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Left Behind
Season 3, Episode 15
Airdate April 4, 2007
Production Number 315
Written by Damon Lindelof
Elizabeth Sarnoff
Directed by Karen Gaviola
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One of Us
LostSeason Three

Left Behind is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Lost, and the sixty-fourth episode overall.

After discovering that one of her own has betrayed her to "The Others," Kate is left to fend for herself in the jungle with Juliet. Meanwhile, Hurley warns Sawyer to change his selfish ways and make amends with his fellow survivors or he may face a vote of banishment.

Starring: Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Michael Emerson (Ben), Matthew Fox (Jack), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Yunjin Kim (Sun), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), Terry O'Quinn (Locke).

Guest Starring: Kim Dickens (Cassidy Phillips), Beth Broderick (Diane Janssen), Fredric Lane (Edward Mars).

Co-Starring: Shawn Lathrop (Federal Agent), Andrew Meader (Johnny), Bill Ogilvie (Man).


Plot Overview

The Island

  • Locked inside the barracks' community room, Kate notices someone heading to the room's door. Waiting in ambush with a cue stick, Kate takes a swing at the person's head when the door opens, but Juliet ducks the strike and disarms Kate. She tells Kate that she was just bringing something for her to eat and, as she leaves, tells her to enjoy the sandwich that's laying on the ground in pieces. In the morning, Locke shows up to see Kate, telling her he was temporarily captured by the Others, but he's there to say goodbye. Kate believes the Others are lying to him like to Jack, offering the chance at going home, but Locke tells her he doesn't want to go home. He tells her he made a strong case for her to the Others, but they told him who she was and what she did, and forgiveness isn't one of their strong suits. He wishes her good luck and leaves. Later, Kate notices a commotion going on outside and sees the Others gathering together with backpacks and putting on gas masks. An Other tosses a gas canister into Kate's room, rendering her unconscious.

    Kate wakes up, finding herself out in the jungle and handcuffed to an unconscious Juliet. Carefully removing a pocket knife from Juliet, Kate opens it but her hand is grabbed by Juliet and she asks what's going on. Juliet agrees to let go of Kate's hand and tells her she was making tea when a canister came in through her window. Kate tries to pick the lock on the handcuffs with the pocket knife, but Juliet tells her the blade is too big. Kate tells Juliet she's heading back to her village. She finds a trail and Juliet grudgingly follows her. Night falls and Juliet tells Kate that they should stop and wait until morning as it's going to rain soon. Kate disagrees and forces her onward. She asks Juliet why they would handcuff the two together, and Juliet tells her that Ben has a thing for mind games.

    A storm rolls in and Kate tells Juliet they need to keep moving so the trail won't wash away, but Juliet asks her if she's going back for Jack. She reminds Kate that Jack told her not to come back for him and how Kate ruined his chance at getting off the island. Kate punches Juliet in the face and, in the ensuing fight, dislocates Juliet's shoulder. Kate apologizes, but the monster roars in the distance and Kate orders Juliet to get up. The two hide in a thicket of trees as the monster approaches their position. It spots Juliet between the trees and a series of flashes disorient the two woman before the monster retreats into the jungle. Juliet asks Kate if they're safe, and Kate incredulously asks her if she's serious, not willing to believe Juliet doesn't know what it is. Juliet sarcastically tells Kate she could always dislocate her other shoulder if she doesn't believe her. Juliet repositions herself and tells Kate to grab her hand to pop her shoulder back in, that it's her fault it feels like there's broken glass underneath her skin and her fault she's still stuck on the island. Kate tells her that Jack wanted her to not come back for him because he wanted her to be safe, but Juliet tells her they had cameras on all of the Hydra's cages and Jack saw her sleeping with Sawyer. The reason why Jack didn't want Kate coming back for him was because she broke his heart. Juliet once again tells Kate to pop her shoulder back in and Kate does it.

