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The Galleria is the main setting for 6teen, a huge shopping mall which is the workplace and hangout of the show's main and supporting characters.


Stores and services at The Galleria

The Penalty Box

A sporting goods store (which parodies the similar Foot Locker chain) where Jen Masterson works as a sales associate under the supervision of her boss, Coach Halder. The store contains an actual penalty box where employees who don't pull their weight on the job are sent to serve out "penalties"; Jen is a frequent visitor to the penalty box (even though she is the hardest worker under Halder's watch) due to Halder's cluelessness causing him to penalize her for screwups committed by her friends (particularly Jonesy Garcia), her fellow employees, or even Halder himself.

The Khaki Barn

A parody of The Gap, this is the clothing store where The Clones (and, until the series finale, Nikki Wong) work. The Khaki Barn and its slogan, "Where individuality is highly overrated", stand for everything Nikki is against (including The Clones, who represent all that the store embraces), but it was the only store that, in an ironic twist, would hire Nikki. Jen's older sister, Courtney Masterson, is a former Khaki Barn employee (which Courtney tells Nikki in "It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!").

The Big Squeeze

An Orange Julius-like lemonade and smoothie stand operated by Caitlin Cooke. Jen originally worked at the Big Squeeze until she gained the experience needed to land the sales job she wanted at the Penalty Box in the series pilot, "Take This Job and Squeeze It", when she gave her old job to Caitlin to help her pay off her credit card debt. The stand's owner and Caitlin's boss is Big Steve, who looks and acts like a stereotypical Texas tycoon.

Gigantoplex Cinemas

A huge stadium-seating megaplex movie theatre at The Galleria (and a takeoff of real-life cinema chains like Cineplex Entertainment and AMC Theatres), this is where Jonesy and the gang go to catch the latest feature flicks, and where they also sometimes bring their dates. Although it is not specified how many screens the Gigantoplex has, its main theatre appears to contain well over 1,000 seats. In "Bicker Me Not", George Bickerson mentions that he had been an usher at the Gigantoplex back when it was originally a single-screen theatre.

Albatross & Finch

A casual lifestyle clothing store at The Galleria run by a group of snobby employees termed by store management as Greeter Gods and Goddesses. Jonesy briefly worked there as a Greeter God in "The (Almost) Graduate" after he was hired instead of Caitlin at a job interview, but when the store employees later humiliate Caitlin for "not being fashionable or cool", Jonesy stands up for her and gets himself fired after mooning the stuck-up Greeter Gods and Goddesses on principle. The store parodies the Abercrombie & Fitch retail chain.

Spin This

A record store where Wyatt Williams originally worked. Wyatt also dated the store's manager, Serena, until she broke up with him via text message, then publicly fired him from Spin This after Wyatt vindictively embarrassed her for dumping him in favor of fellow employee Chad. Marlowe, Wyatt's then-girlfriend in the third season, briefly worked there in "Love at Worst Sight" (to the chagrin of Wyatt, who disapproved of her budding friendship with Serena because of Serena's past treatment of him) until she quit after she found out that Serena, who had become envious of Wyatt and Marlowe's relationship, told Wyatt in a note (which Marlowe found on the store floor) that she still had feelings for him.

Grind Me

Patterned after the Starbucks chain, this is the coffee house where the gang goes for their caffeine fix. It is mentioned by Stone, Nikki's then-fling, in "Jonesy's Low Mojo" that there are at least 40 locations of Grind Me at The Galleria (which also parodies the large number of locations Starbucks has). The location Jonesy and company hang out at is managed by Charmaine, the best friend of Wyatt's ex Serena.

Huntington's Department Store

A large department store at The Galleria, which parodies the now-defunct Canadian department store chain Eaton's. Caitlin and her parents have accounts at Huntington's (noted in "The Sushi Connection"), and Jonesy has held several jobs at the store, including as a beauty consultant, a fragrance salesman, and the "after" model in a before-and-after facial cream campaign.

