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The Curse of Dethklok
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate August 6, 2006
Production Number 101
Writer(s) Tommy Blacha &
Brendon Small
Director(s) Jon Schnepp

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MetalocalypseSeason One

The Curse of Dethklok is the first episode of the first season of Metalocalypse, and the first episode overall.

The band gets a sponsorship from a coffee company but loses their chef in a concert and have to fend for themselves.

Voices: Tommy Blacha (Toki Wartooth/William Murderface), Victor Brandt (General Krosier/Cardinal Ravenwood), Mark Hamill (Jean-Pierre), Laraine Newman (Reporter), James Hetfield (Fan), Kirk Hammett (Fan), Brendon Small (Nathan Explosion/Pickles/Skwisgaar Skwigelf/Charles Foster Ofdensen)


Plot Overview

The band gets a new chef, a position which has a high mortality rate when cooking for Dethklok. Jean-Pierre tells them he'd rather die than miss out on the opportunity to cook for Dethklok. The band are set to play a concert in Batsfjord, Norway, to play a single song; a coffee jingle for the Duncan Hills Coffee Corporation. Dethklok drop from their helicopter in a metal box accidentally landing on a portion of their fans, and then killing some more by pouring hot coffee on them while playing the jingle. Unfortunately during the mayhem of the show a firework hits Jean-Pierre in the helicopter and launches him into the rotors.

A group of mysterious corporate and world figures are briefed about the Dethklok members and refer to Sumerian artefacts with glyphs that look remarkably similar to the members of Dethklok and hint to the danger that this might mean. It is suggested that Dethklok be killed, however the leader of the group decides that they will wait.

Yet again the band find themselves without a chef and hungry. They decide to go to the supermarket themselves to buy food, something they've not done before. An unsuccessful shopping venture finds Nathan taking over the shop PA system, Murderface urinating in the olives and Skwisgaar hitting on a pensioner. After which they return to the kitchen to find they've left all the food at the supermarket. The band then get angry at Jean-Pierre for not cooking them food and Toki comments that if they try to sew him back together he would probably be "sewn back together wrong", which Nathan realises would be a great name for a song.


Arc Advancement


  • The Tribunal: We are introduced to the mysterious Tribunal who are very interested in Dethklok's activities and seem to thing they're a portent for something terrible.

The Band

During the Tribunal briefing we are introduced to the members of the band (and the lyrics taken from the theme song)

  • Guitar: Skwisgaar Skwigelf: Taller Than a Tree
  • Guitar: Toki Wartooth: Not a Bumble Bee
  • Bass: William Murderface: Murderface Murderface
  • Drums: Pickles: The Drummer Doodily doo, ding-dong doodily doodily doo
  • Vocals: Nathan Explosion



The Show

  • Sewn Back Together Wrong: "Sewn Back Together Wrong" is played over the closing credits after Nathan realises it's a good name for a song. You also see shots of Jean-Pierre having been sewn back together during the credits.
  • Metallica cameos: Metallica frontman James Hetfield voiced a fan who got his eye ripped out and fed to him at a concert while lead guitarist Kirk Hammett voiced a fan who's fingers got chopped off and smoked by Murderface.


  • Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
  • Sewn Back Together Wrong

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Toki: [Sigh] I mights needs to takes five, six personal days for all this griefs gonna have to do.
    Murderface: Aw here we go again [Checks small black book] you took two personal grieving days last week.
    Toki: Yeah, well, I was depressed about colour.
  • Toki: [In awe] What's this place called?
    Skwisgaar: This is, I believes called food libraries
    Both: [testing the words] Food Libraries
    Pickles: It's called a grocery store you douchebags, I'm sorry about the douchebags I low blood sugar.
  • Pickles: [Holding a lobster] Ok, hold on now. So you're tellin' me that you put these little guys in boiling water and they shriek, and they turn red, and they die?
    Grocery store employee: Yes sir.
    Pickles: That is the most metal thing I ever heard in my whole life. High five.