    Early the next morning, the two leave the protection of the thicket and continue on to the barracks. Kate asks Juliet if Jack actually told her that his heart was broken by Kate, and Juliet tells her he didn't have to. Kate tells her that she doesn't know anything about Jack, but Juliet tells her she knows where he was born, what his parents did for a living, that he was married, who he was married to, why he divorced, how his father died, his height and weight, his birthday and his blood type. She asks Kate what she knows about Jack, but Kate refuses to answer her. The monster roars in the distance and the two take off running. They come across the barracks' security fence and Kate refuses to cross it, knowing what it did to Mikhail. Juliet pulls a key from her pocket and unlocks the handcuffs, running safely between two pylons and to a control panel on the back of one of the pylons. Entering a code into a keypad, the panel unlocks and Juliet flips it up to reveal the power controls for the fence. Juliet yells at Kate to get over to her side and, once she does, turns the power on to the fence. The monster crashes into the fence, unable to penetrate the barrier, and retreats into the jungle. Juliet reveals to Kate that they don't know what the thing is, but they do know it doesn't like the fences. However, Kate is more concerned about the fact that Juliet had a key. Juliet tells her that her people, people she's lived with for three years, gassed her and left her behind, too. She thought that if Kate believed they were in it together, then maybe she wouldn't get left behind again. Kate unlocks the handcuff from her wrist and walks off, and Juliet follows her.

    The two make it to the abandoned barracks. Juliet tells Kate that she'll get Sayid and that Kate should go get Jack. Kate finds Jack and wakes him up, telling him the Others left. She tells him she wanted to help him, but knows he didn't need any help and, because of her, he can't go home. Jack asks her if Juliet left also, and is told they left her behind. The two leave the house and Jack finds Juliet outside. The two ask each other if they're okay. Sayid tells Jack that he's checked all the houses and they're all empty, there are no weapons and no trail. Jack tells him they should take what they can and head back to the beach camp while there's still light, but Sayid tells him that Juliet isn't coming with them. Jack tells him that she is, because the Others left her behind, too.

  • At the survivor's beach camp, Hurley attempts to talk to Sawyer in secret, informing him that after what happened with Nikki and Paulo that the other survivor's are thinking of banishing him from the camp. Hurley's on letting him in on what's going on in order to possibly make amends, seeing as how Sawyer can't even feed himself without the help of the other survivors. Sawyer scoffs at the notion of banishment and tells Hurley to scram, but is a bit worried about the possibility of it being true.

    Sawyer tries his hand at fishing, just up the shore a bit from where Jin and Sun are using a net to catch fish. Sawyer smiles at Sun, but Sun goes back to focusing on fishing, and Sawyer wryly notes that he isn't going to get the Korean vote. Jin and Sun head off with their catch as Sawyer gets a bite on his fishing line. Fish in hand, Sawyer goes to work on gutting it, but only ends up with getting fish guts on himself. Fed up, Sawyer approaches Hurley and agrees to whatever he was going to suggest to help prevent his banishment from the camp.

    That night, Hurley tells Sawyer that Claire is an influential vote. Sawyer tells him that he never did anything bad to Claire, but Hurley notes that he never did anything good for her, either. Hurley tells him to go over to her, say something nice, call her "Claire" and giver her a blanket. Sawyer goes over to see Claire, telling her he's just dropping by to see how the baby is doing, noting that Aaron's not as wrinkly as he was a few weeks ago. He gives her the blanket, telling her he doesn't like blankets and wishes her a good night. Off in the distance, Hurley gives Sawyer a thumbs up.

