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In media terms, a duopoly is the ownership of two stations by a company in a given market. Prior to 1999, duopolies were forbidden on broadcast television, until the FCC voted 4-1 to allow duopolies provided that one of the stations has rating low enough to meet the criteria allowing the duopoly. Ad hoc duopolies can occur when the owner of a station takes over management of a second station which is owned by another company. This occurs through limited marketing agreements.

Among existing duopolies:

Rank Market Owner Senior station/network Junior station/network Notes
1 New York City N Y CBS WCBS/ch. 2 CBS WLNY/ch. 55 Independent
NBC Universal WNBC/ch. 4 NBC WNJU/ch. 47 Univision
Fox WNYW/ch. 5 Fox WWOR/ch. 9 MNTV
2 Los Angeles CA CBS KCBS/ch. 2 CBS KCAL/ch. 9 Independent
NBC Universal KNBC/ch. 4 NBC KMEX/ch. 34 Univision
Fox KTTV/ch. 11 Fox KCOP/ch. 13 MNTV
Ion KPXN/ch. 30 Ion KILM/ch. 64 Ion Life San Bernardino KPXN city of license; Inglewood KILM city of license
3 Chicago IL NBC Universal WMAQ/ch. 5 NBC WSNS/ch. 44 Telemundo
Fox WFLD/ch. 32 Fox WPWR/ch. 50 CW, MNTV
4 Philadelphia PA CBS KYW/ch. 3 CBS WPSG/ch. 57 CW
5 Dallas TX Fox KDFW/ch. 4 Fox KDFI/ch. 27 MNTV
CBS KTVT/ch. 11 CBS KTXA/ch. 21 Independent
6 Washington D C Fox WTTG/ch. 5 Fox WDCA/ch. 20 MNTV
7 Houston TX Fox KRIV/ch. 26 Fox KTXH/ch. 20 MMNTV
8 San Francisco CA Fox KTVU/ch. 2 Fox KICU/ch. 36 Independent
CBS KPIX/ch. 5 CBS KBCW/ch. 44 CW
9 Atlanta GA Tegna WXIA/ch. 11 NBC WATL/ch. 36 MNTV
Meredith WGCL/ch. 46 CBS WPCH/ch. 17 Independent
10 Boston MA CBS WBZ/ch. 4 CBS WSBK/ch. 38 MNTV
NBC Universal WNEU/ch. 60 Univision WBTS/ch. 8 NBC WBTS simulcast on WNEU (Merrimack N H city of license) subchannel
11 Phoenix AZ Meredith KPHO/ch. 5 CBS KTVK/ch. 3 Independent
Scripps KNXV/ch. 15 ABC KASW/ch. 61 CW Scripps acquisition of KASW pending
12 Seattle WA Sinclair KOMO/ch. 4 ABC KUNS/ch. 51 Univision
Tegna KING/ch. 5 NBC KONG/ch. 16 Independent
Tribune KCPQ/ch. 13 Fox KJZO/ch. 22 My Network TV Pending sale of KCPQ to Fox; acquisition of KJZO by Nexstar pending
14 Detroit MI CBS WWJ/ch. 62 CBS WKBD/ch. 50 CW
16 Miami FL CBS WFOR/ch. 4 CBS WBFS/ch. 33 MNTV
17 Denver CO Tegna KUSA/ch. 9 NBC KTVD/ch. 20 Independent
Tribune KWGN/ch. 2 CW KDVR/ch. 31 Fox Acquisition by Nexstar pending
18 Orlando FL Cox WFTV/ch. 9 ABC WRDQ/ch. 27 Independent
Hearst WESH/ch. 2 NBC WKCF/ch. 18 CW Daytona Beach WESH city of license; Clermont WKCF city of license
21 St. Louis MO Meredith KMOV/ch. 4 CBS KPLR/ch. 11 CW
22 Portland OR Meredith KPTV/ch. 12 Fox KPDX/ch. 49 MNTV
23 Charlotte N C Fox WJZY/ch. 46 Fox WMYT/ch. 55 MNTV Rock City S C WMYT city of license; Belmont N C WJZY city of license
Cox WSOC/ch. 9 ABC WAXN/ch. 64 Independent Kannapolis WAXN city of license
24 Pittsburgh PA CBS KDKA/ch. 2 CBS WPCW/ch. 19 CW
25 Raleigh/Durham N C Capitol Broadcasting WRAL/ch. 5 NBC WRAZ/ch. 50 Fox
Sinclair WLFL/ch. 22 CW WRDC/ch. 28 MNTV
26 Baltimore MD 1 Sinclair WBFF/ch. 45 Fox WNUV/ch. 54 CW WNUV owned by Cunningham; under Sinclair management
28 Indianapolis IN Tribune WTTV/ch. 4 CBS WXIN/ch. 59 Fox Acquisition by Nexstar pending
29 San Diego CA Grupo Televisa XETV/ch. 6 Canal 5 XEWT/ch. 12 Televisa Both stations Tijuana MX city of license
Televisora Alco XHAS/ch. 33 Azteca America XHDTV/ch. 49 Milenio XHAS Tijuana MX city of license; XHDTV Tecate MX city of license and operated by Entravision
30 Salt Lake City UT Sinclair KUTV/ch. 2 CBS KJZZ/ch. 14 Independent
