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The following is a list of programs that are based upon characters that originated in Marvel Comics.


TV Shows

Title Format Network Years Universe Notes
The Marvel Superheroes Animated First-run syndication 1966
The Fantastic Four Animated ABC 1967–69
Spider-Man Animated ABC 1967–70
The Electric Company Variety PBS 1974–77 Spidey Super Stories segment only
The Incredible Hulk Live action CBS 1978–82
The Amazing Spider-Man Live action CBS 1978
Supaidā-Man Live action Tokyo Channel 12 1978–79
The Fantastic Four Animated NBC 1978
Spider-Woman Animated ABC 1979–80
The Thing Animated NBC 1979
Spider-Man Animated First-run syndication 1981
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Animated NBC 1981–83
The Incredible Hulk Animated NBC 1982–83
X-Men Animated First-run syndication 1989 Only the pilot, Pryde of the X-Men, was produced
Power Pack Live action NBC 1991 Only an unaired pilot was produced
X-Men Animated FOX 1992–97 MAU
Iron Man Animated First-run syndication 1994–96 MAU
Fantastic Four Animated First-run syndication 1994–96 MAU
Spider-Man: The Animated Series Animated FOX 1994–98 MAU
The Incredible Hulk Animated UPN 1996–97 MAU
Silver Surfer Animated FOX 1998 MAU
Spider-Man Unlimited Animated FOX 1999–2000 MAU
The Avengers: United They Stand Animated FOX 1999–2000 MAU
X-Men Evolution Animated WB 2000–03
Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Animated MTV 2003
Blade: The Series Live-action Spike TV 2006
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes Animated Cartoon Network 2006–2007
The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated The CW 2008
Disney XD 2009
Wolverine and the X-Men Animated YTV 2008–09 Nicktoons Network in USA
Iron Man: Armored Adventures Animated Teletoon 2008–  Nicktoons Network in USA
The Super Hero Squad Show Animated Cartoon Network 2009–11
Black Panther Animated ABC3 2010
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Animated Disney XD 2010–12
Iron Man Anime Animax 2010 MA G4 in USA
Wolverine Anime Animax 2011 MA G4 in USA
X-Men Anime Animax 2011 MA G4 in USA
Blade Anime Animax 2011 MA G4 in USA
Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Disney XD 2012–2017 MU
Avengers Assemble Animated Disney XD 2013–  MU
Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Animated Disney XD 2013–15 MU
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Live-action ABC 2013–  MCU
Marvel Disk Wars: Avengers Anime TV Tokyo 2014–15
Agent Carter Live-action ABC 2015–2016 MCU
Daredevil Live-action Netflix 2015–2018 MCU
Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Disney XD 2015–  MU
Jessica Jones Live-action Netflix 2015–  MCU
Marvel's Most Wanted Live action ABC 2016 MCU Only an unaired pilot was produced
Luke Cage Live-action Netflix 2016–2018 MCU
Legion Live-action FX 2017– 
Iron Fist Live-action Netflix 2017–2018 MCU
Marvel Future Avengers Anime Dlife 2017–  MCU
The Defenders Live-action Netflix 2017 MCU
Marvel's Spider-Man Animated Disney XD 2017– 
Inhumans Live-action ABC 2017 MCU
The Gifted Live-action FOX 2017– 
Marvel's Runaways Live-action Hulu 2018–  MCU
Marvel's Cloak and Dagger Live-action Freeform 2018–  MCU
Marvel's New Warriors Live-action Freeform MCU Upcoming


Planned but Unproduced

Other TV shows had been planned at times that didn't get made. In some cases, TV movies were produced to act as a backdoor pilot, but the series weren't picked up. These include Dr. Strange and Nick Fury: Agent of Shield. Additionally, there has been two cases where a TV series was planned, this time Hulk: Gamma Corps and Thor, but they were cancelled before they were produced.

TV Movies

Note, this does not include TV movies which are considered part of a series, as The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man had.

Title Network Airdate
Dr. Strange CBS September 6, 1978
Captain America CBS January 19, 1979
Captain America II: Death Too Soon CBS November 23, 1979
Generation X FOX February 20, 1996
Nick Fury: Agent of Shield FOX May 26, 1998
Man-Thing Sci Fi Channel April 30, 2005

TV Specials