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Lost-Paulo 03.JPG
Actor Rodrigo Santoro
First Appearance 3x03 - Further Instructions
Last Appearance 3x14 - Exposé
Show Status Season Three: Billed
Episode Count 7
Notable Episodes 3x14 - Exposé
Flashback Count 1

Paulo was one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. He is played by Rodrigo Santoro, and has appeared in 7 episodes to date.


Basic Information


Paulo moved from Brazil, where he was regarded as the Wolfgang Puck of Brazil, to Sydney, Australia. Arriving in Sydney, Paulo heard that Howard L. Zukerman, a famous television tycoon, was looking to hire a personal chef and showed up at his office every day until Zukerman hired him. However, Zukerman was unaware that his mistress, Nikki Fernandez was Paulo's girlfriend and conspiring against him. Paulo poisoned Zukerman's food, inducing a fatal heart attack in the man. Using a key Zukerman kept on himself, Paulo and Nikki opened a hidden safe and retrieved over $8 million worth of diamonds that Zukerman kept off the records. With no suspicion regarding Zukerman's death, Paulo and Nikki left the country aboard Oceanic flight 815 for Los Angeles, California.


Season One

After the crash of Oceanic flight 815, Paulo was stunned by incident and found by Nikki looking out across the ocean. Perhaps even more stunning to him was that Nikki was more concern about the diamonds that were hidden inside a Russian nesting doll in his carry-on bag.

Paulo helped Nikki search through whatever luggage made it in the crash, but were unable to find his carry-on. Ethan Rom suggested that the missing luggage might be further inland because the plane broke apart over the island. Using Leslie Arzt, Nikki got a map of where the luggage might be based on the plane's trajectory. The two set off into the jungle, where they discovered a DHARMA Initiative station — the Pearl. Paulo wanted to explore the station, but was told by Nikki that he needed to focus on finding the bag.

The Marshal's gun case was eventually found by Kate Austen and James "Sawyer" Ford, and secured by Jack Shephard. Shannon Rutherford and Arzt were infuriated about not being told about the guns, but Nikki was more concerned about where the case was found. Paulo accompanied Nikki to the waterfall, but was ordered by Nikki to dive in. She believed it was only fair because of how she had to sleep with Zukerman. Going into the water, Paulo found the carry-on bag but told Nikki there was nothing there.

Season Two

Finding it risky having the bag with him, Paulo removed his nicotine gum from the bag and attempted to bury the Russian nesting doll on the beach. John Locke came across him as he was digging, telling him that every man is entitled to his secrets, but he should put the shovel away and save himself the trouble - things don't stay buried on this island. Paulo learned that winter was coming and the resulting high tide would erode the beach. Locke suggested he find a place that wouldn't wash away.

Remembering the shaft he found with Nikki, Paulo trekked into the jungle and to the Pearl station. Inside, Paulo hid the Russian nesting doll inside a toilet tank. Before he could leave, however, two Others descended inside - Benjamin Linus and Juliet Burke. He overheard Ben discuss how to get Jack to agree to performing a surgery by finding out what Jack was emotionally invested in and exploiting it, that they would use Michael Dawson to get Shephard, Austen and Ford. After the two Others left the station, Paulo came out of hiding and found a walkie talkie that they left behind.

Season Three

After Eko disappeared, Locke organized a party to head to the Pearl. He believed they could use the station's computers to contact the Others and get their people back, and find Eko along the way. Nikki jumped at the chance to be included, but Paulo was worried she might find the Russian nesting doll in the Pearl and accompanied the group. While Nikki helped Locke, Sayid Jarrah and Desmond Hume, Paulo retrieved the doll but was forced to destroy it to get to the diamonds inside. Paulo left the Pearl with the diamonds.

Paulo tried to cheer up Nikki when she finally realized that rescue was probably never coming. However, his nicotine gum fell out of his pocket and Nikki deduced that Paulo had found the diamonds and lied to her. He was led into the jungle by Nikki and then told she had found the diamonds. Nikki threw a Medusa spider at him, which bit him. The venom causes paralysis in human beings for eight hours, slowing the heart beat so much that even a doctor would have a difficult time finding a pulse. Searching his person, Nikki found the diamonds. Paulo apologized for his deception, telling her he was afraid he would lose her if she found the diamonds. However, male Medusa spiders were drawn in by the female's pheromones and one bit Nikki. She fled, burying the diamonds, and attempted to tell Hurley and Sawyer that they were paralyzed. Hurley, however, believed she said "Paulo lies" and they eventually found Paulo's body.

The survivors believed Paulo and Nikki were dead, apparently killing each other over the diamonds. Paulo was buried alive in a grave with Nikki, and subsequently died.

Episode Appearances

  1. 3x03 - Further Instructions
  2. 3x04 - Every Man for Himself
  3. 3x05 - The Cost of Living
  4. 3x06 - I Do
  5. 3x10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
  6. 3x11 - Enter 77
  7. 3x14 - Exposé

Character History

Information is shown in chronological order. Episodes in bold are flashback episodes.

Before the Crash

  • 3x14 - Exposé: Poisoned Zukerman with Nikki, stealing over $8 million in diamonds.

On the Island

Memorable Moments