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Beatrice Klugh
Lost-Bea Klugh.jpg
Actor April Grace
First Appearance 2x22 - Three Minutes
Last Appearance 3x11 - Enter 77
Show Status Series: Guest
Episode Count 3
Notable Episodes 2x22 - Three Minutes
3x11 - Enter 77

Beatrice Klugh is a mysterious woman who is part of the Others' community. She is played by April Grace and has appeared in three episodes to date.


Basic Information

After Oceanic 815

After Walt Lloyd was kidnapped by the Others, Beatrice worked closely with him. The Others regarded Walt as "special" and did several tests on him. While Walt was being kept in room 23 at the Hydra station, Beatrice became freaked out when Walt seemingly made a pile of dead birds appear by the window. She and Tom refused to go near Walt. Juliet Burke had to call their leader, Benjamin Linus to show him the problems with Walt.

After Michael Dawson, Walt's father, took off with a rifle to find Walt, he was captured by the Others, who were all dressed in weathered and torn clothing. They took him to their Yurt village, where they pretended to live very primitively. Tom and Danny Pickett turned Michael over to Beatrice, who introduced herself as "Miss Klugh". She interrogated him about Walt for eight days. During this time, Ben was captured by Danielle Rousseau and was handed over to the Oceanic survivors.

Beatrice used Michael's desperate situation to the Others' advantage. When Michael demanded to see his son, she let him see Walt for three minutes, but wouldn't let Walt talk about the tests he was forced to take, or about the fact that the Others were pretending. After Walt was taken away, Beatrice offered Michael a deal: if he freed the prisoner his friends were keeping in the Swan station, and then lured Jack, Kate , Sawyer, and Hurley to a clearing in the middle of the island to be captured, they would release him and Walt and give them a boat to leave the island. Michael agreed to the deal and Beatrice let him go.

Three days later, Michael came through on his part of the deal and released Ben. Another three days later, he delivered his four friends to the Others. Beatrice was among the group who captured them and took them to the Pala Ferry dock. The Others kept their part of the deal and allowed Michael and Walt to leave on a boat. Beatrice released Hugo and told him to go back to camp. His job was to tell the other survivors not to come looking for their friends. Jack, Kate and Sawyer were then taken to the Hydra.

After the activation of the Swan stations's fail-safe device, communications with the outside world were knocked off-line. These communications were routed through the Flame, a DHARMA Initiative station used for mainland communication. Beatrice and Mikhail Bakunin, were guarding the Flame when Sayid Jarrah, John Locke, Kate and Danielle Rousseau stumbled upon it. She was taken captive, but spoke to Mikhail in Russian, ordering him to shoot her in order to prevent the survivors from extracting information from them. Mikhail carried out her order and Beatrice was killed.

Episode Appearances

  1. 2x22 - Three Minutes
  2. 2x24 - Live Together, Die Alone (2)
  3. 3x11 - Enter 77

Character History

Memorable Moments

  • 2x22 - Three Minutes: After having Walt taken away, Miss Klugh easily breaks Michael's spirit by threatening that he'll never see his son again if he doesn't co-operate.


  • Clever, she is: "Klugh" (spelt "klug") is German for "clever".
  • Beatrice: Referred to as "Ms. Klugh" and "Bea" in the show, her name "Beatrice" was revealed by Juliet Burke in "The Deal", one of the mobisodes of Lost: Missing Pieces.


  • 2x22 - Three Minutes: "For someone who wants his son back so badly, Michael, you don't seem to know much about him."