The Amazing Race/Season Twenty-Four

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Season Twenty-Four
The Amazing Race
Season Premiere February 23, 2014
Season Finale May 18, 2014
Episode Count 12
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Season Twenty-Three


Season Twenty-Five

Season Twenty-Four of The Amazing Race premiered on February 23, 2014.


  • Contestant Information: Information of all the teams on the season and their placements throughout the race
  • Placement and Results: A table listing of the results of every leg on the race, including leg-to-leg results of each team


# # Title Airdate
273 1 Back in the Saddle February 23, 2014
274 2 Baby Bear's Soup March 2, 2014
275 3 Welcome to the Jungle March 9, 2014
276 4 Smarter, Not Harder March 16, 2014
277 5 Can't Make Fish Bite March 23, 2014
278 6 Down and Dirty March 30, 2014
279 7 The Gladiators Are Here! April 13, 2014
280 8 Donkeylicious April 20, 2014
281 9 Accidental Alliance April 27, 2014
282 10 Bull Down May 4, 2014
283 11 Hei Ho Heidi Ho May 11, 2014
284 12 Do You Believe in Magic? May 18, 2014


11 teams from previous seasons came to the starting line and received some shocking news that due to Bopper’s inflamed pancreas, his dreams of second chance were gone. Mallory from Season 17 took Bopper’s place to race with Mark and the race began. In China, some teams get confused at the market. And it has become clear that the even-numbered bubble coasters contains the right clue while the odd-numbered bubble coasters do not. Jet & Cord soared to new heights and came in 1st. Mark & Mallory had to come to terms to working together as a team. But it was Natalie & Nadiya who were at each other’s throats and in the end, the twinnies never recovered and were eliminated.

Teams continued in China were Caroline & Jennifer worked their magic on the cowboys and earned the express pass. Mallory lost Mark’s backpack causing Mark to panic and pushing them to the back of the pack. The Detour proved it was all about coordination. In a crowded footrace, Big Brother newlyweds, Brendon & Rachel finally came in 1st, while Mark & Mallory couldn’t recover from their setback and were eliminated.

Teams then flew to Malaysia where 58-year-old Dave showed no signs of weakness at the Roadblock. YouTube sensations Joey & Meghan forgot to let their taxi wait for them. Leo & Jamal have difficulties with their raft. Despite getting off course, Dave & Connor came in 1st while Joey & Meghan couldn’t recover from their mistake and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams had a bouncy act at the Roadblock, and Jessica gets blisters on her feet. Teams then flew to Kuala Lumpur where they partied with the locals. Pouring red and yellow cocktails without mixing causes problems for most of the teams, and made Luke lose his temper. Jet & Cord once again reaches the top while Brendon & Rachel hit rock bottom and came in last, but were spared elimination.

In the next leg, Brendon & Rachel took a gamble on a risky flight connection while Margie & Luke offered a standby for a fully booked flight. Brendon & Rachel’s gamble paid off while Margie & Luke’s did not. In Sri Lanka, teams received a blessing and get all fishy at the Detour. Connor sewed through the Roadblock sending him and Dave to another first place finish. In the end, Margie & Luke never caught up and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams found themselves in a road block, literally, while Rachel floundered. But John pointed out to Rachel that she did not read the Roadblock clue correctly. Despite her mistakes, the Brenchels caught up the teams by the skin of their teeth. Then things get all bubbly at the Detour causing problems for Caroline & Jennifer. In a harrowing footrace to the pit stop, the Afghanimals edged out the Cowboys for first place. Caroline & Jennifer came in last but were granted a reprieve.

In the next leg, Flight Time & Big Easy began their historic 30th leg of their racing career. Teams then flew to Rome, Italy, where they came head-to-head with the gladiators and crashing chariots. Counting the number of steps and adding the year in roman numerals confused most of the teams. Brendon & Rachel went back on top. And in a footrace to the pit stop, Flight Time & Big Easy escaped sending Jessica & John packing.

In the next leg, though, the Globetrotters got lost, and floundered at the Detour. Brendon & Rachel cost their popularity by U-Turning Dave & Connor who then U-Turned the Afghanimals who they informed of the situation. The U-Turned teams then worked together and left the Globetrotters behind. At the Roadblock, the Afghanimals confronted Brendon & Rachel. But the Globetrotters never caught up and had an emotional farewell.

Teams then took a train to Switzerland, and the Accidental Alliance was formed and planned to eliminate the Brenchels pending on the next U-Turn. But Leo & Jamal’s aiding on Caroline & Jennifer’s math problems only caught the Brenchel’s attention. Dave & Connor once again came out on top while Caroline struggled with heavy cans sending the country singers to last place. But they were spared elimination.

Teams then flew to Seville, Spain, where they had a popping act at the Roadblock. At the detour, teams took a beating from the bulls. This caused the Cowboys to become distracted from seeing the poster. Their hard hitting alienated Rachel. And it caused Jamal to twist his knee. Concerned about their strength rather than go along with the plan, the Afghanimals U-Turned the Cowboys instead of Brendon & Rachel, hoping the Cowboys would follow along with the plan. But their hopes backfired when Brendon & Rachel got to the U-Turn after them and they passed the limping Afghanimals to the pit stop. Ultimately, the U-Turn sealed the Cowboys’ fate.

Teams then flew to England, were they faced against a goalie. Then teams had major language difficulties at the Roadblock, mostly Connor and Jamal. At the Detour, Brendon & Rachel made a huge mistake causing Rachel to break down. But Leo & Jamal got lost, and never recovered and were eliminated.

Teams began the final leg and flew to Las Vegas, where they met up with the world’s greatest illusionist, David Copperfield. Connor, Jennifer, and Rachel worked their magic. Then Brendon & Rachel missed the cluebox at the entrance, while Dave & Connor and Caroline & Jennifer battled it out on a taxi race before the second Roadblock which Dave and Caroline had to perform. At the finish line at the Motor City Speedway, the suspense is death-defying as Connor and Jennifer watched a team member sky-dived from the helicopter and left a trail of sparks. To their surprise, Dave emerged from the darkness and he and Connor made history as the first parent-child team to win The Amazing Race.

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