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This page lists summaries of the various groups of Non-Oceanic 815 islanders. A list of all individuals known to be on the island broken down by group can be found on the character dossier page.


The crew of the Black Rock

The Black Rock had a number of, what Locke presumed to be, slaves on board when it ended up on the island. Their skeletons were discovered inside still shackled to the hull of the ship.

The ship contained crates of dynamite meaning the ship would have to have set sail after 1867, when Alfred Nobel first patented dynamite. This can be confirmed by the traits the explosives displayed while being handled, sweating nitroglycerin, and the use of blasting caps. With the proximity to Australia it would seem that the ship was probably trafficking illegal slaves since the British Empire abolished the slave trade in 1807. The ship was likely in the possession of pirates when it wrecked on the island.

For more information on the ship and its history see the Black Rock article.

Adam and Eve

The corpses of a man and women were found in the caves. Jack believed that they must have been living there, and estimated that from the decay of the clothing, they had been dead there for 40-50 years. They had a small bag with them, which contained one white stone and one black stone, both highly polished.

The Amelia Earhart Theory

One theory as to the identity of Adam and Eve supposes that the bodies of Adam and Eve are in fact Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. The theory points to the fact that Earhart and Noone went down July 2nd, 1937, in the Southwest Pacific, due to communication and navigation errors (perhaps caused by the island's natural magnetic features). Earhart's last transmission stated she thought she had found Howland Island below a heavy cloud cover (it would be hard to mistake Howland Island with the island in Lost). Supposing they survived the crash at age 40, and lived a natural life to about 70 or 80, this would put their deaths around the time frame of Jack's guess in the late 50's to mid 60's.

A few details do seem to add up to support the logic of the theory, but they are circumstantial at best:
1. The island has a habit of drawing vessels to it.
2. The bodies appeared to have died of natural causes, perhaps of simple age. This means who ever Adam and Eve were they presumably had been there for a while (it seems unlikly they arrived just before they died). To survive a plane crash, and to have been flying at all they would have needed to be in the age range of about 20 to 40. A shipwreck would have in theory had more passengers and more survivors.
3. A male and female pilot going down in the Southwest Pacific prior to 1960 seems to just scream Earhart and Noonan.
4. No trace of Earhart and Noonan was ever found, perhaps as a result of the islands interferrence.
5. Howland Island (0°48'0" N 176°38'0" W) is in the general proximity of where the Lost island is theorized to be.

Against the theory:
1. Producers have hinted it is not Earhart.
2. The bodies of Adam and Eve were seemingly laid to rest by a third party. The theory does not explain this.

Rousseau's Science Team

Rousseau's Team
1 Person Alive
5 People Dead
1 Person captured
# Name Status
1 Danielle Rousseau Alive
2 Alexandra Rousseau Captured
3 Robert Rousseau Dead
4 Montand Dead
5 No Established Name Dead
6 No Established Name Dead
7 No Established Name Dead

Rousseau and her crew of 5, including her husband Robert, were 3 days out from Tahiti when they picked up the Numbers transmission. They changed course to investigate, and their boat was damaged beyond repair when it struck a reef offshore. She was seven months pregnant at the time. It took two months for them to find the Black Rock and the radio tower, but after that things deteriorated quickly. One crew member, Montand, lost his arm at the Black Rock in an unspecified incident. Danielle believed that the other members of the team had been infected with a sickness and killed them all, including her husband Robert. She marked off part of the island, where the Black Rock and the radio tower are located, as the Dark Territory. When her team was gone, she went back up to the tower and changed the Numbers transmission to a distress call. She gave birth alone and one week later her baby was taken by what she calls "The Others." She has not seen the Others, but believes the whispering she hears in the jungle is them. It was revealed in season 5 that Ben and Ethan took her baby at gunpoint.

The Nigerians

One of these men was a heroin smuggler from Nigeria, disguised as priest, and the other an actual priest, Yemi. Their plane went down over the island. One of them, Goldie, tried to bail out from low altitude. He died and his body was caught in the branches of a tree before Locke and Boone pulled it down. Locke took a gun off the body. A second body, Yemi, was found inside the plane.

The smuggler was actually an associate of Eko, who was a criminal in Nigeria. Eko had acquired a stash of heroin from two Moroccan criminals and needed to use the cover of Catholic missionaries to get the drugs out of Nigeria. His brother, Yemi, reluctantly gave him credentials when Eko threatened to have his men burn Yemi's church down. Eko bought 300 of the Virgin Mary statues Yemi's church was selling to raise money for polio vaccine in order to conceal the heroin inside. After Eko left, Yemi eventually notified the Nigerian military of Eko's plan. Yemi came to the airstrip where Eko and his men were loading the plane and tried to warn Eko to leave, but the military arrived before he could get Eko away. Yemi was killed when the Nigerian military returned fire on the smugglers. Eko had Goldie help him load Yemi onto the plane, but Goldie kicked Eko out when he tried to board.

The Whispers

The whispering might be directly related to the Others, although how is unclear.

Danielle Rousseau never saw another person on the island before capturing Sayid (It was revealed in season 5 that Ben and Ethan took her baby at gunpoint, therefore the previous statement is incorrect), but she calls the whispering sounds she hears The Others. After the Others kidnapped Walt, he appeared to Shannon three times. All of those times he was accompanied by whispers. When Walt appears to Shannon in her tent, he says "They are coming, and they are close" backwards (the audio itself is backwards) while water runs from off of his head. Sayid, Sawyer, Michael, Jin, Ana-Lucia, and Eko have all heard whispering in the jungle at one point or another. Sayid's whispers were indistinct, while Sawyer heard "It'll come back around," the last words spoken by the man he murdered. The returning group of tail-section Survivors (accompanied by Sawyer, Michael and Jin) heard whispering just after they discovered that Cindy had vanished. Whispering could also be heard in the clearing Michael led Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer to, just before the Others ambushed them. "Elizabeth" was one thing that could be heard in the whispers.

The DHARMA Initiative

Please see the separate DHARMA Initiative page for information on that set of Islanders.

The Others

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