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Founded April, 2002
President Neal Tiles
Company NBCUniversal
Notable Series Attack of the Show

G4 is a cable television channel based in America. The network, founded in April, 2002, was initially created to bring focus to video games and the culture around it through entirely original programming. Originally only a footnote on digital and sattelite cable, the network dwelled in relative obscurity until March 24, 2004 when it merged with TechTV, changing the name to G4techTV. However, G4 became the dominant side of the combined channels and cut out the TechTV part entirely on February 15, 2005. The only remaining TechTV programs are X-Play and (as of August 29, 2005) Call for Help. The Screen Savers still remains on the network, but in an entirely different form.

As of September 2005, Charles Hirschhorn (CEO and founder of the network) was released from his duties. It is currently unknown that this means for programming as Hirchhorn was synonymous with G4 and the movement towards an all video gaming channel. The owners of the network intend to transform the struggling video game content into a network for young male lifestyle, à la Spike TV. The first movements towards this were the addition of reruns of The Man Show and Star Trek: The Next Generation (incidentally, a Spike favorite) to the schedule and the cancellation of G4tv.com.

The channel can also be seen in Canada, but it is co-owned by G4 Media, Rogers Media, and Shaw Communications. It retains the name G4techTV due to CRTC regulation and also, under the same regulations, cannot air Anime Unleashed.




The Whip Set

Midnight Spank (formerly Barbed Wire Biscuit)



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