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The Dethalbum
The Dethalbum
Release Date September 25, 2007
Record Label Williams Street Records
Disc Count 2
Track Count 23
Running Time
Retail Price $18.99

The Dethalbum is the first original soundtrack for the series Metalocalypse. The album is also the first for the virtual metal band Dethklok.


The Dethalbum includes full, expanded versions of songs from the series. Because the album is being produced under the Dethklok name, it will likely list the personnel for the album as the characters from the band; Namely Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, William Murderface and Pickles. In actuality, the songs were recorded by series creator Brendon Small playing a majority of the instruments as well as lead vocals along with noted metal drummer Gene Hoglan on drums and backing vocals.

In addition to the single disc release, a deluxe edition will be offered at a slightly higher price. This version of the album includes the main record as well as several bonus songs, a music video for the song "Bloodrocuted" and the first episode of Metalocalypse season two.

Although this is the first full album by the "band," Dethklok has previously lent a song to a commercial soundtrack. "Hatredcopter," which appears on this album, first appeared on the soundtrack for Saw III, the third in a series of horror films about a serial killer who places his victims in elaborate traps that they may or may not be able to free themselves from after serious moral or physical pain. "Thunderhorse" also appeared in the video game Guitar Hero II as a playable song.

Track Listing

Songs that have appeared in the series are linked to their respective episodes. Unlinked songs, unless otherwise noted, are originals debuting on the album and may be used in future seasons.

# Song Artist Duration
1 Murmaider Dethklok
2 Go Into the Water Dethklok
3 Awaken Dethklok
4 Bloodrocuted Dethklok
5 Go Forth and Die Dethklok
6 Fansong Dethklok
7 Better Metal Snake Dethklok
8 The Lost Vikings Dethklok
9 Thunderhorse Dethklok
10 Briefcase Full of Guts Dethklok
11 Birthday Dethday Dethklok
12 Hatredcopter Dethklok
13 Castratikron Dethklok
14 Face Fisted Dethklok
15 Dethharmonic Dethklok
16 Deththeme Dethklok
Bonus CD
1 Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle Dethklok
2 Blood Ocean Dethklok
3 Murdertrain a Comin' Dethklok
4 Pickles Intro Dethklok
5 Kill You Dethklok
6 Hatredy Dethklok
7 Dethklok Gets in Tune Dethklok