The Amazing Race/Season Fifteen

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Season Fifteen
The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race-S15-cast.jpg
Season Premiere September 27, 2009
Season Finale December 6, 2009
Episode Count 12
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Season Fourteen


Season Sixteen

Season Fifteen of The Amazing Race premiered on September 27, 2009.


  • Contestant Information: Information of all the teams on the season and their placements throughout the race
  • Placement and Results: A table listing of the results of every leg on the race, including leg-to-leg results of each team


# # Title Airdate
169 1 They Thought Godzilla Was Walking Down the Street (1) September 27, 2009
170 2 They Thought Godzilla Was Walking Down the Street (2) September 27, 2009
171 3 It's Like Being Dropped on Planet Mars October 4, 2009
172 4 Sean Penn Cambodia Here We Come October 11, 2009
173 5 I'm Like Ricky Bobby October 18, 2009
174 6 Do It for the Hood! Do It for the Suburbs! October 25, 2009
175 7 This Is Not My Finest Hour November 1, 2009
176 8 This Is the Worst Thing I've Ever Done in My Life November 8, 2009
177 9 We're Not Meant for the Swamp November 15, 2009
178 10 We're Not Working With Anybody, Ever, Anymore! November 22, 2009
179 11 It Starts With an "F", That's All I'm Saying November 29, 2009
180 12 Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound! December 6, 2009


12 teams gathered at the Los Angeles River basin and were hit with a bombshell. For one team, it would be their short race. Teams scrambled for correct license plates. In the end, married yoga teachers Eric & Lisa couldn't find the plate in time and were eliminated at the starting line. Teams continued on to Tokyo, where teams try to spice it up at the Roadblock, and Maria and Brian found the wasabi bombs too hot to handle. Teams then had to lead groups of studio audience members through the confusing streets of Shibuya. Poker players Maria & Tiffany lost two of their people and can't find them resulting in a last place finish. But in a big twist, they were not eliminated. They had to face a Speed Bump and the penalty they assessed for unable to complete the challenge.

In the next leg, teams flew to Vietnam. Brothers Sam & Dan discover Maria & Tiffany's secret when their occupation as poker players was unveiled by a local and then they playfully confront them. Maria & Tiffany performed the Speed Bump and hoped to catch up. At the Roadblock, some racers like Ericka and Jessica couldn't control their ducks, while others kept them in line leading Gary & Matt to first place and Garrett & Jessica to elimination.

In the next leg, teams were taken by boat from Cai Be to Ho Chi Minh city, where Marcy reflected on her father's experience in the Vietnam War, while Lance & Keri did not open the bullet containing the stamp that has their next destination, as well as getting lost on Dien Co 008. Zev & Justin encountered problems at the Detour when their concrete giraffe crashed to the ground as Flight Time & Big Easy edged out Meghan & Cheyne for first place. Marcy & Ron had their own problems at the Detour. Lance's smashing success at the Roadblock kept him and Keri in the race and Marcy & Ron were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams flew to Cambodia were Zev & Justin hit their stride until Zev collapsed at the Roadblock allowing Sam & Dan to surge ahead. But it was Zev & Justin who finished first. However, they were hit with devastating news as they discovered that they lost Zev's passport, knocking them out of first, and eventually out of the race.

In the next leg, teams flew to the city of Dubai, where Meghan & Cheyne grabbed the Fast Forward and triumphed. After a scorching Roadblock, a frigid detour had the Globetrotters helping Mika & Canaan. Lance & Keri got lost, and eventually they were eliminated.

In the next leg, Big Easy struggled at the Roadblock when he did not look at the watch correctly and entered wrong codes on the briefcase, dropping them into last place. Brian & Ericka stumbled at the detour. Teams take a leap of faith as Meghan & Cheyne slid into their third first place finish. And in one of the most dramatic finishes in Amazing Race history, Mika was crippled by her fear of heights and water when she refused to go down the water slide even when Canaan pleaded, allowing the Globetrotters to catch up big time and survive. Mika couldn't complete the task forcing her and Canaan out of the race.

In the next leg, teams flew to Amsterdam, where Ericka floundered at the Roadblock. In the Dutch countryside, Sam & Dan surged past Meghan & Cheyne giving them their second first place finish. At the Detour, the Globetrotters got down, while Maria & Tiffany struggled, only to find the other side of the detour challenging. This gave Brian & Ericka the opportunity to barely stay in the race, as Maria & Tiffany folded and quit the race.

In the next leg, teams flew to Stockholm, Sweden. Gary & Matt went in circles in the streets pushing them to last place. Other teams enjoyed a wild ride, had a blast at the Detour, and visited one of the most challenging Roadblocks in Amazing Race history. Meghan lost control, and Dan loses patience with Sam. The Globetrotters burst into their second first place finish. As Sam finally completed the Roadblock, Dan felt regretful. Gary & Matt couldn't catch up, but were not eliminated.

In the next leg, teams raced by ferry to Tallinn, Estonia. Gary & Matt had to perform a Speed Bump as other teams discover the brotherhood. At the Roadblock, Matt was at loss for words, and didn't uncover the clue correctly, pushing his team farther behind. Tensions escalated between the Globetrotters and Sam & Dan as they battled for the taxi. Meghan & Cheyne got down and dirty at the Detour earning them their fourth first place finish. Then the Globetrotters and Sam & Dan collided with each other in a sprint to the pit stop, igniting further hostility. But Gary & Matt couldn't catch up and were eliminated.

In the next leg, teams flew to Prague, where Meghan & Cheyne battled Flight Time & Big Easy at the Detour. Sam & Dan capsized, but made a game-changing move to get ahead when they stole Brian & Ericka's cab. At the Roadblock, Flight Time sang a happy tune. It was Meghan & Cheyne smiling in first place once again. Brian & Ericka came in last but were spared elimination.

In the next leg, Brian & Ericka drank up the Speed Bump, while confusion raged at the Roadblock. Dan agreed with Big Easy to work together. But when he got the answer correct, he broke the deal, putting Big Easy at a disadvantage. Sam & Dan bickered at the Detour, giving Meghan & Cheyne their sixth first place finish. Brian & Ericka caught up to the Globetrotters at the Roadblock. Brian passed Big Easy. And Big Easy took a four-hour penalty which ultimately resulted in an emotional farewell.

In the final leg of the race, all three teams took a flight to their final destination, Las Vegas. Teams took a terrifying Roadblock. Ericka struggled to grab the bouquet of flowers and grew frustrated, allowing Sam & Dan to surge ahead, until counting the casino chips stalled them. This gave Meghan & Cheyne an opportunity to catch up. With all three teams evened up, Meghan & Cheyne counted correctly and earned a million dollar chip to deliver to Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, who gave them their final clue to direct them to his house, where Meghan & Cheyne crossed the finish line as winners of The Amazing Race.

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