The Amazing Race/Season One

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Season One
The Amazing Race
Season Premiere September 5, 2001
Season Finale December 13, 2001
Episode Count 13
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Season Two

Season One of The Amazing Race premiered on September 5, 2001.


  • Contestant Information: Information of all the teams on the season and their placements throughout the race
  • Placement and Results: A table listing of the results of every leg on the race, including leg-to-leg results of each team


# # Title Airdate
1 1 The Race Begins September 5, 2001
2 2 Divide and Conquer September 19, 2001
3 3 Home for Some September 26, 2001
4 4 Colossal Showdown October 3, 2001
5 5 Desert Storm October 10, 2001
6 6 Whatever it Takes to Win October 17, 2001
7 7 Triumph and Loss October 24, 2001
8 8 Competition to the Fullest October 31, 2001
9 9 The Unexpected Twist November 14, 2001
10 10 To the Physical and Mental Limit November 21, 2001
11 11 Fight to the Last Minute November 28, 2001
12 12 Race to the Finish (1) December 5, 2001
13 13 Race to the Finish (2) December 13, 2001


11 teams set out from Central Park in New York and raced for $1,000,000. In Africa, teams had navigation problems, including Kevin & Drew who bickered over socialization. Paul & Amie fared the worst. Matt & Ana mispronounced about Batoka Gorge. At the Detour, Margarita faces her fear of heights. Rob & Brennan grabbed the first Fast Forward and arrived first at the first pit stop. Paul freaked out, but conquered his fears and Amie cheered upon learning they were not last. Matt & Ana took a wrong turn on the way to the pit stop resulting in their elimination.

In the next leg, Rob & Brennan, Frank & Margarita, and Joe & Bill made an alliance. Pat & Brenda earned the second Fast Forward. In the airport to Paris, tempers flare. Paul & Amie and Kim & Leslie became arch enemies. At the Roadblock, Lenny had a hard time spotting a flag while at the Eiffel Tower, which disappointed Karyn. Kim & Leslie couldn’t find a flag at the Eiffel Tower, and argued with their cab driver and were the second team to be eliminated.

In the next leg, Kevin & Drew went for the next Fast Forward and claimed it. Pat & Brenda made a costly mistake at the Detour. Some teams didn’t know about the shortcut to the Pit Stop. But Pat & Brenda couldn’t recover from their mistake at the detour and were the third team to be eliminated.

In the next leg, all eight remaining teams took a ferry to Tunisia. Dave & Margaretta received a scare and struggled to exchange and ultimately couldn’t recover from being the fourth team eliminated.

In the next leg, teams went to a Star Wars set of Tataouine. In the Sahara Desert, navigational woes set some teams back including Paul & Amie who were hopelessly lost and were eliminated.

In the next leg, an airport strike delayed the teams. Lenny & Karyn arrived first to Rome, until a production error forced them to take the last train. They somehow survived because of the first non-elimination leg.

In the next leg, teams glided and biked toward their way to India. Frank & Margarita found the Fast Forward and arrived more than 10 hours ahead of the other teams. Kevin struggled for airport reservations through the phone, prompting other team members to hold the train from leaving. In India, teams get no help from locals. Emily gets hysterical and Nancy broke down. Lenny & Karyn had difficulty navigating busy streets and argued with their cab driver and had an emotional farewell, with their relationship in question.

In the next leg, Rob & Brennan's taxi driver took them to the travel agent instead of the Taj Mahal. Joe & Bill missed the train, but tied with Nancy & Emily. At the Roadblock, Margarita has some fear of rats. Nancy & Emily arrived last at a non-elimination leg.

Teams then flew to Thailand, where Nancy & Emily and Joe & Bill went for the Fast Forward. Joe & Bill took the award, but lingered. However, Nancy & Emily had trouble finding a private car at the Detour and took a cab resulting in a 24-hour penalty and their elimination.

In the next leg, the teams in the front of the pack went to Rai Leh Beach where Brennan injured his knuckle. Kevin & Drew floundered but managed to recover. But Joe & Bill arrived last at a non-elimination round.

The two teams in the front of the pack then flew to Beijing, where Margarita grappled with a tough Roadblock. In the back of the pack, Joe & Bill and Kevin & Drew found themselves even. And in a race to avoid elimination, Kevin & Drew got stuck in traffic, and Joe & Bill had language difficulties with their driver. But Kevin & Drew arrived at the wrong gate and were the last team to be eliminated.

In the next leg, the two teams in the front grappled with an exhausting detour. But they arrived at Anchorage, Alaska hours ahead of Team Guido.

In the final leg of the race, Frank & Margarita and Rob & Brennan took a final flight to New York. Rob & Brennan hitched a train ride and the train took off before Frank & Margarita got to the station. The lawyers never looked back and became the first official winners of The Amazing Race.

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