The Marvel Superheroes

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The Marvel Superheroes
Premiere September 1966
Finale December 1966
Network/Provider First-run syndication
Style 30-minute animated superhero action
Company Grantray-Lawrence Animation,
Paramount Cartoon Studios,
Marvel Enterprises
Seasons 1
Episodes 65
(List of episodes)
Origin USA/Canada

The Marvel Superheroes is an animated superhero action program. It was the first show to be based on Marvel Comics characters. Each episode was made up of three segments, with Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Prince Namor, The Sub Mariner each getting one episode a week. These episodes were composed of actual comic book panels from the stories being adapted for television, with only the mouths of the characters animated to move. It aired in syndication.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Bernard Cowen Hulk
Chris Wiggins Thor
Arthir Pierce Captain America
John Vernon The Sub Mariner
Iron Man
Peg Dixon Betty Ross
Pepper Potts
Lady Dorma
Nurse Jane Foster


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 1966 December 1966 65


DVD Releases

In the US, the only DVD containing any episodes were a Hulk DVD from a different show that included one Hulk episode from Marvel Superheroes. At one point, reported that the entire series was going to be released in June 2005[1], but it was later pulled off the schedule[2] with no further news.

In Canada, a handful of episodes have been released on DVDs containing one Marvel Superheroes episode and one Spider-Man episode.

In the UK, the complete series has been released over five different sets, with each set focusing on one of the heroes.


Title Release Date #
Individual Episodes
The Mighty Thor: Enter Hercules March 17, 2009 1


Captain America vs. The Red Skull 2009 1

Episode Collections - Various Series
Heroes United November 4, 2008 3


Episode(s) as Special Features
The Incredible Hulk June 17, 2003 1

Partial Season Sets: Region 2
Captain America: The Complete Series May 21, 2007 2


The Mighty Thor: The Complete Series May 21, 2007 2


Sub-Mariner: The Complete Series May 21, 2007 2


Iron Man: The Complete Series October 8, 2007 2


The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Season June 30, 2008 2


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