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This is a list of television shows based on characters from DC Comics.

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Adventures of Superman Live-action First-run syndication 1952–1958
The Adventures of Superpup Animated 1958
unaired pilot
The Adventures of Superboy Live-action TBA 1961
unaired pilot
Batman Live-action ABC 1966–1968
The New Adventures of Superman Animated CBS 1966–1967
Includes Superman and The Adventures of Superboy segments
Wonder Woman Live-action 1967
unaired pilot presentation
The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure Animated CBS 1967–1968
Includes Superman, The Adventures of Superboy, Aquaman and guest star segments
The Batman/Superman Hour Animated CBS 1968–1969
Superman and Batman segments
Aquaman Animated CBS 1968–1970
Repackage of previously aired Aquaman segments
The Adventures of Batman Animated 1969
Repackage of previously aired Batman segments
Super Friends Animated ABC 1973
Wonder Woman Live-action ABC 1974
TV movie intended as a pilot
Shazam! Live-action CBS 1974–1976
Wonder Woman Live-action ABC 1976–1977
CBS 1977–1979
The New Adventures of Batman Animated CBS 1977
The All-New Superfriends Hour Animated ABC 1977
The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour Animated CBS 1977
Features previously-aired segments from The New Adventurers of Batman alongside Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle
Tarzan and the Super 7 Animated CBS 1978–1979
Features previously-aired segments from The New Adventuers of Batman alongside Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle and others
Challenge of the Superfriends Animated ABC 1978
Legends of the Superheroes Live-action NBC 1979
The World's Greatest Superfriends Animated ABC 1979
The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show Animated ABC 1979–1981
Super Friends Animated ABC 1980–1981
Batman and the Super 7 Animated NBC 1980
Features previously-aired segments from The New Adventuers of Batman alongside others
Kid Superpower Hour with Shazam! Animated NBC 1981
Super Friends Animated 1983
Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show Animated ABC 1984
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians Animated ABC 1985
Superman Animated CBS 1988
Superboy Live-action First-run syndication 1988–1992
later renamed The Adventures of Superboy
Swamp Thing Live-action USA 1990–93
The Flash Live-action CBS 1990–1991
Swamp Thing Animated FOX 1991
Human Target Live-action ABC 1992
Batman: The Animated Series Animated FOX 1992–1995
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Live-action ABC 1993–1997
The Superman/Batman Adventures Animated USA 1995
Features previously aired segments from various series
Superman: The Animated Series Animated The WB 1996–2000
Justice League of America Live-action TBA 1997
unaired pilot
The New Batman Adventures Animated The WB 1997–1999
Batman Beyond Animated The WB 1999–2001
Static Shock Animated The WB 2000–2004
The Zeta Project Animated The WB 2001–2002
Smallville Live-action The WB 2001–2006
The CW 2006–2011
Justice League Animated Cartoon Network 2001–2006
Later renamed Justice League Unlimited
Birds of Prey Live-action The WB 2002–2003
Teen Titans Animated Cartoon Network 2003–2006
The Batman Animated The WB 2004–2006
The CW 2006–2008
Krypto the Superdog Animated Cartoon Network 2005–2006
Aquaman Live-action The CW 2006
unaired pilot
Plastic Man Animated Cartoon Network 2006
unaired pilot
Legion of Super Heroes Animated The CW 2006–2008
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Animated Cartoon Network 2008–2011
Human Target Live-action FOX 2010–2011
Young Justice Animated Cartoon Network 2010– 
Wonder Woman Live-action NBC 2011
unaired pilot
Green Lantern: The Animated Series Animated Cartoon Network 2010–2013
Arrow Live-action The CW 2012–2020
Teen Titans Go! Animated Cartoon Network 2013– 
Beware the Batman Animated Cartoon Network 2013–2014
Gotham Live-action FOX 2014–2019
The Flash Live-action The CW 2014– 
Constantine Live-action NBC 2014–2015
iZombie Live-action The CW 2015–2019
Supergirl Live-action CBS 2015–2016
The CW 2016– 
Lucifer Live-action FOX 2016– 
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Live-action The CW 2016–2022
Preacher Live-action AMC 2016–2019
Justice League Action Animated Cartoon Network 2016–2018
Scalped Live-action WGN America 2016
pilot ordered
Powerless Live-action NBC 2017
Black Lightning Live-action The CW 2018– 
Titans Live-action DC Universe 2018– 
Doom Patrol Live-action DC Universe 2019– 
Swamp Thing Live-action DC Universe 2019
Batwoman Live-action The CW 2019–2022
Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons Animated CW Seed 2020– 

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