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Season Four
The Amazing Race
Season Premiere May 29, 2003
Season Finale August 21, 2003
Episode Count 13
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Season Four of The Amazing Race premiered on May 29, 2003.


  • Contestant Information: Information of all the teams on the season and their placements throughout the race
  • Placement and Results: A table listing of the results of every leg on the race, including leg-to-leg results of each team


# # Title Airdate
36 1 Cheaters Never Win --- and They Cheated! May 29, 2003
37 2 It Doesn't Say Anything About First Come, First Served. and We're Bigger. June 5, 2003
38 3 I Wasn't Even Going to Touch You Until You Slammed My Head Backwards! June 12, 2003
39 4 Check Your Tires Because...Oh God, You Never Know What'll Happen! June 19, 2003
40 5 You Are Just Deliberately Trying to Make Us Lose! June 26, 2003
41 6 I Could Never Have Been Prepared for What I'm Looking at Right Now July 3, 2003
42 7 We're Going Down the Wrong Side of the Freeway...And the Lights Are Off! July 10, 2003
43 8 The Princess Reminded Me of My Grandmother. She Was Very Old but Still Very, Very with It July 17, 2003
44 9 We're Not at Charm School Learning to How to Be a Gentleman, We're Racing July 24, 2003
45 10 That's Me. That's My Face. Just Hit My Face. Hit My Face! July 31, 2003
46 11 Such a Nice Pheremone Smell to You; Just Makes Me Want to Stay Close to You August 7, 2003
47 12 He's a Few Ticks Away from Having a Heart Attack! August 14, 2003
48 13 It's Like Adam Building His First House! August 21, 2003


12 teams set out from the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and raced for $1,000,000. At the airport Steve & Josh and Steve & Dave formed an alliance getting tickets and Monica & Sheree were upset. Then in Italy, teams found how difficult trudging through the snow would be. Monica & Sheree went for the Fast Forward. Amanda & Chris clashed but discovered Millie & Chuck and Steve & Josh waiting for them to claim first place altogether. Dave injured his knee. Debra & Steve had some difficulties crossing the bridge at the Detour and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams traveled to Venice, where Steve & Dave overcame injuries and claimed the Fast Forward. Teams found navigating uneasy at either of the Detour tasks. Chris had trouble at the Roadblock resulting in a footrace between Monica & Sheree and Amanda & Chris. Monica & Sheree prevailed and Amanda & Chris were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams flew to Vienna, Austria where Steve & Josh went for the Fast Forward. Millie & Chuck and Reichen & Chip dashed for the carriage. Chip beat MIllie but earned a bloody lip in the process. Teams found themselves confused at the musical Detour. Teams took a giant leap at the Roadblock. Steve & Josh won the Fast Forward and triumphed. Dating friends, Russell & Cindy went to the wrong train station and brought tickets for Gmund instead of Gmunden. In the end, they couldn't recover from their mistakes and were eliminated.

In the next leg, Steve & Josh fought over a faster mode of transportation. Josh insisted to take a train wanting to save money. But Steve wanted to take a taxi by saving time. In Frankfurt, Reichen & Chip received a ticketing error. In Paris, teams sped in race cars at the Roadblock. At the port gate, Reichen & Chip and Tian & Jaree were told by the security officer to park in front. When the teams saw this, they accused them of cutting in line. But Chip exploded. Then Steve & Josh got lost. Tian & Jaree who were lost as well, went for the Fast Forward, and triumphed. Steve & Josh couldn't recover and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams scramble for flights to Amsterdam. David & Jeff and Steve & Dave took a chance by taking a flight to Orly airport. But they found themselves caught in a traffic jam and missed their connecting flight. In Amsterdam, Millie & Chuck went for the Fast Forward and succeeded. Tian & Jaree had major troubles with navigation and were at each other's throats. But Steve & Dave couldn't recover and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams flew to Mumbai, India. Jon & Al and Monica & Sheree walked instead of taking the bus. Kelly and Tian & Jaree became uncomfortable with locals in a very crowded train ride. Monica & Sheree encountered difficulties at the Detour and had an emotional farewell.

In the next leg, teams took a train to Alleppey where Reichen & Chip's cab ran out of gas. Then at the Roadblock, Tian encountered difficulties getting a grip on a wooden bar in the mud. Then at the Detour, the models forgot the fabric before the elephant stood up opening the door for last place Reichen & Chip who chose the bikes. In the end, Reichen & Chip escaped and Tian & Jaree were eliminated.

In the next leg, David & Jeff, Kelly & Jon and Millie & Chuck took a flight connecting through Singapore. Soon however, Millie & Chuck found the earlier flight which sends them to Kuala Lumpur meeting up with Jon & Al and Reichen & Chip. In Kota Kinabalu, Reichen & Chip missed a turn on the one-way street, while things get fishy at the detour. Teams then tried to set up their targets at the Roadblock. Kelly & Jon arrived last, but were not eliminated.

In the next leg, Kelly & Jon went for the Fast Forward. But Reichen & Chip went in a different direction leading them to the Fast Forward task and completed it earning them a first place finish. After arriving too late, Kelly & Jon continued on in last place expecting to be sent home. But Millie & Chuck got hopelessly lost finding Gomantong Caves, and the two trailing teams meet up at the Roadblock resulting in a car race to the Pit Stop. Kelly & Jon survived, and Millie & Chuck were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams flew to South Korea, where they had to dive down in freezing water at the Roadblock. Chip braved the conditions and pulled through. Finding a route marker at the subway station isn't as easy for some teams except for Kelly & Jon who finally landed first. David & Jeff took a long time at the subway station and arrived last, but were not eliminated.

In the next leg, teams scramble for flights to Australia. Jon & Al booked an early flight before a fog rolled in delaying their flight and couldn’t get a flight with the other teams. David & Jeff went for the Fast Forward and succeeded. At the Roadblock, teams face their fears around sharks. On the way to the pit stop, Reichen & Chip didn’t read their clue correctly and received a 35-minute penalty. But it wasn’t enough to save Jon & Al.

In the next leg, teams flew to Cairns where Kelly & Jon missed the parking area at Wangetti Beach. At the Roadblock, teams drove around with their race buggies. Jon took a nasty tumble and the couple arrived last at a non-elimination leg.

In the final leg, Reichen & Chip skidded out of control. Teams braved off skydiving at the Detour. David & Jeff made a damaging mistake taking a flight to Sydney instead of Tokyo and all flights in Sydney were gone. Then in Tokyo, Kelly & Jon couldn’t make a flight connection to Hawaii. In Hawaii, the two leading teams dived down for a rock containing their next clue. Then, they flew to Phoenix where Reichen & Chip never looked back and raced across the finish line to become the official winners of The Amazing Race.

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