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Kelvin Inman
Actor Clancy Brown
First Appearance 2x14 - One of Them
Last Appearance 2x24 - Live Together, Die Alone
Series Billing
Episode Count 3
Notable Episodes 2x24 - Live Together, Die Alone

Kelvin Inman was the mysterious resident of the Swan when Desmond arrived. He is played by Clancy Brown and has appeared in three episodes to date.


Basic Information


Kelvin Inman served in the United States military and recruited Sayid as an interrogator in Iraq during the first Gulf War. He also served for ten years as a "spook" or spy. He cryptically said he left the military because men followed his orders. After leaving the military, he joined The DHARMA Initiative and ended up inside the Swan. It is uncertain if he willingly joined DHARMA, or was a shipwreck survivor.

On the Island

Season Two

Desmond was on the solo sailing race around the world when he shipwrecked about three years before the crash of Oceanic flight 815. Kelvin appeared in a yellow HAZMAT suit, discovered Desmond, and dragged him back to the Swan. Kelvin’s job was to enter the code every 108 minutes, and then it became Desmond and Kelvin’s job. Kelvin told Desmond the password to later ask his replacement to confirm their identity. He showed Desmond how to operate the equipment in the station, including teaching him how to manually trigger a lockdown, and how to make invisible ink that he used to write very carefully on one of the blast doors.

The manually-triggered lockdown was discovered by a man named Radzinsky, Kelvin's former partner. He was the man also responsible with the idea behind the invisible map on the blast door. Kelvin claimed Radzinsky had a photographic memory. After much prodding by Desmond, Kelvin revealed that Radzinsky killed himself by putting a shotgun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.

Kelvin often left the bunker and told Desmond to stay there to keep an eye on the button. It is assumed that Kelvin occasionally retrieved the periodic supply drops and brought them back to the bunker as Kelvin would not let Desmond leave. He said that there was a sickness outside, which is why he had to wear a HAZMAT suit. Kelvin instructed Desmond to inject himself with the vaccine once every nine days, since it was a while before he found his body on the shore.

Kelvin told Desmond that the entry of the code every 108 minutes was to discharge a dangerous build-up of electromagnetism. He showed Desmond the key to the fail-safe device and the slot to put it in, and implied that turning the key might be dangerous. He likened the use of the fail-safe device to pulling your finger out of the dam and blowing it up.

One day, Desmond became suspicious of Kelvin after he saw him leaving the bunker with a tear in his suit. Following him out of the Swan, Desmond saw Kelvin remove the suit to no ill effect. Desmond followed Kelvin to a lagoon where Kelvin had Desmond's boat moored. Kelvin told Desmond that he was a week away from repairing the boat, but he needed to keep Desmond pushing the button. Furious at being exploited, Desmond attacked Kelvin and Kelvin's head was knocked into some rocks. He is presumed dead.

Episode Appearances

  1. 2x14 - One of Them
  2. 2x23 - Live Together, Die Alone (1)
  3. 2x24 - Live Together, Die Alone (2)

Character History

  • 2x14 - One of Them: During the first Gulf War Kelvin recruited Sayid to interrogate Sayid's former superior. He Believed Sayid had learned a valuable skill having learned how to interrogate people.
  • 2x23 - Live Together, Die Alone: Kelvin pulled Desmond off the beach and trained him to use the equipment in The Swan bunker while secretly fixing his sailboat. He was accidentally killed by Desmond when he found out Kelvin was lying to him and trying to run away.

Memorable Moments



  • 2x23 - Live Together, Die Alone: "See that brown stain there? That's Radzinsky. He put a shotgun in his mouth while I was asleep. The bitch of it was I only had 108 minutes to bury the poor bastard."