Starsky & Hutch

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Starsky & Hutch
Starsky & Hutch-Title.jpg
Premiere pilot movie
April 30, 1975
September 10, 1975
Finale May 15, 1979
Creator William Blinn
Network/Provider ABC
Style 60-minute crime drama
Company Spelling-Goldberg Productions
Seasons 4
Episodes 92 + pilot movie
Origin USA

Starsky & Hutch is a crime drama that aired on ABC.

The series' protagonists were two Southern California police detectives: David Michael Starsky, the dark-haired, Brooklyn transplant and U.S. Army veteran, with a street-wise manner and intense, sometimes childlike moodiness; and Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson, the blond, Duluth, Minnesota native with a more reserved and intellectual approach. Under the radio call sign "Zebra Three", they were known for usually tearing around the streets of fictional "Bay City, California". The vehicle of choice was Starsky's two-door Ford Gran Torino, which was bright-red, with a large white vector stripe on both sides, they used around four different cars for filming, earlier shots had red wing mirrors usually for long shots or footage used in later episodes, close ups and later episodes had silver wing mirrors. The Torino was nicknamed the "Striped Tomato" by Hutch in the episode "Snowstorm", and fans subsequently referred to the car by that nickname, too. However, this moniker didn't come from the writers - it came from a real-life comment that Glaser made. In a segment titled Starsky & Hutch: Behind The Badge that was featured on the first season DVD collection, Glaser stated that when he was first shown the Torino by series producer Aaron Spelling, he sarcastically said to Soul, "That thing looks like a striped tomato!" In characteristic contrast, Hutch's vehicle was a battered, tan, 1973 Ford Galaxie 500. It occasionally appeared when the duo needed separate vehicles, or for undercover work; however, the duo's cover was often blown because Hutch's vehicle had a bad habit: when its driver's side door was opened, the horn would go off, instantly drawing attention. It was also noticeable due to the severely cluttered back seat, so cluttered that there was no room to transport both prisoners, and the two detectives, simultaneously.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3 4
Paul Michael Glaser Det. Sgt. Dave Starsky * * * *
David Soul Det. Sgt. Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson * * * *
Bernie Hamilton Capt. Harold Dobey * * * *
Antonio Fargas "Huggy Bear" Brown * * * *


Title Network Airdate
Starsky & Hutch ABC April 30, 1975


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 10, 1975 April 21, 1976 22
Season Two September 25, 1976 April 16, 1977 25
Season Three September 17, 1977 May 17, 1978 23
Season Four September 12, 1978 May 15, 1979 22


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Season Sets  (Region 1)
The Complete First Season March 2, 2004 purchase 5
The Complete Second Season July 20, 2004 purchase 5
The Complete Third Season March 15, 2005 purchase 5
The Complete Fourth Season October 17, 2006 purchase 5

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