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Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Metalocalypse-Skwisgaar Skwigelf.jpg
Actor Brendon Small
First Appearance 1x01 - The Curse of Dethklok
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 20
Notable Episodes 1x11 - Swisklok


Basic Information

Skwisgaar Skwigelf is the lead guitarist for Dethklok. He was born and raised in Sweden, and is the world's fastest guitar player. Skwisgaar has a strong Swedish accent, and often slurs words and pluralizes singular words.. He refers to things he hates as "dildoes," and is severely allergic to cilantro which causes massive swelling within seconds of contact with it. He plays a Gibson Explorer but has a large collection of custom guitars, including the Swiss Armytar, the Antfarmatar, the Gibson Excaliburtar, and the guitar made from the wood of Christ's Cross. He has an unexplained hatred of the Dutch, who he thinks come from Denmark. In the episode "Skwisklok," Charles Ofdensen has each of Skwisgaar's fingers insured for $1 billion. He has something of a love-hate relationship with Toki Wartooth with whom he spends most of his time, usually verbally abusing him.

Character History

He is from Sweden, raised by single mother and former beauty queen, Serveta Skwigelf, the identity of his father was unknown, until the episode Fatherklok where it was said he is most likely created by the gods. Other bands Skwisgaar has been in include: Agnostic Priest, Gangagar Eldeleel-Alele, Gognog Mug Alugdug, Fuckface Academy, Sausage Assassin, Financially Raped, and Smugly Dismissed. He claims to have been in "pretty much every band, ever."

Memorable Moments


Skwisgaar has been rumored to be based off of Yngwie Malmsteen, the Swedish guitar player.

He has also been rumored to be based off of Alexei Laiho of Children Of Bodom.


  • Well, there's only two things to do in a blackout. Get drunk ... One thing to do.
  • A grandpas guitars? Is for pussies and grandpas. I think you know it.
  • You know what you's are'es? You are a g-milf, that is a grandmothers that i would likes to...
  • Sounds dildos. Agains.