Legion of Super Heroes

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Legion of Super Heroes
Legion of Super-Heroes-Logo.jpg
Premiere September 23, 2006
Finale April 5, 2008
Creator Sander Schwartz
Otto Binder (comics)
Al Plastino (comics)
Network/Provider The CW
Style 30-minute animated superhero action
Company Warner Bros. Animation
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Seasons 2
Episodes 26
Origin USA

Legion of Super Heroes (2006-08) is an animated action/comedy series based on the DC Comics teenage superhero team of the same name. Set in the 30th century, the Legion goes back in time to recruit Superman to help fight evil in their time but accidentally overshoot and recruit Superboy. Together, they defend the rights of all free worlds and uphold the laws of the United Planets.

Although various members of the Legion of Super Heroes appeared in Diniverse series like Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited, this version of the team will likely be unrelated except in name, much like the Teen Titans version of Robin.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Andy Milder Lightning Lad 1 2
Yuri Lowenthal Superman 1 2
Superman X 2
Adam Wylie Brainiac 5 1 2
Kari Wahlgren Saturn Girl 1 2
Duo Damsel/Triplicate Girl 1 2
Shawn Harrison Timber Wolf 1 2
Heather Hogan Phantom Girl 1 2
Michael Cornacchia Bouncing Boy 1 2
Alex Polinsky Chameleon Boy 2
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Wil Wheaton Cosmic Boy 1 2


Season Premiere Finale #
The CW
Season One September 23, 2006 May 5, 2007 13
Season Two September 22, 2007 April 5, 2008 13


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Episode Collections
Volume 1 August 28, 2007 1


Volume 2 February 5, 2008 1


Volume 3 September 9, 2008 1


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