32 Hartford CT NBC Universal WVIT/ch. 30 NBC WRDM-CD/ch. 50 Telemundo WVIT New Britain city of license
Tribune WTIC/ch. 61 Fox WCCT/ch. 20 CW WCCT Waterbury city of license; acquisition by Tegna pending
Nexstar WTNH/ch. 8 ABC WCTX/ch. 59 MNTV
33 Kansas City MO Meredith KCTV/ch. 5 CBS KSMO/ch. 62 MNTV
37 West Palm Beach FL Sinclair WPEC/ch. 12 CBS WTVX/ch. 34 CW
38 Greenville/Spartanburg S C/Asheville N C Nexstar WSPA/ch. 7 CBS WYCW/ch. 62 CW
41 Oklahoma City OK Tribune KFOR/ch. 4 NBC KAUT/ch. 43 Independent Acquisition by Nexstar pending
42 Jacksonville FL Tegna WTLV/ch. 12 NBC WJXX/ch. 25 ABC
Cox 2 WFOX/ch. 30 Fox (MNTV .2) WJAX/ch. 47 CBS
43 Norfolk VA Tribune WTKR/ch. 3 CBS WGNT/ch. 27 CW Acquisition by Scripps pending
44 Birmingham AL Sinclair WTTO/ch. 21 CW WABM/ch. 68 MNTV (ABC .2) ABC repeated from WBMA-LD/ch. 58
50 New Orleans LA Tegna WWL/ch. 4 CBS WUPL/ch. 54 MNTV WUPL Slidell city of license
Tribune WGNO/ch. 26 ABC WNOL/ch. 38 CW Acquisition by Nexstar pending
51 Memphis TN Tegna WATN/ch. 24 ABC WLMT/ch. 30 CW Acquisition from Nexstar pending
54 Fresno CA Sinclair KMPH/ch. 26 Fox KFRE/ch. 59 CW KMPH Visalia city of license; KFRE Sanger city of license
Nexstar KSEE/ch. 28 NBC KGPE/ch. 47 CBS
59 Mobile AL/Pensacola FL Nexstar WKRG/ch. 5 CBS WFNA/ch. 55 CW WFNA Gulf Shores AL city of license
Sinclair WEAR/ch. 3 ABC WFGX/ch. 35 MNTV Ft. Walton Beach WFGX city of license
Deerfield WPMI/ch. 15 NBC WJTC/ch. 44 Independent Under Sinclair control through LMA
62 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton PA Nexstar WBRE/ch. 28 NBC WYOU/ch. 22 CBS
80 Huntsville/Florence/Decatur AL Nexstar WZDX/ch. 54 Fox (MNTV .2) WHDF/ch. 15 CW MNTV under call WAMY; acquisition of WZDX by Tegna pending
89 Chattanooga TN Sinclair WTVC/ch. 9 ABC (Fox .2) WDSI/ch. 61 This TV WDSI owned by New Age Media, under Sinclair management 3
101 Ft. Smith AR Tribune KFSM/ch. 5 CBS KXNW/ch. 34 CW Acquisition of KFSM by Tegna pending
Nexstar KNWA/ch. 51 NBC KFTA/ch. 24 Fox
106 Springield MA Meredith WGGB/ch. 40 ABC (Fox and MNTV .2) WSHM-LD/ch. 3 CBS
108 Thomasville GA/Tallahassee FL Sinclair WTWC/ch. 40 NBC (Fox .2) WTLH/ch. 49 Me-TV WTLH Bainbridge GA city of license
112 Augusta GA Gray WRDW/ch. 12 CBS (MNTV .2) WAGT/ch. 26 NBC (CW .3)
126 Bakersfield CA Sinclair KBAK/ch. 29 CBS KBFX/ch. 58 Fox
Nexstar KGET/ch. 17 NBC KKEY-CD/ch. 11 Telemundo
124 Montgomery AL Bakahel 4 WAKA/ch. 8 CBS WBMM/ch. 22 CW WAKA Selma city of license; WBMM Tuskegee city of license
151 Panama City FL Gray WJHG/ch. 7 NBC (CW .2) WECP/ch. 18 CBS (MNTV .2) WECP simulcast on WJHG subchannel
154 Albany GA Marquee WSWG/ch. 44 CBS WSST/ch. 55 My Network TV WSWG Valdosta city of license; WSST Cordele city of license and simulcast on WSWG subchannel
173 Dothan AL Gray WTVY/ch. 4 CBS (MNTV.2, CW .3) WRGX/ch. 23 NBC WRGX simulcast on WTVY subchannel
195 Eureka CA Northwest KIEM/ch. 3 NBC (Ion on .2) KVIQ-LD/ch. 14 CBS Sale to Cox Media Group pending
Sinclair KAEF/ch. 22 ABC KECA/ch. 29 CW (MNTV on .2)

1 - In Baltimore, Sinclair controls WUTB, a My Network TV affiliate owned by Deerfield Media which broadcasts on channel 24 (RF 46.6).
2 - WJAX owned by Hoffman Communications, under Cox management.
3 - In Chattanooga, New Age and Sinclair also control MPS Media's CW affiliate WFLI/ch. 53 (Cleveland TN city of license).
4 - In Montgomery, Bakahel also operates ABC affiliate WNCF/ch. 32 (owned by Sagamore-Hill) under a local marketing agreement. WBMM is simulcast on WNCF's subchannel.