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  • ...ason One|the first season]] that they kept it as their ace for their force series finale's plot twist. This idea was kept up through part of [[Scrubs/Season
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  • Though originally cancelled at the end of season 8 in 2010, it was announced at the 2013 upfronts that [[Category:Resurrected Series]]
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  • ... after the season ended, Sci-Fi Channel announced that the series had been cancelled and its tenth season would be its final one. The Best Brains crew didn't t
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  • ... [[UPN]] before moving to [[The CW]] after UPN merged with [[The WB]]. The series stars the titular character, [[Veronica Mars/Veronica Mars|Veronica Mars]] ...odes respectively, followed by a series of purely standalone episodes. The series also switched locales, as Veronica graduated and went to college between se
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  • ...ored to have been a catalyst for its cancellation, and rumors floated that series creator [[J.J. Abrams]] considered the possibility of a [[spinoff]], possib ...levision]]. [[Disney-ABC Domestic Television]] handles distribution of the series.
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  • ...ason Three''' of ''[[Family Guy]]'' premiered on July 11, 2001. The series cancelled for the second time towards the end of the season. The final episode of the
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  • '''Animation''' features a series of drawings or posed toys or sculptures photographed in sequence to create ... The Animated Series]]'' and its spin-offs, continued to thrive). NBC even cancelled its Saturday morning line-up altogether. However, the popularity of ''[[The
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  • novel] of the same name. The series takes place in a high class restaurant where Bourdain has been given a seco ...ue to lengthy breaks and lackluster advertising. The series was ultimately cancelled on December 5, 2005, after a meager four episodes were aired.
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  • ...with the original and animated incarnations, it is the first ''Star Trek'' series in decades to not enjoy a full seven season run. The series was titled simply '''''Enterprise''''' when it premiered, a tactic intended
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  • ...rule (in which mediocre performing programs are given 52 episodes and then cancelled). [[Category:Resurrected Series]]
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  • ...has a history of shows placed in the Friday Night Death Slot being rapidly cancelled, such as ''[[Firefly]]'', ''[[Boston Public]]'', ''[[Dark Angel]]'', ''[[Wo One notable recent Friday Night Death Slot cancellation was the series ''[[Star Trek: Enterprise]]'', which was finally canceled after being moved
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  • ''Rescue Me'' starred [[Denis Leary]], who was formerly seen on [[ABC]]'s cancelled cop show, ''[[The Job]]''. The show focuses on the professional and person * [[Rescue Me (2004)/Music|Music]]: A listing of all music used on the series
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  • The WB cancelled the show after airing eight episodes. The remaining five episodes were aire {{DVDtable-lt|The Oblongs|The Complete Twisted Series|October 4, 2005|2|asin=}}
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  • ...te SG-1/Cameron Mitchell|Cameron Mitchell]] on [[Sci Fi Channel|Sci Fi's]] series [[Stargate SG-1]], where he replaced [[Richard Dean Anderson]].
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  • ...rogramming, was created in 1994 specifically for late-night audiences. The series was created by [[Ghost Planet Industries]], which eventually became William ...ace Ghost'' was carried over from previous years and was the lone original series on the block. In 2000, several [[Williams Street]] programs debuted during
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  • ... on the series, Wells went on to write a cookbook keeping in line with the series and a line of clothing for people with limited mobility. ... of Gilligan's Island. He is one of the few cast members to not resent the series and its effect on his career following and does not take offense when peopl
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  • ...d-best news channel in New York City. While perpetually in danger of being cancelled, the five seasons the show was on continually produced some of the most ent The series stars Dave Nelson, a Wisconsin native and new news director at WNYX. His st
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  • ==Cancelled Series (2005–2006 Season)== ==Series Migrated to The CW (Fall 2006)==
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  • ...avorites and Farewells" five-hour block of pilot episodes from landmark WB series like ''[[Felicity]]'' and ''[[Buffy the Vampire Slayer]]''. ==Cancelled Series 2005–06==
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  • ... episode overall. This is the third episode in the ''Treehouse of Horror'' series and features three vignettes based off of well known horror stories: Clown ...The latter three were all failed [[primetime]] cartoons which had all been cancelled before this episode aired, although it wasn't meant maliciously as producer
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