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Season Three
The Amazing Race
Season Premiere October 2, 2002
Season Finale December 18, 2002
Episode Count 11
Notable Episodes 3x05 - What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off a Cliff?
3x09 - Why Did You Have to Take Your Pants Off?!
3x11 - They're Slithering to the Finish Line Like the Rest of Us!
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Season Three of The Amazing Race follows 12 new teams in a race around the world. Among them are a 9/11 team who came together after the brother of one died on September 11, two people committed in a long-distance relationship, polar opposite brothers, and twin models. This season of the race is very South America and Asia heavy, with very little activity in Europe or Africa. It is also the first season to be filmed before the televised conclusion of the season that preceded it.


  • Contestant Information: Information of all the teams on the season and their placements throughout the race
  • Placement and Results: A table listing of the results of every leg on the race, including leg-to-leg results of each team


# # Title Airdate
25 1 What If Our Parachute Doesn't Open? October 2, 2002
26 2 This Seems Like The Path Straight to Hell! October 9, 2002
27 3 You Always Just Forget About Me! October 16, 2002
28 4 Did You See How I Stopped It? With My Face October 23, 2002
29 5 What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off a Cliff? October 30, 2002
30 6 I'm a Much Better Liar Than You Are November 13, 2002
31 7 I'm Supposed to be Indebted to Her for the Rest of the Race?! November 20, 2002
32 8 This Is More Important Than Your Pants Falling Down! November 27, 2002
33 9 Why Did You Have to Take Your Pants Off?! December 4, 2002
34 10 Don't Try to Play the Moralist Now! December 11, 2002
35 11 They're Slithering to the Finish Line Like the Rest of Us! December 18, 2002


12 teams set out from the Everglades National Park in Florida and raced for $1,000,000. Once in Mexico, Ken & Gerard and Derek & Drew went for the Fast Forward, and Ken & Gerard beat the twins to the punch and earned first place. Teams braved off a skydive while some struggled navigating with their donkeys. Andre & Damon misread their map by taking a different direction. In a race to the pit stop, Derek & Drew and Gina & Sylvia struggled for directions and with their vans. Derek & Drew stayed alive, and Gina & Sylvia were the first team to be eliminated.

In the next leg, teams found themselves lost searching for the pyramid of the sun. Tensions rose when Flo & Zach led some teams the wrong direction. Derek & Drew went for the Fast Forward and claimed it. Teams then took buses to Cancún. The teams that were on the second bus faced disaster. A car hit the bus on the side forcing the teams to wait for a bus replacement. Nevertheless, Derek & Drew took first place having won the Fast Forward. During the Detour, Tramel & Talicia and Teri & Ian encountered problems with their wave-runners and took a spill. At the Roadblock, Michael faces his fears. Tramel & Talicia couldn't overcome problems from their wave-runner and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams scrambled for flights to London. Father and son Dennis & Andrew struggled to find available flights and fell to last place. At the Detour, Ken & Gerard had difficulties with their boat, but taking plunges in the water amused the onlookers. As Dennis & Andrew finally landed, they decided to get the Fast Forward in an effort to stay in the game. Some teams had problems trying to find Dunnottar Castle, while some team members struggled with their strengths at the Roadblock. Derek & Drew arrived first. Teri & Ian struggled to stay in the game. But even though Dennis & Andrew won the Fast Forward, it was too late.

In the next leg, teams flew to Porto, Portugal where Heather & Eve had difficulty driving a stick during the detour, inadvertently blocking Andre & Damon. All 9 teams took a train to Lisbon. Aaron & Arianne and Teri & Ian got stuck in traffic. Among the first to complete the Roadblock, Michael & Kathy got lost in the dark. But Heather & Eve didn't follow the directions of their last clue correctly, and received a 37 minute penalty, because of that, they were eliminated.

In the next leg, Flo freaked out during the detour. During the drive to the Algeciras port terminal, half of the eight remaining teams didn't read the tag on the car which says diesel and filled the car with unleaded. Aaron got humiliated. Michael & Kathy seemed to stall near a hotel. Flo & Zach and Teri & Ian quickly realized the mistake. Flo threatens to quit. But with their vehicle repaired, they managed to start their engines and Flo's pessimism resolved. Ian bought a siphon hose and diesel fuel to fix the problem. The fuel drained out of the car and he and Teri filled the car with diesel and are back on the road. Michael & Kathy stayed at the hotel. In Fez, Morocco, teams struggled with the smell of dye. Michael & Kathy couldn't recover from their mistake and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams drove to Casablanca, where Flo & Ian fought over a cab. Then in Marrakech, Teri & Ian and John Vito & Jill went for the Fast Forward and Teri & Ian claimed it and triumphed. Andre & Damon got lost and were detained by a local official who wanted to seize the passports. But The Amazing Race security crew ordered the official not to interfere and helped Andre & Damon out of the situation. Aaron & Arianne missed the train to Marrakech and couldn't recover from the gasoline mishap they had in the previous leg, and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams scrambled for flights to Munich, Germany. Andre & Damon struggled to find available flights and fell to the back of the pack. Once in Munich, Flo & Zach stayed there for the Fast Forward while others went to Austria. Flo & Zach won the Fast Forward and remained in Germany to claim victory at the Pit Stop. Andre & Damon couldn't recover from airport woes and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams took a ferry to Switzerland, where the Detour involving the counting grew frustrating. At the Roadblock, John Vito had some difficulties with the crossbow. And in a footrace to the pit stop, Ken & Gerard beat John Vito & Jill to the punch, but the dating couple were not eliminated.

In the next leg, John Vito & Jill were the only team left eligible for the Fast Forward and decided to go for it. Among completing the detour, teams earned a phone call to their loved ones. John Vito & Jill won the Fast Forward and arrived 1st. At the Roadblock, Zach had trouble assembling bikes causing Flo to break down and threatening to quit. Teri's bike hit the curb causing Teri to fall off. But Flo & Zach arrived last. Luckily, they were not eliminated.

In the next leg, teams flew to Kuala Lumpur by taking pictures in front of the two towers. Then in Singapore, Flo & Zach followed Ken & Gerard, but the brothers had no sense of directions. When they completed the Detour, Zach declined to lose the map to Ken & Gerard, but Flo accepted the brothers' offer and confronted Zach. But Zach was upset with Flo and accused her of being a bad teammate. John Vito & Jill went the wrong direction, and couldn't recover from being the eighth team to be eliminated.

In the next leg, teams flew to Vietnam, where Ian reflects his past. Ken & Gerard encountered difficulties at the Detour when a heavy rain forced the vendors to cover their stands to protect the fruit. Some teams had some other difficulties. Derek & Drew and Ken & Gerard missed the cluebox and got lost in the streets. Flo & Zach corrected Ken & Gerard that the cyclos are near the cluebox. Ken & Gerard then lied to the twins who arrived at the Pit Stop by receiving a shock. Ken & Gerard survived and Derek & Drew had an emotional farewell.

In the next leg, Flo & Zach found the paddling uneasy at the detour. They switched tasks, but Flo couldn't balance on the bike that carries several baskets. They went back to where they were and received help from locals. Flo & Zach arrived at the non-elimination round.

In the final leg of the race, teams flew to Hawaii, where Flo finally conquered her fear of heights during the detour. Then in Seattle, teams searched aimlessly for taxis including Ken & Gerard who fell to last place. Unaware they were ahead of the pack, Flo apologized to Zach for her behavior in previous legs. Soon, Flo & Zach discovered that Ken & Gerard weren't there and when they crossed the finish line, they realized that they were the official winners of The Amazing Race.

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