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Marshal Edward Mars
Actor Fredric Lehne
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance 6x02 - LA X (2)
Show Status Series: Guest
Episode Count 10
Notable Episodes 1x03 - Tabula Rasa

2x09 - What Kate Did

Edward Mars known to the survivors simply as The Marshal, was a middle-aged U.S. Marshal who was travelling with his prisoner Kate back to the United States from Australia. He was one of the Flight 815 crash survivors on the mysterious island, but suffered severe injuries in the crash, and Jack finally put him out of his misery. He is played by Fredric Lehne and appeared in ten episodes.


Basic Information


Mars caught up with Kate as she was about to board a bus or train to Tallahassee. She fought back, but he caught her.

Mars was in Australia, either looking for Kate or acting on a tip from Australia. He caught her when she saved a farmer from a car accident she caused.

Mars was struck in the head by a heavy case when the heavy turbulence started mere moments before the plane broke apart. He was unconscious when the oxygen masks dropped, but Kate put one on him.


Season One

The Marshal remained unconcious for the first day and night, only waking up after Jack removed a piece of shrapnel sticking into his abdomen. His first concern was knowing where Kate was.

He knew he wasn't going to survive, so he asked Kate to end his life. She couldn't, but she gave Mars's own gun to Sawyer. Sawyer shot Mars in the chest, but missed his heart. Jack ended up being forced to smother him to end his misery.

Jack buried him away from the fuselage.

When Kate told him that the key needed to open the Marshal's case was in his wallet, Jack and Kate dug up the body to get the key.

Episode Appearances

  1. 1x01 - Pilot (1)
  2. 1x02 - Pilot (2)
  3. 1x03 - Tabula Rasa
  4. 1x23 - Exodus (1)
  5. 1x25 - Exodus (3)
  6. 2x09 - What Kate Did
  7. 3x06 - I Do
  8. 3x15 - Left Behind
  9. 6x01 - LA X (1)
  10. 6x02 - LA X (2)

Character History

Information is shown in chronological order.

Before the Crash

  • 2x09 - What Kate Did: Catches Kate before she could board a bus to Tallahassee, but loses her after he crashes his car to avoid hitting a black horse.
  • 1x03 - Tabula Rasa: Catches Kate in Australia.

On the Island

  • 1x01 - Pilot (1): The Marshal survives the plane crash.
  • 1x03 - Tabula Rasa: Sawyer shoots the Marhsal in the chest as a "mercy-killing", but misses his heart. Jack kills the Marshal to end his suffering.
  • 1x12 - Whatever the Case May Be: Jack and Kate exhume the Marshal's corpse to retrieve the key to his case with the guns.

Memorable Moments


  • The Name: The Marshal's name was first revealed in a hidden Easter Egg on the ABC front site for Oceanic Air. It wasn't mentioned on the show until episode 3x06.


  • 1x03 - Tabula Rasa: "Listen to me. No matter what she does, no matter how she makes you feel, just don't... trust a word that she says. She will do anything to get away."
  • 1x23 - Exodus, Part 1: "Gee, you wanna tell him, Kate? Why do I need five guns? [Kate doesn't acknowledge him] She's shy."