The Amazing Race/Season Seven

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Season Seven
The Amazing Race
Season Premiere March 1, 2005
Season Finale May 10, 2005
Episode Count 12
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Season Seven of The Amazing Race premiered on March 1, 2005.


  • Contestant Information: Information of all the teams on the season and their placements throughout the race
  • Placement and Results: A table listing of the results of every leg on the race, including leg-to-leg results of each team


# # Title Airdate
74 1 Courteous? This Is a Race! March 1, 2005
75 2 The Whole Country Hates Me March 8, 2005
76 3 Do You Need Some Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation? March 15, 2005
77 4 What a Gaucho You Are March 22, 2005
78 5 I've Been Wanting a Face-Lift for a Long Time March 29, 2005
79 6 Houston, We Have an Elephant! April 5, 2005
80 7 They Saved the Eyeball April 6, 2005
81 8 Mow'em Down Like Grass April 12, 2005
82 9 We Have a Bad Elephant! April 19, 2005
83 10 We Got a Gnome! We Got a Gnome! April 26, 2005
84 11 The Devil Made Me Do It May 3, 2005
85 12 5 Continents, 25 Cities and More than 40,000 Miles! May 10, 2005


11 teams set out from Long Beach, California and raced 4000 miles to Lima, Peru. Rob & Amber got help from a local who recognized them from Survivor, and leapfrogged to the front of the pack. Some teams were upset. Everyone rode a zip line in the mountains of Cusco. Mother and son team Susan & Patrick struggled herding llamas, while the animals took kindly to married retirees Meredith & Gretchen. In the end, lifelong friends Debbie & Bianca finished first, and a tight footrace between best friends Ryan & Chuck and dating couple Ron & Kelly determined the elimination for Ryan & Chuck.

In the next leg, Debbie & Bianca confronted Rob & Amber about lying. But Rob fought back, bribing the bus driver to not open the rear door, and delaying teams in the back of the bus. On the Detour, Meredith & Gretchen were light on cash while Lynn & Alex's fish was simply too light. And when they confronted the merchant, they were met with a defiant mob. Rob & Amber were first to arrive. And in the end it was a footrace to the pit stop with Brian & Greg barely beating their allies Megan & Heidi and Megan & Heidi were given by the brothers a tearful goodbye as they became the second team to be eliminated.

In the next leg, Rob and Amber stole Debbie and Bianca’s cab, but Debbie & Bianca's problems were just beginning as they wound up driving two hours in the wrong direction. Teams enjoyed a breathtaking drive through the Andes. On the Detour, Brian and Greg lost momentum, while their competition paddled past. A Roadblock challenged teams to eat four pounds of beef. Rob struggled and rolled the dice that other teams would take the four hour penalty. Patrick struggled to swallow the food and avoiding Susan's distractions. Debbie did the task, but it wasn't enough and Debbie & Bianca were eliminated.

In the next leg, Joyce took a wild horse ride, but still got right back in the saddle to complete the Roadblock. Deana broke down. On the first flight to Buenos Aires, the lead teams gloated but quickly changed their tune. Ray & Deana didn’t hide their contempt for Meredith & Gretchen. Susan & Patrick floundered, and while Susan remained optimistic, Patrick did not, and tensions rose. In the end, even Susan's confidence couldn't save them from elimination.

In the next leg, Ray & Deana took a terrifying Fast Forward and beat Rob & Amber to the punch. On the underground Detour, a devastating fall set Gretchen back. But the accident didn't break her spirits. During the Roadblock, Amber got help from a local woman who recognized her from Survivor and helped her and Rob all the way to the pit stop. Uchenna & Joyce got emotional at an orphanage. Bruised and battered, Meredith & Gretchen came in last but were not eliminated and they had to start the next leg with only their passports and the clothes on their back.

Once in Botswana, teams sped across the African bush. Brian and Greg lost control and their van flipped over. While the brothers were not hurt, their cameraman was. Lynn & Alex stopped to help. But Rob & Amber drove right by. Ray & Deana bickered at the Detour, while the brothers snuck in from behind. And in the end, it was a footrace to the Pit Stop, with Ray & Deana narrowly eliminated.

In the next leg, Uchenna & Joyce did great balance on the Detour, while the other teams struggled milking goats. Brian & Greg misread their clue, and wound up at the wrong watertower. Teams enjoyed a scenic drive though the African bush. Lynn & Alex managed to break down AND get a flat tire. Tensions rose with Ron & Kelly, which turned to name calling. Uchenna & Joyce didn’t complete the Roadblock correctly, and neither did Meredith & Gretchen, who missed their last clue. Both had to go back, opening up the door for last place Brian & Greg. But in the end, even their outfits couldn’t save them from elimination.

While Rob & Amber teamed up with Ron & Kelly, the other three teams made an alliance of their own. Once in Lucknow, Ron & Kelly had some teamwork issues, while Rob got feisty with the locals. Gretchen grappled with a tough Roadblock. Then the retired couple were adored by the locals. Then in Jodhpur, teams partied with the locals. While Gretchen hitched an elephant ride at the Detour, Meredith struggled to push it. At the Fast Forward, Joyce underwent a traditional Hindu ritual and the couple finished 1st. At the Roadblock, teams struggled with ill-tempered camels. In a race to the pit stop, Lynn & Alex went to the wrong palace. In the end, they couldn't recover from their mistake and were eliminated.

In the next leg, Kelly confronted Ron. Uchenna got some tricks up on his sleeve, and the couple came in 1st. Gretchen tackled a very physical Roadblock, and Rob & Amber barely beat Ron & Kelly to the Pit Stop. But Ron & Kelly survived elimination.

Teams then flew to London, where Rob & Amber yielded Ron & Kelly. Uchenna helped Meredith & Gretchen with a difficult detour. The Roadblock frustrated all the teams. In the end, Meredith & Gretchen had an emotional farewell.

Teams then flew to Kingston, Jamaica where the women performed the limbo Roadblock. On the way to the pit stop, Rob & Amber got pulled over by the police. But Uchenna & Joyce suffered a flat tire and they arrived last but were not eliminated.

In the final leg of the race, Uchenna & Joyce struggled for money. Rob & Amber made quick work of the onions and the Detour. One team in each plane flew to Puerto Rico, where Rob & Amber discovered that the Sugar Factory doesn't open til 7 am letting the other teams including Uchenna & Joyce catch up. At the Roadblock, teams took a dive off the platform. Ron & Kelly took a wrong turn and clashed. Rob & Amber seemed to be lucky. But it was Uchenna & Joyce who was more lucky by getting on the flight with Rob & Amber. In Miami, Rob & Amber had some language difficulties and got lost in Little Havana. Uchenna & Joyce had no trouble at all, even being hung up for paying the cab didn't matter as the married couple crossed the finish line by becoming the official winners of The Amazing Race.

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