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Ethan Rom
Actors William Mapother
Devon Gearhart (flashback)
First Appearance 1x09 - Solitary
Last Appearance 6x03 - What Kate Does
Show Status Series: Guest
Episode Count 14
Notable Episodes 1x09 - Solitary
1x15 - Homecoming
2x15 - Maternity Leave

Ethan Rom was one of the Others who passed himself off as one of the Oceanic survivors. He is played primarily by William Mapother, and appeared in fourteen episodes and one mobisode.


Basic Information

Before Oceanic 815

Ethan as a child
Ethan is the son of Horace and Amy Goodspeed. He was born on the island in 1977, while both his parents were employed by the DHARMA Initiative. The DHARMA Initiative was a research institute that was in conflict with the original inhabitants of the island, who they referred to as "hostiles". When Ethan was a young child, he joined forces with Benjamin Linus, who was also part of the DHARMA Initiative but had secretly alligned himself with the hostiles in an attempt to eventually get rid of the DHARMA Initiative. Ethan joined Ben on a mission to kill Danielle Rousseau, a young French woman who shipwrecked on the island and was seen as another unwelcome intruder by the hostiles. However, when they arrived at Danielle's camp, they discovered that she had a baby with her. Ben stole Danielle's baby, Alex, and spared the Frenchwoman's life, warning her never to come looking for her child. Ethan and Ben cointinued their secret alliance with the hostiles until a massive purge occurred in which every member of the DHARMA Initiative was killed. The hostiles moved into the DHARMA Initiative's living quarters and Ben eventually became their leader. Ethan became a surgeon and a loyal follower of Ben.

At some point Ethan got married to a woman on the island and they conceived a child. However, something had happenned on the island which caused pregnant woman to die, and Ethan's wife was one of the casualties of this problem. Ben became obsessed with his people's fertility issues and wanted to find a solution. In 2001, Ethan was sent to Miami, Florida to keep tabs on Juliet Burke and her sister, Rachel. Juliet was a fertility specialist and Ethan and Richard Alpert posed as recruiters from Mittelos Bioscience, claiming that they wanted Juliet to join a team of highly trained people at a remote facility where her ground-breaking fertility treatment could be utilized. Juliet discovered no one in the medical community had ever heard of Mittelos Bioscience, but agreed to their job offer. Ethan took her to the island aboard the Others submarine. Since Ethan was a surgeon, he assisted Juliet in finding a solution to the Others' problem.

After Oceanic 815

While working on the plumbing of Juliet's house, Ethan and the Others felt a shock wave hit and witnessed the mid-air break-up of Oceanic flight 815. Ben Linus sent Ethan and Goodwin to the mid-section and tail-section crash sites, respectively, to blend in with any survivors and make lists of names for him.

Ethan was able to blend in with the crash survivors, even accompanying John Locke on hunting expeditions. However, Ethan had more seemingly sinister machinations for certain survivors. Taking blood samples from Claire Littleton, he and Juliet discovered she had the same symptoms as those women who had conceived on the island and died. Juliet came up with a serum to hopefully counteract the problem and Ethan attempted to inject the serum into Claire's womb while she slept at the caves. Claire awoke and screamed, but Ethan was able to escape undetected and return as if he was another worried survivor. After this scare, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes decided to compile a list of survivors to know who was who. Ethan was questioned by Hurley and claimed he was from Ontario, Canada. However, Hurley learned there was a flight manifest and, after comparing it to the list he created, realized Ethan wasn't on the plane.

Before Hurley could warn Jack Shephard, Ethan learned of the manifest and, improvising, went out into the jungle to find Claire before his true identity was discovered. He found her and Charlie Pace, but she was having contractions. Ethan was told to get Jack and ran off for help, but it wasn't to get Jack. Presumably Ethan left to get help from the Others. When he returned and found Claire and Charlie making their way back to the caves, the two were dragged away against their will. The survivors formed search parties for the two, but Ethan threatened to kill one of his captives if they did not stop following him. Making good on his threat, Charlie was found hanging from a tree, but Jack was able to revive him.

Ethan brought Claire to The DHARMA Initiative's Staff station. He kept Claire in a drug-induced, compliant state while administering Juliet's serum to Claire. He claimed her baby needed it. Ethan was scolded by Tom for not compiling the list and then bringing Claire in, but he informed Tom that the survivors knew he wasn't on the plane. Claire was kept inside the station, but Ethan brought her outside once even though his friends believed she might run away. During this field trip, Ethan revealed to Claire that they were going to deliver the baby and she had a choice in whether or not to give the baby to them. He claimed they were good people - a good family. The truth, however, was that the Others were planning on cutting the baby out of Claire. Alex Rousseau was able to help Claire escape from the Staff, and Danielle Rousseau was able to get her away from Ethan's search party.

After Claire returned to the survivor's camp, Ethan reappeared and gave an ultimatum to Charlie. Charlie was to bring Claire back to him or he would kill one of the Oceanic survivors each night until Charlie was the only one left. The survivors refused to hand Claire over and set up guards to watch their camps, but Ethan killed Scott Jackson by coming into the beach encampment from the ocean. In response, Jack planned and ambush with Locke, Sayid Jarrah, James "Sawyer" Ford and Kate Austen using the Marshal's guns and Claire as bait. When the trap was sprung, Jack took Ethan down and Ethan was captured. However, Ethan was killed by Charlie using Jack's dropped gun before anyone could get any information out of him. Ethan's body was buried by Charlie and Hurley out by the beach.

Episode Appearances

  1. 1x09 - Solitary
  2. 1x10 - Raised by Another
  3. 1x11 - All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
  4. 1x15 - Homecoming
  5. 2x15 - Maternity Leave
  6. 3x01 - A Tale of Two Cities
  7. 3x07 - Not in Portland
  8. 3x14 - Exposé
  9. 3x16 - One of Us
  10. 5x01 - Because You Left
  11. 5x09 - Namaste (only as a infant, played by an unknown extra)
  12. 5x10 - He's Our You (only as a infant, played by an unknown extra)
  13. 5x12 - Dead is Dead (only as a child, played by Devon Gearhart)
  14. 6x03 - What Kate Does

Mobisode Appearances

  1. Mx10 - Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack

Character History

Information is shown in chronological order.

Memorable Moments

  • 1x15 - Homecoming - Sneaks into the beach encampment and past the sentries by coming in through the water at night. He broke Scott's neck, both his arms, all the bones in his fingers, killing him.


  • Other Man: 'Ethan Rom' is an anagram for "Other Man."


  • 1x11 - All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues - "If you do not stop following me, I will kill one of them."
  • 1x15 - Homecoming - "Charlie, I want her back. [...] I want you to bring her back. [...] You bring her here. If you don't, I'm going to kill one of them. Then if you don't bring her back before sundown tomorrow, I'll kill another. And another. And another. One every day. And, Charlie, I'll kill you last."