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Nikki Fernandez
Lost-Nikki 03.JPG
Actor Kiele Sanchez
First Appearance 3x03 - Further Instructions
Last Appearance 3x14 - Exposé
Show Status Season Three: Billed
Episode Count 6
Notable Episodes 3x14 - Exposé
Flashback Count 1

Nikki Fernandez was one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She is played by Kiele Sanchez and has appeared in 6 episodes to date.


Basic Information


Before the crash of Oceanic flight 815, Nikki Fernandez was in Sydney, Australia as a guest star in a season four episode of Exposé, a crime-fighting drama. Her character was killed, but the director, Howard L. Zukerman, was more than willing to figure out a way to write her back onto the show. Nikki declined the offer. However, the two were having an affair and Nikki postponed leaving for Los Angeles to be with Zukerman. Unbeknownst to the famed television tycoon, Nikki was plotting to kill him with her boyfriend, Paulo. Hired as Zukerman's chef, Paulo was able to induce a heart attack in Zukerman through the use of poison. The two then stole $8 million worth of diamonds that Zukerman kept off the records and, with no suspicion about Zukerman's death, fled the country on Oceanic flight 815.


Season One

Immediately after the crash, Nikki sought out Paulo but, upon finding him, was more concerned about the diamonds. They were kept inside a black bag hidden inside a Russian nesting doll that was in Paulo's carry-on bag. Believing that the Coast Guard were going to arrive in any day, Nikki was worried that they wouldn't find the bag in time and would be forced to leave the island without it.

The two searched through luggage that landed with the mid section, but were unsuccessful in finding the bag. Ethan Rom suggested that their missing luggage might be further in the jungle because of how the plane broke apart over the island. Upon finding out that Leslie Arzt was a science teacher, Nikki buttered him up and used him to plot a best guess as to the trajectory of the plane when it broke apart and make a map for her. Using the map, she and Paulo came across the Nigerian Beechcraft perched precariously atop a cliff. Nikki suggested Paulo climb up into it to see if the radio still worked, but Paulo refused, believing she may want him dead. At this site, Nikki noticed a half-buried hatch in the dirt - the Pearl. Paulo wanted to explore it, but Nikki refused, believing the bag was more important.

After Kate and Jack recovered the Marshal's gun case from Sawyer, Nikki believed the missing bag may have landed at the same place as the guns. Getting the location of the waterfall from Kate, Nikki demanded Paulo dive in to look for the bag himself, since she had to sleep with Zukerman. Paulo found the bag under the water, but lied to Nikki and told her it wasn't there.

Season Three

After Locke and Charlie rescued Eko from a polar bear and brought him back to the beach camp, Nikki got medical supplies to treat Eko's wounds. Eko eventually disappeared, but Locke organized a party to head to the DHARMA Initiative's Pearl station to see if they could use its computers to communicate with the Others, believing they'd also find Eko along the way. Unlike Jack's method of hand-picking people, Locke invited anyone to come along and Nikki jumped at the chance to be included for once. At the Pearl, she noticed that, in its orientation film, Dr. Wickmund said the station was used to monitor DHARMA Initiative projects, as in more than one project. Her suggestion that the station could get feeds from more than one station led to Sayid getting a brief connection to a new station and a glimpse of its occupant - Mikhail Bakunin.

Nikki eventually realized that rescue wasn't coming, but Paulo tried to keep her spirits up. After he left her to grab breakfast, Nikki noticed a pack of nicotine chewing gum that fell out of his pocket. The gum was in the carry-on bag, and she realized he had it and was lying to her. Grabbing a jar with a female Medusa spider that Arzt collected, Nikki led Paulo into the jungle and told him she knew where the diamonds were. She tossed the spider on him, which bit him and paralyzed him. With Paulo at her mercy, she was able to search his person and find the bag of diamonds. However, the pheromones emitted from the female Medusa spider drew dozens of male spiders, one of which bit her. Nikki fled, buried the bag of diamonds, and made it to the beach camp before succumbing to the spider's poison.

Because the poison slows a human heart rate down to the point that even a doctor would have a difficult time finding a pulse, the rest of the survivors believed Nikki and Paulo died. She was buried alive in a grave with Paulo.

Episode Appearances

  1. 3x03 - Further Instructions
  2. 3x05 - The Cost of Living
  3. 3x06 - I Do
  4. 3x10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
  5. 3x11 - Enter 77
  6. 3x14 - Exposé

Character History

Information is shown in chronological order. Episodes in bold are flashback episodes.

Before the Crash

  • 3x14 - Exposé: Helps poison a famous television tycoon and steal $8 million worth of his diamonds.

On the Island

Memorable Moments