    Early the next morning, Sawyer accompanies Desmond on a boar hunt. Desmond asks Sawyer what his angle is, seeing as how Sawyer hasn't said three words to him and now wants to be his hunting partner. Sawyer tells him he has to win some hearts and minds over, and seeing as how money isn't worth anything he has to give the people something they want - meat. Desmond quiets him and takes down a boar. The two take the boar back to the camp where it's roasted over a fire pit, with Sawyer using his DHARMA A-1 sauce and paprika to add some flavor to the boar, and sharing his stash of DHARMA beer with the other survivors. Sawyer tells Charlie that he hopes he'll remember him when it comes time for the vote, but Charlie doesn't know anything about a vote. Sawyer realizes he's been conned into being decent by Hurley and confronts him. Hurley informs him that since Jack, Locke, Kate and Sayid are gone, Sawyer is the survivor's temporary leader. Everyone looked to him when Nikki and Paulo died and, just for today, he made everyone happy. Sawyer tells Hurley that he may not want to be the leader, but Hurley tells Jack probably didn't want to, either. Hurley brings some food to Desmond and Sawyer brings some to Claire, holding her baby so she can eat.

The Flashback

  • Flashback: Kate

Waiting by her broken down car, Kate learns that the car's fan belt is shot and the tow truck driver, Johnny, believes it'll take two to three days to get a replacement in as they're in Iowa. Johnny introduces himself to Kate and Kate introduces herself as "Lucy". Arriving at the gas station, Johnny notices a man arguing with a woman, Cassidy, and threatening to call the cops. The man tells him that the woman is trying to scam him into buying fake necklaces. The man tells Johnny to call the cops, but Kate asks to see Cassidy's necklaces, telling the group that her father owns a jewelry store and so she should be able to spot a fake. She offers to buy one of the necklaces and the two men walk off. Alone, Kate asks for her money back and walks off, but Cassidy asks her why she helped. Kate makes up an excuse, but Cassidy believes Kate is stranded and didn't want that man calling the cops. She offers to give Kate a ride into town in exchange for a drink.

At a bar, Cassidy asks Kate her name. Kate tells her it's Lucy, but Cassidy asks her for her real name, telling her she shouldn't have to pause and think when someone asks for her name. Eventually Kate tells her that she's on the run because she killed her step-father a few months prior and then escaped from the marshal who arrested her. She's in Iowa because she wants to talk with her mother, Diane. Cassidy tells Kate that she's going to have one hell of a hard time getting to her mother as the Feds would be watching her, waiting for her to show up. Cassidy offers to help Kate meet her mom, because she was once conned by a bad guy and so one of them deserves something good.

Cassidy, dressed up as Kate, walks up to Diane's trailer. After Diane answers the door, the Marshal exits the trailer with gun drawn, ordering her to get down, as a group of U.S. Marshals block off the road. The Marshal flips her over, but discovers the woman isn't Kate. Cassidy claims she's only selling Bibles, and the Marshal opens her luggage to find it containing Bibles. Kate watches the trap through binoculars from a distance. Later that day, Cassidy meets up with Kate at a hotel room, telling her she was questioned for over half an hour. Now that she knows how hard it's going to be and how she's had to lie to Federal agents just so Kate can chat with mother, Cassidy wants to know why Kate wants to see her mother. Kate tells Cassidy how her step-father beat her mother, so she blew him up and made it look like an accident. She took out an insurance policy on the house so her mother would be set up for life, but her mother gave her up. She chose her abusive husband over her daughter, and Kate wants to know why.

At Keith's Diner, the diner Diane works at, Cassidy has Diane as her waitress and "accidentally" knocks a bowl of soup on her. As Diane is trying to clean her clothes in the bathroom, Kate exits one of the stalls and approaches her mother. She tells her mother she came because she wanted to know why she told the Feds what she did to Wayne. Diane tells her she thought she might have come to say she was sorry, but Kate tells her she's not sorry because of how Wayne hit her mother and treated her like a dog. In response, Diane tells Kate that she loved Wayne and that you can't help who you love. Kate only did what she did for herself. Diane tells Kate that, since she's her daughter, she won't tell the two Feds in the diner that she's there, but she'll yell for help if she ever sees her again.

