The Amazing Race/Season Fourteen

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Season Fourteen
The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race-S14-cast.jpg
Season Premiere February 15, 2009
Season Finale May 10, 2009
Episode Count 12
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Season Thirteen


Season Fifteen

Season Fourteen of The Amazing Race premiered on February 15, 2009.


  • Contestant Information: Information of all the teams on the season and their placements throughout the race
  • Placement and Results: A table listing of the results of every leg on the race, including leg-to-leg results of each team


# # Title Airdate
157 1 Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me February 15, 2009
158 2 Your Target Is Your Partner's Face February 22, 2009
159 3 I'm Not Wearing That Girl's Leotard! March 1, 2009
160 4 It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots March 8, 2009
161 5 She’s a Little Scared of Stick, But I Think She’ll Be OK! March 15, 2009
162 6 Alright Guys, We're At War! March 22, 2009
163 7 Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla??? March 29, 2009
164 8 Rooting Around in People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant April 12, 2009
165 9 Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death April 19, 2009
166 10 Having a Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This April 26, 2009
167 11 No More Mr. Nice Guy May 3, 2009
168 12 This Is How You Lose a Million Dollars May 10, 2009


Eleven teams set out from Southern California in a race for $1,000,000. In Milan, dating couple Preston & Jennifer missed the train Locarno. In Locarno, Linda's slow pace aggravated Steve. Then, teams took a terrifying bungee jump at the Roadblock. Flight attendants Christie & Jodi took the wrong train to Interlaken. Going up the muddy hill, and carrying the heavy cheese down the hill doesn't seem easy for the teams. Margie and her deaf son Luke signed their way to first. As Preston & Jennifer struggled with the cheese, Christie & Jodi caught up to them, resulting in a footrace to the pit stop with Christie & Jodi narrowly eliminating Preston & Jennifer.

In the next leg, teams flew to Germany, where Mel who has a sore groin, tried unsuccessfully to bribe the teams to wait for the unfavorable wind to stop blowing at the Roadblock. When the wind finally stopped, Mel paraglided to the air. Many participants had easy navigation going down the mountain, but Linda missed the arrow and veered off course. Some teams went crazy with pies. Tammy & Victor climbed to first. Christie & Jodi got lost in the dark finding the Holzsäger. But it wasn't enough to keep Steve & Linda in the race.

In the next leg, Brad & Victoria chose to take a flight to Romania through Amsterdam. But once in Amsterdam, they missed the connecting flight. In Romania, teams "go for the gold in gymnastics" at the Roadblock. At the Detour, Amanda & Kris lost their fanny pack, but quickly recovered it. On the other Detour task, Victor always believed he is right, and he wouldn't listen to his sister. But in the end, Brad & Victoria couldn't catch up, and were eliminated.

In the next leg, Mark & Michael's cab driver mistakenly dialed the cell phone number of Jaime & Cara's cab driver. But Mark & Michael managed to grab the flight to Russia with Christie & Jodi and Kisha & Jen while other teams missed their connecting flight in Munich. At the Detour, Mark & Michael made an error by stacking an extra column of wood causing it to fall down prompting them to switch tasks while Kisha & Jen and Christie & Jodi pulled ahead. As Mark & Michael continued struggling, the five teams caught up. Mel & Mike and Amanda & Kris switched tasks. In a stunning twist, Margie & Luke U-Turned Amanda & Kris to save Jaime & Cara. But's a Blind U-Turn so no one knows whodunit. Christie & Kisha battled at the Roadblock. Kisha finished first, but the sisters couldn't find the entrance to the theater leading to the pit stop and the flight attendants grabbed the victory. The three teams still at the detour finally found the shack. But Mel & Mike and Mark & Michael broke away from Amanda & Kris who were U-Turned. Ultimately, the U-Turn sealed their fate.

In the next leg, teams took a train to Sibera, where Tammy & Victor ditched Margie & Luke and Jaime & Cara. Then, Christie & Jodi were misinformed by a local and went to the wrong church. Kisha & Jen had difficulties with their Lada, resulting in a footrace to the Pit Stop, that Kisha & Jen won. Christie & Jodi came in last, but were not eliminated and had to face a Speed Bump in the next leg.

In the next leg, teams flew to Jaipur, India where Christie & Jodi took the lead, until their cab driver stopped for gas, pushing them to last place. At the Roadblock, Victor noticed the baskets for hay, but other teams took water first without paying attention. At the Detour, teams danced for rupees. But Mark & Michael struggled with the barrels of hay. Christie & Jodi performed the Speed Bump, resulting in a showdown. In the end, Mark & Michael prevailed and Christie & Jodi were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams flew to Phuket, Thailand where Mel & Mike got lost in the street, not knowing that the gorilla statue was at the zoo. At the Detour, Mark & Michael broke the rules by intentionally hiding the pumps in the box and following the cab driver resulting in a combined 60-minute penalty. Even with a few minutes left standing, they lost first and second place to Tammy & Victor and Jaime & Cara. Then, the blazing hot sun took its toll on Margie. And at the pit stop, she collapsed in heat exhaustion. Ultimately, Mel & Mike couldn't recover from their mistake and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams flew to Bangkok, where teams karaokied with the locals. Then, Kisha & Jen and Mark & Michael left their backpacks at the docks. Victor did not secure the propeller correctly. Kisha & Jen forgot their passports and travel documents. But Mark & Michael made more mistakes by selling personal items to their cab drivers resulting in a combined four-hour penalty which pushed them to last. But they were not eliminated and had to face a Speed Bump.

In the next leg, teams flew to Guilin, China where Luke and Jen battled for the cluebox, not once, but twice. And tensions rise at the pit stop, when Margie stood up to the sisters. But Mark & Michael couldn't overcome penalties from previous legs, and had an emotional farewell.

In the next leg, teams flew to Beijing, where Cara endured painful foot massage at the Roadblock. Then at the Detour, Jen faces her fear of water, pushing the sisters to last place. But when Jaime & Cara arrived to what they thought was a pit stop, the leg wasn't over. Tammy & Victor U-Turned Kisha & Jen. But Jaime & Cara got lost in the streets. Teams then grappled with Chinese delicacy at the Roadblock. Tammy & Victor secured victory at the Bird's Nest. As Jen struggled at the Roadblock, Jaime & Cara retraced their steps and realized their mistake prompting them to catch up to the sisters. Kisha & Jen pulled away from the former cheerleaders and raced to the Bird's Nest. But Jen having drank too much bottles of water at the Roadblock went to the bathroom giving Jaime & Cara the cushion and Kisha & Jen were eliminated.

In the final leg, teams flew to Hawaii where teams struggled to carry pigs including Jaime & Cara who fell to last place. Jaime & Cara's problems continued when their cab driver didn't know where to take them, causing Jaime to fume. Margie & Luke continued to hold their lead, until Luke struggled at the Roadblock. Victor eventually passed a befuddled Luke and he and Tammy never looked back and crossed the finish line to win The Amazing Race.

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