Prison Break/John Abruzzi

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John Abruzzi
Prison Break
Prison Break-John Abruzzi.jpg
Actor Peter Stormare
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance 2x04 - First Down
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 20
Notable Episodes 1x12 - Odd Man Out


Basic Information

A Chicago mob boss, in prison presumably under the RICO Act. Abruzzi runs the prison industry.

Episode Appearances

  1. 1x01 - Pilot
  2. 1x02 - Allen
  3. 1x03 - Cell Test
  4. 1x04 - Cute Poison
  5. 1x05 - English, Fitz or Percy
  6. 1x06 - Riots, Drills and the Devil - Part 1
  7. 1x07 - Riots, Drills and the Devil - Part 2
  8. 1x08 - The Old Head
  9. 1x09 - Tweener
  10. 1x10 - Sleight of Hand
  11. 1x11 - And Then There Were 7
  12. 1x12 - Odd Man Out
  13. 1x13 - End of the Tunnel
  14. 1x19 - The Key
  15. 1x20 - Tonight
  16. 1x21 - Go
  17. 1x22 - Flight
  18. 2x01 - Manhunt
  19. 2x02 - Otis
  20. 2x04 - First Down

Character History

Memorable Moments

  • Abruzzi cuts off Michael's toe to extract the location of Fibonacci, a snitch in Witness Protection who could bring down the whole mob.
  • After ordering T-Bag's cousin to be killed (where a child was also killed), Abruzzi was overwhelmed with guilt and regret. He starts seeing the image of Jesus in his cell and prays for forgiveness for his past sins.
  • After T-Bag handcuffs himself to Michael to prevent the gang deserting him, Abruzzi frees Michael by taking an axe to the handcuffs, chopping off T-Bag's hand in the process.



  • Michael: You're a mercurial man, John.
    Abruzzi: I prefer bold.

  • Gus Fiorello: What the hell are you doing, John?
    Abruzzi: The Lord's work...
    Gus Fiorello: The Lord wants you to spread horse crap all over your mattress?
    Abruzzi: It's not in our place to question his will... Are we clear?

  • Mahone: Kneel and put your hands behind your head.
    Abruzzi: I kneel only to God, I don't see him here.