Cassidy drops Kate off at the gas station where Kate's car has been fixed. Kate thanks Cassidy for her help and offers to do something about the guy that ripped her off, but Cassidy tells her she's pregnant. The baby is his and she still loves him. Kate tells her she should call the cops on him, but Cassidy asks Kate if she'll ever forgive her mother for calling the cops. Kate tells her no. Cassidy thanks Kate and Kate tells Cassidy her real name.



  • Why did Locke have a bandaged hand and black eye?
  • Where have the Others gone to?


The Cursed Numbers

  • Sawyer was 3 days, 10 hours, and 15 minutes into his no nicknames agreement while talking with Hurley.
  • Kate's dislocation of Juliet's shoulder was the 4th time it's been dislocated.
  • The code to access the sonic fence's controls is 1623. 16 and 23 are two of the numbers.
  • Kate's license plate is 4ON DVB


  • CS Gas: The grenade that incapacitates Kate is marked as containing CS gas. CS gas affects the eyes, nose, throat and skin, causing extreme irritation, but none of these symptoms appear on Kate. The grenade was just a prop containing a fictional knockout gas, rendering Kate unconscious.

Arc Advancement


  • The Others abandon the barracks, leaving Jack, Kate, Sayid and Juliet behind. However, they take Locke with them.
  • Hurley cons Sawyer into being nice to the survivors as they look to Sawyer as a temporary leader.


  • Afraid of being left behind again, Juliet handcuffs herself to Kate. Jack lets her come back with them to the beach camp.


  • 2x09 - What Kate Did: Kate tells Cassidy about how her step-father beat her mother, how she blew up his house to kill him, and how she got an insurance policy for her mother but her mother turned her in. These events occurred in "What Kate Did".
  • 2x13 - The Long Con: Cassidy offers to help Kate because she fell in love with the wrong guy and gave him her life's savings. In return, that man conned her and embarrassed her. In "The Long Con", Sawyer performed a long con on Cassidy. He fell in love with her, but was forced to see through the con and take Cassidy's money.
  • 3x02 - The Glass Ballerina: While handcuffed to Juliet, Kate reminds her how she locked her inside a cage and watched her break rocks. These events occurred in "The Glass Ballerina".
  • 3x06 - I Do: Juliet reminds Kate that she was with Jack when he told her not to come back for him, and that Jack saw Kate sleeping with Sawyer. These events occurred in "I Do".
  • 3x10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead: Believing he's in danger of being banished, Sawyer shares his stash of DHARMA beer. Sawyer got the DHARMA beer from a DHARMA van in Tricia Tanaka Is Dead".
  • 3x13 - The Man from Tallahassee: Juliet tells Kate that she ruined Jack's chance at getting off the island. In "The Man from Tallahassee", Kate disregarded Jack's order not to come back for him. She went after him with Sayid and Locke, the latter of whom destroyed the Others' submarine and Jack's chance at getting off the island.
  • 3x14 - Exposé: Hurley refers to Nikki and Paulo's deaths and how Sawyer tried to steal their diamonds. These events occurred in "Exposé".


The Show

  • Missing in Action: Ben does not appear in this episode.
  • Board Games: In the Others' community room, a upside down Mouse Trap box can be seen in the background. In "Deus Ex Machina", Locke explains how the game works to a small boy. Kate is later seen fiddling with a backgammon set. In "Pilot, Part 2", Locke talks about backgammon with Walt.
  • Flashes: After the monster corners Kate and Juliet in a thicket of trees, the monster "flashes" several times on Juliet's face. In "The 23rd Psalm", we see these flashes from within the smoke when it confronts Eko and "reads" his memories.
  • Help!: Diane tells Kate that, if she ever sees her again, she'll yell for help. In season one's "Born to Run", Kate finds out Diane is dying from cancer and wants to see her one last time. When Kate gets Diane alone with her, the first thing Diane does is yell for help.
  • Good Advice, Bad Advice: Cassidy tells Kate that she's pregnant from the man who conned her, and Kate tells her she should call the cops on him. Cassidy disagrees with this advice. However, in "Every Man for Himself", we learn that Cassidy followed through with Kate's advice which landed Sawyer in prison.

