Plastic Man (2006)

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Plastic Man
Plastic Man
Premiere unaired
Creator Tom Kenny
Andy Suriano
Network Cartoon Network
Style 15-minute animated superhero comedy
Company Warner Bros. Animation
Episodes 1
Origin USA

Plastic Man is an animated superhero comedy featuring the DC Comics hero as the titular character. The pilot was produced in 2006 by lead voice actor Tom Kenny for Cartoon Network. The series centers around Plastic Man, a former gangster named Eel O'Brien turned stretchy crime fighter. Along with his parole officer, Archie, Plastic Man fights criminals that are either just as absurd as he is or worse, including the Human Puddle, Lady Granite, Firebug and the Pretzel.

Although the series was apparently passed on, according to a blog entry by character designer Phil Rynda[1], the 10 minute pilot episode surfaced on a variety of free video websites like YouTube before being systematically removed by agents of either The WB or Cartoon Network. A further step was taken and Rynda was asked to censor all mention of Plastic Man in his blog entry, as well as all of his design concepts from the pilot.

According to Stephen DeStefano, a storyboard artist for the pilot, the decision by the network to pass may not be finished business as previously indicated by Rynda[2].


Actor Character
Billed Cast
Tom Kenny Plastic Man
Dave Coulier Archie
Dee Bradley Baker The Human Puddle
Jill Taley Lady Granite


# Title Airdate
0 Puddle Trouble unaired


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