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Brand News 10
City of License San Diego, California
Market San Diego, California
Channel 10 digital
Formerly: 10 analog (1953-2009)
25 digital (2001-09)
Network Affiliation Current: ABC
Formerly: NBC (1953–77)
Founded 1953
Company The E.W. Scripps Company
Current Popular Non-Network Shows Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Family Feud

KGTV is the ABC affiliate for the San Diego, California market, broadcasting on digital channel 10. Its subcarriers are 10.2 broadcasting MeTV, 10.3 (Laff TV) and 10.4 (Escape TV). They first broadcast digital on channel 25, but they moved to 10 (their original analog position) on the original analog shutoff date of February 17, 2009.

Channel 10 first went on the air in 1953 as KFSD-TV and was an NBC affiliate. Prior, NBC was secondary on CBS affiliate KFMB/channel 8. They changed calls to KOGO in 1961. After McGraw-Hill bought them from Time-Life in 1972, the call was changed to the current KGTV. (KFSD is now the call sign for a radio station in Escondido, airing on 1450 AM.)

KGTV became an ABC affiliate in 1977, as the network was looking to find another home on the VHF band. They had been on KCST/channel 39 (now NBC's KNSD) since 1973 when KCST wrested ABC away from XETV/channel 6 and the network was not happy with having to air on UHF. KGTV has been an ABC affiliate since.

After McGraw-Hill put their broadcasting business up for sale, The E.W. Scripps Company announced in October 2011, they would buy all television stations owned by McGraw-Hill Broadcasting, after regulatory approval. The deal was completed on December 30, 2011.

Among early fare on channel 10 was KOGO's Corner, a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon children's show hosted by Johnny Downs. While extoling the virtues of drinking milk to the kids, Downs also screened cartoons of Deputy Dawg and The Mighty Hercules. Regis Philbin hosted a local talk show in the early 60s on channel 10. During that time, the station aired only the second hour of NBC's The Today Show--the first hour was occupied by Today's Cartoons at 7 AM (airing old W-B cartoons along with Dick Tracy, Mr. Magoo and Q.T. Hush) and The King and Odie at 7:45. In the 1962-63 season, channel 10 aired a movie Friday nights at 8:30 and would subsequently run kinescope-delays of the two NBC shows at those time periods over the weekend--Sing Along With Mitch Sunday afternoons and The Price Is Right Saturday evenings.

Digital programming

Virtual Physical Name Programming
10.1 10.3 KGTV-DT Main KGTV (ABC)
10.2 10.4 KGTV-DT2 MeTV
10.3 10.5 KGTV-DT3 Laff
10.4 10.6 KGTV-DT15 Escape TV

Current Prime-Time Schedule

Day 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00
Monday 10 News at 7 TMZ Dancing with the Stars The Good Doctor 10 News at 11
Tuesday 10 News at 7 TMZ The Conners The Kids Are Alright black-ish Splitting Up Together The Rookie 10 News at 11
Wednesday 10 News at 7 TMZ The Goldbergs American Housewife Modern Family Single Parents A Million Little Things 10 News at 11
Thursday 10 News at 7 TMZ Grey's Anatomy Station 19 How to Get Away with Murder 10 News at 11
Friday 10 News at 7 TMZ Fresh Off the Boat Speechless Child Support 20/20 10 News at 11
Saturday Without A Trace Saturday Night Football 10 News at 11
Sunday America's Funniest Home Videos Dancing with the Stars: Juniors Shark Tank The Alec Baldwin Show 10 News at 11

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