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Season Eight
The Amazing Race
Season Premiere September 27, 2005
Season Finale December 13, 2005
Episode Count 11 (2 double-length)
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Season Eight of The Amazing Race is a special edition of the race where families of four compete to win a million dollars. This child-friendly season will see a shorter race route, as we see more legs set in the United States of America, with a strong focus on historically significant cities and locations.


  • Contestant Information: Information of all the teams on the season and their placements throughout the race
  • Placement and Results: A table listing of the results of every leg on the race, including leg-to-leg results of each team


# # Title Airdate
86 1 Go Mommy, Go! We Can Beat Them! September 27, 2005
87 2 How Do We Know We Aren't Going to Get Shot? October 4, 2005
88 3 I Don't Kiss, I Make Out October 11, 2005
89 4 Think Like an Office Chair October 18, 2005
90 5 We're Getting Out of the Country, Girls October 25, 2005
91 6 I'm Sick of Doing Stuff I Can't Do November 1, 2005
92 7 You Look Ridiculous November 8, 2005
93 8 How's That Face Feel? November 22, 2005
94 9 Don't Talk to Me Like I Was an Animal or Something November 29, 2005
95 10 The Family Christmas Card December 6, 2005
96 11 25 Days, 50 Cities, and More than 600 Consecutive Hours as a Family... December 13, 2005


10 families of four set out in a race for $1,000,000. The Paolos had difficulties navigating in their home territory. At the Delaware River, the Black Family had trouble paddling. At the Detour, the Weavers had a close call. While the Aiellos stalled, the Gaghans pulled ahead. Teams struggled with the building task and each other, though it was the Godlewski sisters who finished first, while the Linz family outran the Black family who were the first team to be eliminated.

Teams then drove to Washington DC where the Gaghans wandered aimlessly at the wrong reflecting pool. While the Paolos bickered, the Rogers took a wrong turn. Son Brock got blamed until his sister Brittney pointed out that father Denny led Brock the wrong direction. Then, families took part in the civil war reenactment in Middleburg, Virginia. Wally Bransen couldn't keep up with his daughters. The Weavers triumphed, while the Rogers surrendered and were eliminated.

In the next leg, a couple of teams questioned the Weavers' behavior. At the Detour, the Aiellos bogged down in the mud, and when they didn't grab the number to ensure their position at the Roadblock, they couldn't recover and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams took a ride at the party bikes at the motor speedway. The Weaver children whose father died in an accident at the raceway refuses. But Linda's support helped them cross the checkered finish line. The Linzes got an eyeful from the Bransens. Mark and Stassi Schroeder argued over directions, and Stassi broke down. Then the family got lost in their homestate of Louisiana, resulting in their hometown elimination in New Orleans.

Teams, then finally flew out of the United States to the coast of Panama. The Weavers and Linzes go head-to-head. At the Fast Forward, Marion's courage helped DJ face his fear of heights and succeeded. Sharon Godlewski goes down swinging at the Roadblock and the sisters arrived last. But they granted a reprieve, and were not eliminated and they had to start the next leg with only their passports and the clothes on their back.

Teams then took a bus to Costa Rica. The Paolo Family yielded the Weaver Family. But at the Roadblock, Tammy Gaghan struggled to find the red coffee bean, and the family fell to the back of the pack resulting in an emotional farewell.

In the next leg, Tony Paolo struggled to swim. The Godlewski sisters managed to grab a faster flight to Phoenix putting them to first place. At the Roadblock, Tommy Linz drove circles around the course. The Weavers were nervous. But Linda stepped up so her children didn't have to. Wally Bransen seems to have lost confidence, but struggled to keep his daughters on track. Still, they got lost and arrived last, but were not eliminated.

In the next leg, Megan Linz grabbed the controls completing a loopineer. Rolly Weaver excelled yet another Roadblock, while Brian Paolo made a mistake. Then the New Yorkers got caught in traffic on the way to the Grand Canyon. Then they lost direction, and fought all the way to the Pit Stop and were eliminated.

In the next leg, the Linzes targeted the Weavers. The Weavers soon took a long scenic route and had been yielded by the Linzes who finally landed first. The Weavers arrived last, but were granted a reprieve and were not eliminated.

In the next leg, the Weavers confronted the Linzes. Teams enjoyed a scenic view on hot air balloons. The Godlewskis struggled to build a teepee at the Detour, and Sharon & Michelle bickered at the Roadblock. The Weavers got held up by the police. But in the end, the sisters were eliminated.

In the final leg of the race, Rolly Weaver and Alex Linz get physical. The Bransens inadvertently grabbed the slower flight to Montreal. The Weavers slid ahead while the Linzes missed the cluebox in the underground tunnel. The Bransens struggled with the logs. At the Roadblock, Rolly Weaver once again took flight, while Alex Linz floundered. But the Weavers had trouble finding the entrance to the stadium, and teams grew frustrated searching for a departure time through 56,000 seats in the arena. The Weaver women wanted to give up, but Rolly followed in his father's footsteps of confidence. In Toronto, however, the Weavers had trouble catching an eyesight of the route marker. But the Bransens had trouble at the Detour. Teams took a wild ride through the rapids. After a puzzling roadblock, it came down to a footrace to the finish line between the Linzes and the Bransens. The Linzes came through in the clutch and became the official winners of The Amazing Race: Family Edition.

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