The Amazing Race/Season Thirteen

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Season Thirteen
The Amazing Race
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Season Premiere September 28, 2008
Season Finale December 7, 2008
Episode Count 11
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Season Twelve


Season Fourteen

Season Thirteen of The Amazing Race premiered on September 28, 2008.


  • Contestant Information: Information of all the teams on the season and their placements throughout the race
  • Placement and Results: A table listing of the results of every leg on the race, including leg-to-leg results of each team


# # Title Airdate
146 1 Bees are Much Calmer Than All This! September 28, 2008
147 2 Do You Like American Candy? October 5, 2008
148 3 Did You Push My Sports Bra Off the Ledge? October 12, 2008
149 4 I Wonder If They Like Blondes in New Zealand? October 19, 2008
150 5 Do It Like a Madman October 26, 2008
151 6 Please Hold While I Singe My Skull November 2, 2008
152 7 My Nose Is On Fire November 9, 2008
153 8 I'm Like an Angry Cow November 16, 2008
154 9 That Is Studly November 23, 2008
155 10 You're Gonna Get Me Killed November 30, 2008
156 11 You Look Like Peter Pan December 7, 2008


11 teams set out from the Los Angeles Coliseum in a race for $1,000,000. At the airport, Nick & Starr formed an alliance with Ken & Tina. In Salvador, Brazil, Mark & Bill came up with an idea to keep the candy boxes from falling off the cart. During the overnight hold, Sarah tried to mingle with the other teams. But in the morning, she couldn't get Nick & Starr to communicate with her. Nick & Starr took a harrowing Detour while Andrew & Dan lost valuable time. Nick & Starr came in first, while married beekeepers Anita & Arthur became the first team to be eliminated.

During the pit stop, Terence confronted Sarah about communicating with the other teams. In the next leg, Ken & Tina and Nick & Starr ruffled some feathers, angering Terence & Sarah. In Fortaleza, Anthony & Stephanie's taxi stalled, pushing them to last place. Teams enjoyed a wild ride in dune buggies. Marisa & Brooke got an eyeful from the locals. After completing the detour, Terence & Sarah missed the arrow to the parking lot with taxis and got lost before they got help from Toni & Dallas. Kelly & Christy had some issues on their own. But they realized that the container they were searching for was at the other Detour that Mark & Bill did to push them ahead. Kelly & Christy misread their other clue by letting their taxi leave. The Roadblock confused some of the teams. Ken & Tina beat Mark & Bill for first place, while Anthony & Stephanie couldn't recover from a bad start out of the airport and were eliminated.

Before the next leg began, tensions rise at the pit stop when Christy accused Starr of pushing her sports bra off the ledge. Then in Bolivia, the high altitude left the teams breathless, literally. After buying a hat, Terence & Sarah and Mark & Bill misread their clue by taking a taxi instead of traveling by foot to the Detour. Unlike the oblivious Mark & Bill, Terence & Sarah quickly realized the mistake and went back to where they got the taxi and did what the clue said. Andrew & Dan had a hard time communicating with the band. Christy's lack of coordination of riding the bike caused her to take a nasty wipeout. Nick & Starr tried to convince Aja & Ty to U-Turn Kelly & Christy. But Aja & Ty didn't heed their advice. At the Roadblock, Ken's perfect wrestling performance impressed Tina and they came in first. Fatigue set in on Mark. Aja pointed out to Christy that Nick & Starr asked her and Ty to U-Turn her and Kelly. After leaving the Roadblock, Mark & Bill finally realized what they did wrong of not reading the Detour clue properly. In the end, the 30 minute penalty sealed their fate as the third team to be eliminated.

During the Pit Stop, Kelly & Christy confronted Starr about telling Aja & Ty to U-Turn them in the previous leg. At the airport, Aja butted heads with Ty over her behavior. Then in New Zealand, the couple had a flat tire while Marisa & Brooke got lost in the dark. Ken & Tina took the Fast Forward and triumphed. While Marisa & Brooke had trouble finding the Gordian knot, Starr took a tumble at the detour, injuring her arm. In the end, Marisa & Brooke couldn't recover and had an emotional farewell.

In the next leg, Terence & Sarah got held up by the police for speeding. Kelly & Christy tries to play a trick. Andrew & Dan barely made the flight that Aja & Ty couldn't catch. In Cambodia, Andrew & Dan didn't pump the diesel hard enough. Terence & Sarah's boat broke down. Kelly & Christy went in the wrong direction. At the Roadblock, Tina got lost in the temple. Nick & Starr came in first and Aja & Ty couldn't make up lost time from the previous leg and were eliminated.

In the next leg, Starr and Dallas hook up at the travel agency. Then in India, Sarah had trouble at the Roadblock, while Andrew & Dan floundered at the Detour. But Ken & Tina suffered several taxi woes resulting in a last place finish. But they were not eliminated and had to face a Speed Bump in the upcoming leg.

In the next leg, Kelly floundered at the Roadblock. Nick & Starr came in 1st once again. Ken & Tina performed the Speed Bump by selling holy water. Then they helped clear the path for their cab driver and made short work at the detour and helped Andrew & Dan pass the befuddled Kelly & Christy resulting in a taxi race to the pit stop. Ultimately, Ken & Tina's advice paid off as Andrew & Dan survived and Kelly & Christy were eliminated.

Teams then flew to Kazakhstan where teams dash for the route marker. Toni, Tina, and Andrew had close encounter with thousands of chickens. Terence & Sarah and Nick & Starr went for the Fast Forward which is required to eat the fat from the rear end of the sheep. Nick & Starr had no problems with the delicacy, but Terence's status as a vegetarian is the main problem for him and Sarah. Because of that, Terence & Sarah left the Fast Forward giving Nick & Starr the award and an unprecedented fourth win in a row. Andrew & Dan struggled to communicate with the locals. Ken & Tina misread their clue at the Detour not once, but twice. Andrew & Dan made a huge mistake by taking a taxi to the pit stop instead of going by foot forcing them to go back where they started. But in the end, Terence & Sarah's decision to leave the Fast Forward task sealed their elimination.

In the next leg, Andrew & Dan made an expensive purchase for shoes to replace the ones they left behind at the previous leg's detour. Then in Moscow, they had difficulty with the foot wraps at the military base. Then they fell behind due to Dan's lack of marching skills. Nick & Starr had great difficulties with their cab. Toni & Dallas finally landed first, while Andrew & Dan's purchase for shoes came back to haunt them and they finished last, but were not eliminated. And they had to face a Speed Bump in the penultimate leg of the race.

In the next leg, Nick & Starr pulled ahead while teams made some bad counting at the Roadblock. Dan's lack of dancing slowed his team down at the Speed Bump. But Dallas left the fanny pack containing the passports and money in the cab that took off. Nick & Starr regained first. After Andrew & Dan overcame the Speed Bump and finished 2nd, Ken & Tina missed the cluebox at the end of the detour. But in the end, Toni & Dallas' unprecedented mistake proved to be enough to seal their elimination.

In the final leg, teams landed in Portland, Oregon where Andrew & Dan hailed the wrong taxi driver. Nick & Starr and Ken & Tina found themselves in a dead heat. Then they both got lost by foot in the confusing streets downtown. Eventually, Nick & Starr hailed a cab first, and never looked back by crossing the finish line as winners of The Amazing Race.

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