coming off the island, while Ben told the Others that the station was inoperable and completely flooded. In "Through the Looking Glass," Ben told Mikhail that the jamming included the transmissions of the Others and that Jacob told him to do it. However in "Greatest Hits," Juliet Burke told the Oceanic survivors that Ben was using The Looking Glass to jam all transmissions off the island except for the Others. It is not known if Ben was using The Looking Glass to jam the Others' transmissions or if the electromagnetic anomaly from the activation of The Swan's fail-safe device truly prevented their transmissions.

Spurred by one of Desmond's flashes showing the rescue of Claire Littleton and her baby, Charlie descended down into The Looking Glass to turn off its jamming equipment at the expense of his own life. Bonnie and Greta captured him, but were later killed by Mikhail under the orders of Ben. Charlie eventually succeeded in turning off the jamming equipment, but Mikhail detonated a grenade outside the communications room window and the room flooded, drowning Charlie.

The Looking Glass' moon pool.

Moon Pool

The moon pool is the "hub" of The Looking Glass. It is a very large pool capable of holding a small submarine, such as the one the Others were in possession of until John Locke destroyed it in "The Man from Tallahassee." A gantry crane is located in the moon pool room, straddling the moon pool on tracks. The room containing the moon pool is over two stories tall, with a second level on either side accessible via ladder. Some of the walls on the lower level contain lockers and racks for diving equipment. At least four doors are located in the room.

The Looking Glass' control room.

Control Room

A control room is connected to the moon pool. The room houses the control interface to the jamming equipment aboard The Looking Glass. This equipment is waterproof, allowing it to remain operational should the station be flooded. The jamming equipment controls can only be accessed after a code is inputted: the notes to "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys. Bonnie claimed the equipment was programmed by a musician.

Charlie was able to enter the code and shut off the jamming equipment. With the equipment off, an incoming transmission was received by the station from Penelope Widmore. However, a gravely injured Mikhail swam to the window of the control room and detonated a grenade, killing himself and shattering the window. Charlie locked shut the control room door, sacrificing himself to save Desmond and keeping the rest of The Looking Glass intact. Although the equipment in the control room should still be usable, the window into the room is too small to swim through and the door is locked from the inside.