Stick It

A food court kiosk specializing in kebabs and other fried foods-on-a-stick. The Stick It was run by Jude Lizowski until mall management ordered it shut down in "Going Underground" when it failed a health inspection after Blade (a jock rival of Jonesy's) complained about being sold a kebab with a dead cockroach cooked into it by Jude.

Underground Video

An independent video store run by the sarcastic, abrasive, and pessimistic Wayne, who later became the store's owner. Jude formerly worked at the store under Wayne's supervision, and Wyatt (and, very briefly, Jonesy) also worked there. In "6 Teens and a Baby", Wayne, who now works at Burger McFlipster's to the surprise of Wyatt, reveals to Wyatt that he has shut down Underground Video.

Burger McFlipster's

A fast-food restaurant where Wyatt and Wayne currently work, its employees must sing for the customers as one of their job requirements. The restaurant is managed by a guy named Tim, who hired Wyatt and was so impressed by the sales increases resulting from the talented Wyatt's songs to the patrons that he made him an assistant manager. Burger McFlipster's is a parody of such burger chains as Burger King and McDonald's.

Super Terrific Happy Sushi

A Japanese restaurant frequented by Jonesy and the gang, which is run by two traditionally-garbed Japanese chefs, Hiro and Kuni. Jonesy briefly worked there and was taught the art of "Karashi" by Hiro in "Enter the Dragon", and the wedding rehearsal dinner for Jonesy's father and Jen's mother was held there in "The Wedding Destroyers". Although the restaurant serves Japanese cuisine, its interior appearance more closely resembles that of a Chinese restaurant (particularly in its use of the color red, which is considered a lucky color in Chinese culture).

Soft Rock Café

A parody of the real-life Hard Rock Café, this casual dining restaurant is where Jonesy and the gang periodically go for special occasions. Jonesy briefly worked at the Soft Rock Café on two separate occasions (first as a waiter/host, then as a washroom attendant), while head Clone Chrissy also briefly worked there as a hostess. This restaurant was patronized by teen celebrity Liza Loman (one of Jonesy and Jen's favorite celebrities) and her entourage on its opening night gala, and it also hosted Tricia's disastrous Sweet Sixteen party.

Galleria Skating Rink

Patterned after the real-life West Edmonton Mall's Ice Palace rink, [1] this is where the gang and other characters go skating, and where Jude formerly worked as the rink's Zamboni driver until he was fired for leaving the Zamboni unattended and letting it drive off into the mall with Jen's baby sister Emma aboard in "6 Teens and a Baby".

Stereo Shack

An obvious parody of Radio Shack, this electronics store is where a geeky Star Wars fan called Darth works. Nikki briefly worked at Stereo Shack after getting temporarily fired from the Khaki Barn and was the subject of a crush by the enamored Darth, whose affections were not returned by Nikki (who saw him as an annoying pest).

Wonder Taco

A takeoff of the Taco Bell restaurant chain. One of its employees is Julie, an awkward, nerdy girl with huge braces that cause her to spit like cartoon character Daffy Duck when she talks, who would secretly spit in the tacos of any customers who made fun of the braces or the way they caused her to talk. Julie was later romantically paired up with Darth by Nikki.

El Sporto's

A sports-themed casual dining restaurant frequented by the gang on special occasions. The waitress who works there, Leda, constantly changes her accent and background (pretending to be Russian, Italian, Greek or Spanish, for example) depending on her mood and the occasion.

Vegan Island

A food court kiosk that deals in vegetarian and vegan foods. Starr, Jude's on-again, off-again New Age vegetarian girlfriend, was last seen employed at the eatery in the second season before her transition to the Goth lifestyle.

Si Si Sombrero's

Seen only in the one-hour Christmas special "Snow Job", this is a Mexican restaurant where Jonesy very briefly worked before he was fired by the restaurant's manager for complaining about the sombrero he had to wear for his job after two girls made fun of him for wearing the hat. Depending on the version of the episode shown, Si Si Sombrero's manager is either an adult male (in the DVD version) or, in a more non-realistic depiction, a 12-year-old girl (in the English-language version aired on Teletoon in Canada).