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Retro Television Network
RTV logo.png
Founded July 2005 (locally)
September 2007 (nationally)
President Henry Luken
Company Luken Communications
Notable Series

Retro Television Network (branded as Retro TV and previously branded as RTN and RTV) is a broadcast network owned by Luken Communications. It is broadcast as a digital sub-channel of local stations through-out the country.

Retro TV was founded in July 2005 as a local Little Rock, Arkansas station and was rolled out nationally starting in September 2007. The focus of their programming is on repeats of classic television from the 1950s to the 1990s.


Shows currently airing

DreamWorks Classics

Peter Rodgers Organization

SFM Entertainment

Sony Pictures Television

Other companies

Shows formerly aired

CBS Television Distribution

NBC Universal Television

Peter Rodgers Organization

Sony Pictures Television

Stephen J. Cannell Productions

Other companies

  • B InTune TV
  • Celebrity Kitchen
  • Closing Remarks
  • Critter Gitter
  • Daytime (WFLA-TV)
  • The Great Outdoorsman's
  • Hip Hop Harry
  • Love2Talk
  • Jane's Sew and So
  • Mustard Pancakes
  • My Bed Bugs
  • Planet X TV
  • Road Classics
  • The Simply True Show
  • Steel Dreams
  • Unreliable Sources

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