Behind the Scenes

  • A.L.S. Technologies: The gas canister that incapacitates Kate is an A.L.S. Technologies' Continuous Discharge CS Grenade, model ALSG272. The grenade "delivers a large cloud of CS Smoke with a discharge time of around 30 seconds" and is "designed to cause disorientation through a tearing and burning sensation in the eyes, involuntary closing of the eyes (blepharospam), violent coughing, and/or shortness of breath (dyspnea)." In the show, however, the grenade appears to contain a fictional knockout gas rather than CS gas.
  • Location, Location, Location: The Others' barracks is YMCA Camp Erdman in Waialua, HI. The Iowa road Kate's car broke down on is Farrington Highway in Oahu, between Palehua Road and Old Fort Weaver Road, with a farm digitally inserted into the background. The Iowa gas station Kate's car is taken to is Tiqui's Liquor Store on Old Fort Weaver Road in Oahu. The bar Kate and Cassidy go to is the Kemo'o Farms Pub in Wahiawa. Keith's Diner, the diner Kate's mother works at, is Jimmy's Lakeside Bakery Cafe in Wahiawa; the cafe closed on May 7, 2006.

Allusions and References

  • Cowboy Up: Kate is seen wearing a Cowboy Up brand cap. "Cowboy Up" became the rallying cry of the Red Sox team and Red Sox Nation in their run through the 2003 playoffs. The Red Sox are Jack's favorite baseball team.
  • Saint Lucy: Kate tells Cassidy that she chose the name "Lucy" because she was a saint she memorized while in Sunday school. Saint Lucy of Syracuse was a young Christian martyr and is the patron saint of blindness. Saint Lucy's Day is the Church feast day holiday dedicated to St. Lucy and is observed on December 13. This episode, the beach camp feasts on boar on or around December 13.
  • Watership Down: Sawyer is reading Watership Down when Hurley informs him about the possible banishment. Watership Down was written by Richard Adams and published in 1972. The novel is about a young rabbit who received a frightening vision of his warren's imminent destruction. Unable to convince the chief of evacuating, the rabbit sets out with a small group to find a new home at Watership Down. Sawyer was seen reading this book in season one's "White Rabbit".
  • Astrology: Although not visible in this episode and seen only in promotional images, Claire is reading Rick Romer's Vision of Astrology by Rick Romer when Sawyer approaches her with a blanket. This is a fictional book. Rick Romer is the chief set designer for Lost.
  • A-1: Sawyer lets the survivor's use his DHARMA Initiative A-1 Sauce. A.1. is a steak sauce created in 1824 by Henderson William Brand, a chef to King George IV of the United Kingdom. A.1. is now currently produced by Kraft Foods, part of the Philip Morris family of companies.

Memorable Moments


  • Kate: Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell is going on.
  • Kate: How's your shoulder?
    Juliet: Awesome.
  • Sawyer: You son of a bitch. There was never gonna be a vote.
    Hurley: But... wasn't it nice... being nice?
    Sawyer: You tricked me into being decent? That's gotta be the lamest cons in the history of cons.
    Hurley: It wasn't a con, dude. If you're gonna be our temporary leader, you need to do some damage control.
    Sawyer: Leader?! What the hell are you smoking?
    Hurley: Jack's gone, Locke's gone, Kate and Sayid. You're all we got. Paulo and Nikki died, we all looked to you. Then again you totally tried to steal the diamonds, but we wanted to look to you. Look around. You made everyone happy. Just for today they can eat boar, laugh and forget that they're totally screwed. And you did that for them, dude. You.
    Sawyer: Well what if I don't want to be the leader?
    Hurley: I don't think Jack wanted it, either. Sucks for you, dude.


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