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Actor Madison
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot (1)
Last Appearance 6x18 - The End
Show Status Series: Background
Episode Count 42
Notable Episodes 3x10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
6x18 - The End

Vincent is a yellow Labrador Retriever, who was traveling with his owner Walt. He is one of the Oceanic flight 815 crash survivors on the mysterious island. He is primarily played by the female dog Madison in an uncredited, background role.


Basic Information


Vincent originally belonged to Brian Porter, Walt Lloyd's adoptive father. After Walt's mother died, Michael Dawson came to Australia to claim custody of Walt. In trying to make Walt come back with him, Michael told him that Brian said he could have Vincent and bring him to New York City. He was in the luggage compartment when Oceanic flight 815 crashed onto the island.


Season One

Immediately following the crash, Vincent was first spotted by Jack Shephard out in a bamboo forest. He remained out in the jungle while Walt and, grudgingly, Michael attempted to find him. John Locke fashioned a dog whistle out of wood and was able to call Vincent to him, tying him to a nearby tree and letting Michael bring Vincent back to Walt.

Vincent remained by Walt's side for the majority of the days following his return to Walt. About a month later he ran off again when Walt was attacked by a polar bear, but turned up at the beach camp two days later. When it came time for the members of the raft to set sail, Walt gave Vincent to Shannon Rutherford for safe-keeping. He told her that Vincent could take care of her, that he's a good listener and she can talk to him about Boone Carlyle if she wanted to. Shannon agreed to take care of Vincent.

Season Two

After the bottle of messages from the raft washed ashore and Shannon began seeing a dripping-wet Walt, Shannon tried using Vincent as a tracker by having him smell one of Walt's shirts. Vincent eventually led Shannon and Sayid Jarrah out into the jungle before breaking free. It was at this time that Shannon was accidentally shot and killed by Ana-Lucia Cortez. With Shannon's death and Michael's return to the beach camp, Vincent fell under the care of Michael. This was short-lived as several days later Michael took off into the jungle after the Others and to find Walt. Afterwards, Vincent showed up at the beach camp from time to time, living off hand-outs from the other survivors.

After Sawyer opened his stash to get heroin for Libby, Vincent came in looking for food from the stash and took one of the heroin statues to Charlie Pace, then lead him back to the stash. This resulted in Charlie finally ridding himself the heroin statues by tossing them into the ocean.

With Michael and Walt's departure by a boat given to them by the Others, Vincent was once again left on his own.

Season Three

Vincent appeared out of the jungle carrying the skeletal remains of an arm holding a rabbit foot key chain. He lead Hurley into the jungle and to an overturned DHARMA-branded VW Type 2 van — and the arm's owner inside the vehicle.

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Gender Bender: Vincent is actually portrayed by a female dog named Madison. This is a common practice on television, though.